How Pathetic Was John Kerry’s Anti-Israel Policy Speech? VERY [VIDEOS]

How Pathetic Was John Kerry’s Anti-Israel Policy Speech? VERY [VIDEOS]

How Pathetic Was John Kerry’s Anti-Israel Policy Speech? VERY [VIDEOS]

When I first heard that John Kerry was going to give a ‘pivotal’ policy speech regarding the UN’s vote against Israel, I just shook my head. I knew it was going to be a dud. After all, Kerry’s track record of speeches with results is dismal. The Syria red line speech…

What happened to that Red Line? Poof Be Gone! And half of Syria’s population has suffered as a result. Then there was the supremely awkward hug/speech/James Taylor sing-a-long after the horrific terror attack in Paris last year.

Which is why I didn’t expect much.

Others, such as Israel’s Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan expected even less:

“It’s pathetic to present a [peace] plan at the last minute when he hasn’t managed to change anything for his entire time in office,” Erdan said late on Tuesday night.

“It’s unfortunate that the Obama Administration, that erred for years in the Middle East, is trying to make sure that the chaos will last far past its tenure,” Erdan said. “Kerry’s speech on parameters right before the end of his tenure will ensure that the Palestinians won’t agree to any sort of negotiations [with Israel] in the coming years and will push off chances of advancing peace.”

How bad was the speech? I’d have to say Pathetic is the appropriate definition. In fact on a scale of 1-10 it measured out at a pathetically horrendous +30.

For those who didn’t want to watch the speech above, here are some highlights.

A. If you have to explain multiple times why the U.S. WASN’T behind the drafting of that heinous resolution, then its quite likely you were.

B. You keep saying the U.S. voted. An abstention is NOT a vote. Basically the US held back and let everyone else do their dirty work for them. In other words…

C. Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize was the bombshizzle! It really was!


D. This next bit is jaw dropping.

“The status quo is leading toward one state, or perpetual occupation,” Mr. Kerry said, his voice animated. He argued that Israel, with a growing Arab population, could not survive as both a Jewish state and a democratic state unless it embraced the two-state approach that a succession of American presidents have advocated.

What the ever loving HECK was that??!! Here’s the deal folks.

  1. Occupying one’s OWN country is a BAD thing by Kerry’s definition. Therefore we all need to leave the US immediately because we’re occupiers as well!
  2. Israel, according to Kerry, must choose to be either Jewish or democratic but not both. Oh ok, so that’s like telling Americans that we can be Americans OR Baptists, but not both. If there’s logic in what he said, I can’t find it.

E. He denounces Hamas, while throwing shade at Israel’s right wing coalition. Can’t figure out where Hamas is getting all its arms. Oh gee – did you ever stop to think it might be because of that craptastic Iran Deal you shoveled down our throats? Pallets of cash anyone??

F. Two state solution MUST happen according to Kerry. On whose terms? YOURS? That’s worked out so well in the past hasn’t it?

As William Jacobsen over at Legal Insurrection pointed out, it was an angry speech and he’s correct. Kerry was angry and ticked off that he had to defend the U.S.’s actions against one of our greatest allies. The Obama Administration has never been a friend of Israel, and Kerry’s pathetic speech today made that crystal clear.

John, this non-vote you are so angrily defending was NOT in accordance with U.S. values. Those values have NEVER included throwing one of our greatest allies under the bus and letting our enemies take the wheel. Everyone but Kerry and the Obama Administration knows that.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is correct. Your pathetic speech lecture is out of line.

January 20, 2017 needs to hurry up please. The United States and our allies can’t take much more of this crap.

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  • VALman says:

    23 days and counting. For sure, they can’t pass quickly enough, although I was taught not to wish my life away. So, I’ll share what gives me comfort and consolation until they do.

    I had my misgivings about Donald Trump. Argued with myself quite a bit. One of the pros I considered that, unlike BHO, he was a decision-making man, quite a variety and depth to them. Yet, I wondered how this might translate into governing. Well, every since the election I think Donald Trump has demonstrated reasons for my concerns to subside.

    Consequently, I can safely state that even though Donald Trump has yet to be inaugurated he has already revealed a capacity for The Office of President of The United State of America which BHO doesn’t have, even after eight years. So, when President-Elect Trump encourages Israel to be strong, they can dang well knows he means it and Tag-Team Trump/Netanyahu is going to “floor” Obama/Kerry.

  • Jodi says:

    John Kerry, the second-worse SecState in U.S. history.

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