I AM SARAH. Say it. Mean it.  Repeat it.  Repeat it to everyone you know. Whether they understand or not, whether they’ve read Sarah Chamberlain’s piece or not. When some Karen tells you to mask up, whisper, “I am Sarah.”

Every time you see a Wormtongue blatting on about “disgrace” and “accept results” and “let’s move on”, think “I am Sarah.” Paladin has sent this brave woman’s piece to two columnists he knows may sympathize.  Hopefully, they will be Sarah too. But you can be Sarah every waking moment of every day.  All you have to do is say to yourself, I AM SARAH.

Let those who do not sympathize awake one day to I AM SARAH bumper stickers on every other automobile and rear window. Write it in the snow, on the sand on a beach.  Buy some colored chalk and write it on a sidewalk or a wall.  Write it as a closing salutation on your emails to those who understand.  On your next birthday cake, write, I AM SARAH in flowery icing.

And know your enemy.

It’s the Politician.  

It’s the Expert.  

It’s the Credentialed.

It’s the Media Lickspitte.

As Sarah Chamberlain says:

My enemies are in a word, communists. Modern communists do not usually call themselves such. They do not talk about workers rising up and seizing the Means of Production.

Instead, modern communists adopt a rhetorical stance where they assume that all people and all property are ALREADY COLLECTIVIZED, then calmly discuss what WE should do:

– What WE should ALLOW people to own.
– What WE should ALLOW people to do.
– What WE should ALLOW people to say.
– How WE should ALLOW people to use their property.
– How WE should ALLOW people to conduct their businesses,
– … and WHO should be ALLOWED,
– … and WHERE.
– How WE should ALLOW people to raise their children.
– Who should be GIVEN which roles within society.”

You are Sarah now.

And whether you like it or not We Are All Sarah. All of us except those who would throw down the lid of compliance and conformity and lock freedom in a sarcophagus, only to bury it under the great pyramid at Giza. And those are legion. They stand to the left of you, to the right of you, in front of you and behind. Everywhere you look some Karen is telling you to sit, down, shut up, comply, obey.  

Paladin came to Sarah Chamberlain via Kit Perez and via another brave Sarah, author Sarah Hoyt at Instapundit. A few days late, but better late than never. If you haven’t read Sarah Chamberlain’s letter yet, read it now. Read it before it’s condemned and censored, keep a screenshot copy on your phone or in your pc. And sure, print a copy. Read it before Sarah Chamberlain is doxed or threatened with social banishment. Read it before she gets her invite onto Fox News and is sandbagged by Brave Sir Tucker. Because the moment I AM SARAH begins to grow and spread, the living, breathing Sarah Chamberlain, her life, her family and everything she holds dear will be threatened and forces will join to destroy her. More from Sarah:

…Some hold on to the futile hope it’s all going back to normal, others have convinced themselves that what is happening is inevitable and cannot be opposed. Both are dead wrong.”

No more normal, never again.  No free elections.  No free speech, no First Amendment, no Second Amendment, no Electoral college, no privacy.  Everything will be watched, everyone will be called to account, every thought, every emotion. Until as Orwell said, “Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your skull.” And damn if that isn’t on the chopping block too. Every facial expression can berecorded, judged, and weighed by a Human Resources factotumsitting at a desk, or at home in China. They do it there, they’ll do it here. Want to work? Get the vaccine. Want to buy groceries? Get the compliance bar code. Today it’s the Covid-19 wonder drug. Tomorrow it will be a loyalty oath.

Long past time to rebel, and better late than never.

If you hear now the echo of the 1960 movie, Spartacus in the words, I AM SARAH – that’s exactly what you’re supposed to hear, the moment when every condemned rebel slave stands as one, proclaiming defiance in the face of overwhelming force:  I’m Spartacus.

Heroics on a scale, both personal and public we can scarcely imagine.  Even as our Stop the Steal rallies are stymied and broken up, even as the jackbooted BLM/Antifa thugs beat and stab anyone who dares defy them, even as our society tries to shame you and us and all we hold dear whisper – I AM SARAH. And know the many will stand as one.

Remember, we have the Guns, the Food and the Trucks.  They may have everything else. But now we have Sarah.


Featured Photo:   Sarah Chamberlain screenshots are the author’s property.  

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  • Hate_me says:


    We don’t need a movement. We don’t need any guidon beyond the US Constitution and the American flag.

    What we need is reason and logic. We need Payne and Jefferson, Locke and Hobbes, Burke – and all his Hibernian energy.

    We need education, not rhetoric. While I salute Ms. Chamberlain for her stance, and I’ll support her if she proves worthy, we need a light to follow rather than a fire to kindle.

  • John A Wilson says:

    Unfortunately, I can’t get past the word, Coward in the title. Attack, Attack, Attack!

  • gnome says:

    I am Sarah. I am old, I am comfortable, I have an enviable lifestyle which I have worked all my life heretofore to achieve and which they can’t totally take from me in my remaining years. Even if they do, I will have a comforting sense of superiority they will never be able to take from me.

    I am a formidable keyboard warrior, but nothing more. I won’t stand in the way of reform, but someone else will have to man the barricades.

    • Breakfast says:

      Is your name Kyle Rittenhouse? Because that’s the only person I know of who’s logged a stateside kill in the fight against commies.

      If it isn’t, then you’re doing exactly what Sarah and everyone else is doing – discussing and preparing. She makes it clear she’ll “man the barricades” if the fight breaks out, and is trying to offer some moral support to the rest of us if we find ourselves at the point of ignition.

      • Paladin says:

        Well said, Breakfast. Said it better than Paladin could. This is the time to keep your powder dry. Save Sarah’s article in the event it’s Memory Holed.

  • Teslaca says:

    I don’t know if there will be a last straw heavy enough to get people to act. Sure doesn’t seem like it with everything that has already happened. Perhaps if the right leader emerges….

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