Pete Buttigieg Returns Campaign Donations Because Of Kavanaugh Ties

Pete Buttigieg Returns Campaign Donations Because Of Kavanaugh Ties

Pete Buttigieg Returns Campaign Donations Because Of Kavanaugh Ties

Pete Buttigieg virtuously returned campaign donations this week. Why? Because the attorneys who donated to his campaign had the audacity to represent Brett Kavanaugh during last year’s horrendous hearings.

“Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 campaign is returning thousands of dollars in donations from two top Washington lawyers who represented Brett Kavanaugh in his controversial confirmation hearing, saying it will not accept funds from people who helped secure the justice’s seat on the supreme court.

Buttigieg’s campaign received $7,200 from Alexandra Walsh – $3,150 of which had already been returned because it exceeded limits – and attended a fundraiser in July that was co-hosted by the Washington lawyer. Buttigieg also received $2,800 from Beth Wilkinson, Walsh’s law partner, who also represented Kavanaugh.”

This was the response from the campaign.

““With nearly 700,000 donors, a contribution we would otherwise refuse sometimes gets through. We believe the women who have courageously spoken out about Brett Kavanaugh’s assault and misconduct, and we thank the Guardian for bringing this contribution to our attention.”

A spokesperson added: “[Kavanaugh] should have never been put on the supreme court and this campaign will not accept donations from those who played a role in making that happen. Accordingly, we will be returning this contribution and others from this firm.””

I really have to laugh at this. The continued assertions that any of the women who attempted to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault are credible and believable is just unreal. There wasn’t any evidence. Not a single one of the accusers could come up with details to make their case. Heck, Blasey Ford couldn’t remember the actual day, couldn’t remember who was at the party, or even what year it happened. But sure! BELIEVE THEM! Due process can go to hell.

Nice signal Buttigieg and crew are sending here. Your money is super terrific and very welcome as long as you consort with the right people. Brett Kavanaugh, according to Pete Buttigieg and his campaign people, is not the right people.

This is right at the time that Buttigieg is surging in the polls and Elizabeth Warren is…not. In fact, she’s been slipping in numerous polls while Buttigieg has been gaining. He still needs to catch up to Bernie Sanders though. However, if Bernie stays distracted by meddling in Major League Baseball, perhaps Buttigieg has a chance.

Those who didn’t want Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court have been calling for his impeachment for the last couple of months.

Yes, I know. It is Chris Cillizza and CNN. They hate that Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court nearly as much as they do Trump.  Secondly, I’m sure they are secretly applauding Buttigieg’s virtue signaling.

This is not the first time that Buttigieg has gotten all self-righteous and sanctimonious. His twist on Scripture and abortion certainly had the left cheering.

While many on the left are cheering this move, some are questioning Buttigieg’s honesty regarding this move. The claim that the campaign somehow missed these particular donations and the background of the donors

When getting called out for her stance, Jennifer had this to say.

She doesn’t want a confidence man in the White House? Let me guess, she voted for Obama didn’t she? Can we say “confidence man?” Former President Selfie was the epitome of that!

This is where we are now. Lawyers, Democrat donors no less, took on a very unpopular client named Brett Kavanaugh. They did their job in the midst of one helluva political hurricane. They advocated FOR their client as they were supposed to.

That was the wrong thing for them to do according to Pete Buttigieg. Any association with Brett Kavanaugh, no matter how little it was, means supporting the Buttigieg for President campaign in any way is not welcome.

That’s ok though! I’m sure the Buttigieg campaign will quickly refund any donations from attorneys who represented murders, or possibly terrorists… right?

I didn’t think so.

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  • GWB says:

    Pete Buttigieg Returns Campaign Donations Because Of Kavanaugh Ties Some People Actually Did Their Jobs
    Because that’s really what they were doing.

    But, hey, nice to know we can now smear all people in the “system” who ever, in any way, ever do their job to help someone who is “unclean”. Good thing all us deplorables can handle changing a light switch and unclogging a drain, ’cause we ain’t gonna have no more plumbers or electricians if they can’t do what people pay them to do, in case that person is an unmentionable.

    • Joe in PNG says:

      What’s the old saying? “Sack first, then burn”.

      A lot of Revolutions fail because they want to get to the Purges before they actually get around to winning the fight. And while it should be obvious that shooting your own cannon fodder is a great way to increase your own casualties at the cost of your logistics, it seemingly isn’t.

      Win first, then purge.

  • Mad Celt says:

    I thought all lowlifes viewed money equally.

  • Kal says:

    This is more serious than you think. These lawyers who just doing their job will be erased (they may not even believe Kav). What will be next? A doctor that treats Kavanagh loses all her patients? The plumber loses his business?

    They will accept money from lawyers that defend real rapists in court but not a political hit job.

  • ElHombre says:

    Enabling politically motivated liars. Way to go, Pete.

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