Joe Biden Will Never Be My President

Joe Biden Will Never Be My President

Joe Biden Will Never Be My President

In his recent op-ed for The Washington Times, titled Why I Will Not Accept Joe Biden As President, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich writes:

The truth is tens of millions of Americans are deeply alienated and angry.”

Tally me into the “alienated and angry” crowd, where—if you’re anything like me—my daily roller-coaster ride includes occasional bouts of optimism, followed by depths of despair for the country I love, to frequent debates with my now-adult child on whether or not I should tattoo the hashtag “#WAR” onto the back of my neck. True story.

I don’t think I need to explain to the average Trump supporter—or heck, just your average, everyday American who loves our country—why I’m angry and alienated, but for those playing catch-up, the latest is the atrocity that is the Covid Relief Package, touted on social media last night by the likes of alleged Republicans Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise and others as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Except it’s not.

In typical Swamp fashion, the bill rapes the American taxpayer, forking over millions of our hard-earned tax dollars to Congress’ pet projects, but—to quote Queen Pelosi—handing us plebes a measly 600 bucks in “crumbs.”

From Rand Paul, one of the very few Congress Critters who speaks truth:

We’re getting hosed. Again. So pardon me, but I’ve now surpassed pitchfork-level anger and that hashtag tattoo is looking more likely as my motivating reminder.

And where is Middle Class Joe Biden, our savior, while his congressional cohorts plunder our wealth? Well, getting an alleged Covid vaccination on-camera and stacking his potential cabinet with yet more people who hate you and me and everything we stand for.

And remaining silent on the continued pillaging of our nation, of which he’s been a part for half a century.

I think most of us know by now that Joe Biden is nothing but a vessel. He’s the path by which the extreme-left Kamala Harris will soon find herself Commander in Chief should President Trump’s last-ditch efforts fail.

Nevertheless, it’s not Biden’s feeble-mindedness nor his policies that I can’t accept.

It’s his treason.

Joe Biden reportedly sold our country to China to enrich himself and his family.

Joe Biden lied about that fact on national television.

Joe Biden was part of a four-year-long effort directed at the incoming administration that would both dangerously undermine Donald Trump’s presidency as well as interfere in foreign policy with rogue states like Iran and, of course, China, to which Biden likely owes his “win” this past November.

And no one has ever seriously asked him about it, save for a passing reference made by Trump during one of the debates Biden managed to muddle through, and whose rear was saved by the mod whose job it was to protect him.

And note: he never denied it.

But his malfeasance didn’t begin there: Joe Biden, and his BFF Barack Obama, have for twelve years sat at the helm fanning the intentional division in America where both opposing sides of the political spectrum can no longer speak with each another in an effort to find common ground. Instead, we lob verbal grenades at one another on social media, and label those we’ve never met with dehumanizing terms that we’d never say to their faces.

And it’s been Biden—who helped keep alive the ludicrous Russian Collusion lie, and whose campaign rhetoric laughably promised unity and a return to civility—who’s been as divisive, disrespectful, and dismissive to everyday Americans as he’s always been.

Joe Biden is a fraud. Joe Biden is a liar. Joe Biden is nothing but an empty cask. He’s the left’s Trojan Horse, waiting to be filled with all the communist policies his party has for years—until Trump steered them off-course—tried to force us to swallow. And there’s nothing that anyone can ever say to convince me—based on facts, evidence, statistical data, and historically-accurate benchmarks—that he won the election fairly and squarely.

The truth of the Hunter Biden story is now becoming impossible to avoid or conceal. The family of the Democrat nominee for president received at least $5 million from an entity controlled by our greatest adversary. It was a blatant payoff, and most Americans who voted for Mr. Biden never heard of it — or were told before the election it was Russian disinformation. Once they did hear of it, 17% said they would have switched their votes, according to a poll by the Media Research Center. That’s the entire election. The censorship worked exactly as intended.”

And Joe Biden—whom the media nauseatingly fawns over daily—cheers that China-style media blackout, an intentional fraud he and his media cohorts waged against the American electorate, a clear glimpse into what a Biden-Harris administration would look like.

So, yeah. I’m with Newt. Joe Biden will never be my president. What that means for America—secessions from the union; formation of another union; a full-blown Civil War?— is anyone’s guess. But I do know this: those of us who continue to support the man that we see as the true winner of the election—not because we will it, but because we see the evidence clear as day—will never accept an illegitimate president no matter how much he and his authoritarian sidekick try to force us into submission. And certainly not one who, for personal enrichment, sold our beloved America to the devil, and continues working hand-in-hand with the very monster working tirelessly to destroy both our economy and the very heart of America: her middle class, where an intentional effort is underway to transfer our wealth to the already-haves…

My world is the populist rebellion which believes we are being destroyed, our liberties are being cancelled and our religions are under assault….We also believe other Democrat-led COVID-19 policies have enriched the wealthy while crushing middle class small business owners (some 160,000 restaurants may close).”

…under the evil guise of a pandemic that The Powers That Be know is not the dire emergency they want us all to believe it is.

To quote Newt once more:

I write this in genuine sorrow, because I think we are headed toward a serious, bitter struggle in America. This extraordinary, coordinated four-year power grab threatens the fabric of our country and the freedom of every American.”

As much as it pains me, I echo that sentiment. But remember: courageous patriots have fought against tyranny before. It’s in our DNA. And we’ll do it again if and when the time comes, even if some of us must remain under the radar.

Because cheating, lying, traitorous Joe Biden will never be our president.



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