Pandering: New York City Gives NonCitizens Right To Vote

Pandering: New York City Gives NonCitizens Right To Vote

Pandering: New York City Gives NonCitizens Right To Vote

Noncitizens now have the right to vote in NYC. Pandering is what the Democrats do best. Which means that, if the count is correct, around 800,000 people just got added to the vote count.

Noncitizens in New York City would gain the right to vote in municipal elections under a measure approved Thursday by the City Council that would give access to the ballot box to 800,000 green card holders and so-called Dreamers.

Only a potential veto from Mayor Bill de Blasio stood in the way of the measure becoming law, but the Democrat has said he would not veto it. It’s unclear whether the bill might face legal challenges.

The Council’s vote was a historic moment for an effort that had long languished.

According to one of the NYC council members, this will now mean his mother can vote for him. I have a question: WHY hasn’t his mother applied for citizenship? He’s been around long enough to get elected to office, why hasn’t he gotten his mother a green card or had her apply for citizenship?

Here’s my problem with all of this. This is a situation ripe for fraud. No Democrats and leftists, I’m not talking about stealing the election, I’m talking pure fraud. 

Colorado has been mail-in ballots only for years now. So, think about this. Ballots arrive at your home. Oh wait! There’s an extra ballot or five, what should we do? What’s to stop anyone in that home from filling out the ballots, sign them (forge a signature), and send them on their way or deliver to one of the ballot drop boxes. 

Oh wait! It’s ok though, non citizens won’t be able to vote for President or any member of Congress. 

The law would direct the Board of Elections to draw up an implementation plan by July, including voter registration rules and provisions that would create separate ballots for municipal races to prevent noncitizens from casting ballots in federal and state contests. Noncitizens wouldn’t be allowed to vote until elections in 2023.

Separate ballots for those races. Can you conceive of the cost of doing that during a Presidential election year??!! What if the address on the books shows that someone from that household DID vote for a member of Congress or President in a previous election? You can damned well bet a ballot for that will show up in their mailbox! And, can you imagine the software and programming it will take to determine who does and doesn’t get a ballot based upon what races are listed on said ballot? Having been involved in that industry, I can tell you that there will be issues and lots of ballots landing in the wrong mailboxes.

What a laughable tweet that is. Noncitizens now have the right to vote, but those here illegally don’t. How will any election board ANYWHERE figure out a way to ensure that particular bit of election integrity? I mean, we can’t show ID because we’ve been reliably informed that that is RACIST! There aren’t enough people available to go house to house checking that the household is made up of approved voters. So, how does any election board guarantee that Americans and noncitizens are the only ones who will be voting? Guess what? They can’t. 

Here are two different takes on this issue. 

I agree with Mockingbird, those who’ve worked within the system (Enes Kanter Freedom) and others including former writers for Victory Girls, did so because they KNEW what it would mean to become a citizen. Furthermore, they know and knew the responsibilities that are part of that citizenship. What Captain Truth seems to imply is that his wife will stay a legal permanent resident, make no move to try and become a citizen, but she should be handed the the right to vote because TAXES??!! Wow. 

Oh wait, there might be hope for us all. 

Well, given that a significant number of cities and counties went for Trump over Biden, AND the same were heavily Latino, she might have a point. However, she ALSO gave the game away. Can we say pandering for votes? Why yes, yes we can.

But again, while NYC panders for the noncitizen vote, what this does is give further rise to fraud in our election process. 

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  • George V says:

    There’s the nose of that camel again, lifting up the tent flap… We’ve seen it before on so many issues.

    I expect this idea to spread to other cities, then in 10 years or so to state level elections beginning probably in California. In 20 years anyone will be able to vote in national elections.

    • Cameron says:

      Hell, I remember a German complaining that he can’t vote in our Presidential election because “Who you choose as President affects us.”

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