Peter Strzok and the Michael Flynn Case

Peter Strzok and the Michael Flynn Case

Peter Strzok and the Michael Flynn Case

Peter Strzok, the disgraced former FBI agent, is the gift that keeps on giving. If anybody represents the arrogant, elitist attitude of the Swamp, it’s Peter Strzok with James Comey nipping at his heels. From the Trump/Russia Collusion Calamity to malodorous Walmart shoppers to framing Lt. General Michael
Flynn, Mr. Strzok is in the mix and committing the crime.

Lt. General Flynn is a hero or a villain depending upon who you ask. I have a heart for anyone who spent time at Fort Bragg with Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). On the other hand, I understand that former President Barack Obama had good reason to fire Flynn as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Hero or villain, Flynn like every American deserves justice. He does not deserve to be framed or railroaded. Victory Girls’ own Amanda wrote about the injustices done to Flynn. You should read it here.

James Comey bragged about sending FBI agents over to interview Flynn in the early days of the Trump Administration. FBI Counterintelligence Director Bill Priestap memorialized his questions of the Flynn interview goal. But, it was Peter Strzok who asked that the Crossfire Razor (Flynn) portion of Crossfire Hurricane continue after the FBI agents determined that General Flynn didn’t lie. Mr. Strzok asked that the file be kept opened, according to National Review:

The FBI’s closing communication was filed in the D.C. field office on January 4, 2017. But that same day, Strzok — who interviewed Flynn in the White House later that month on January 23 — texted a redacted individual, apparently Flynn’s case agent, to ask “if you havent closed RAZOR, don’t do so yet.”

“Pls keep it open for now,” Strzok asked. He then messaged former FBI colleague Lisa Page, with whom he was having an affair, telling her that it was “serendipitously good” that the case was still open.

“Phew.” Page responded.

Peter Strzok is a straight up twatwaffle. I am sorry to be vulgar. It doesn’t help move a civilized discussion along. Strzok is not a civilized person for all of his egotistical posturing. Since I love Walmart, I resent Strzok calling us smelly. I resent that he and his lover, Lisa Page, were plotting to overthrow an election while they were supposedly doing their jobs.

I will always remember the smug, condescending smirk on Peter Strzok’s face while Trey Gowdy interviewed him in 2018:

I also have a heart for Trey Gowdy. That was an epic grilling.

Again, whether Flynn is a hero or a villain is not the issue. The issue is that he was railroaded by a corrupt FBI bureaucrat. General Flynn is bankrupt. Thank goodness for Sidney Powell, the current legal representative for Flynn. Powell wants a full exoneration for Flynn. She is right. President Trump should not get involved, unless the justice system fails to exonerate Flynn.

And, if there is any justice, Peter Strzok can wear his arrogant smirk while he is sitting in solitary confinement.

Featured Image: Peter Strzok FBI Official Portrait/Cropped/Public Domain

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  • windbag says:

    Tucker called Strzok oleaginous last night. I learned a new word, and it fit perfectly.

    1: resembling or having the properties of oil : OILY
    also : containing or producing oil
    2: marked by an offensively ingratiating manner or quality

  • “Overbearing management style” – as in “bad person to work for when you are a total screwup.” Reason to fire him, yes, but not a GOOD reason.

    “Public comments he made that ran counter to Obama administration orthodoxy” – there is a GOOD reason. Serving military officer, meaning you contradict the commander only on an illegal order.

    (I would note that The Atlantic is a poor source to reference for backup, however – on a par with CNN, NYT, WaPo, Politico, etc.)

    Agreed on exoneration – as in charges dismissed with prejudice. A pardon does not exonerate, it acknowledges the “crime,” but forgives it.

  • Mike says:

    There is not a chance that Strzok will feel any consequences other than reputational.

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