WaPo’s Ann Telnaes Draws GOP as Rats Cartoon

WaPo’s Ann Telnaes Draws GOP as Rats Cartoon

WaPo’s Ann Telnaes Draws GOP as Rats Cartoon

Political Cartoonists, like opinion writers, are expected to be provocative. However, there is a line fine line between provocative and propaganda and Ann Telnaes of the Washington Post has more than crossed it.


You can find the original digital copy that ran on December 18th, here. On Sunday, December 20th, the We Mug Democracy Daily Washington Post saw fit to run the Telnaes cartoon, full length, in their print edition.

Anyone with a passing knowledge of the history of propaganda is well aware of how equating groups of people, either by race or ethnicity, to rats has a long pedigree. It was a special favorite of the Nazis in their campaign of genocide against the Jews and was used by the Allies against the Japanese in WWII. Jewhating Arab publications still run such cartoons.

And it’s not like Telnaes hasn’t used the Conservatives/Republicans = Rats motif before.

Telnaes’ cartooning as propaganda

ann_telnaes_self_portraitSure, Telnaes is a talented cartoonist. She has both an art and animation background and she does commentary caricature well enough to have won a Pulitzer. However, Leni Riefenstahl, too, was a woman of great artistic talent. That never excused her from the responsibility for the mission she served with that talent.

So here we are, with Ann demanding that use of the court system to adjudicate disputes should be off-limits to the rats. Yeah, right. Unity and peace, my tuchus.

As part of Bezos’ propaganda machine, Telnaes has been doing a yeoman’s job of serving up particular ugliness directed to dehumanizing not just public figures on the starboard side, but of attacking anyone she considers enemy, including children.

But no one got quite as upset as Ann Telnaes, an editorial cartoonist whose work is frequently featured at The Washington Post. So mad, in fact, that she inexplicably portrayed Cruz as an organ grinder whose children were monkeys on leashes. To make a long story short, The Washington Post ended up pulling the cartoon, which was actually an animated GIF for the full “Ted Cruz’s children are monkeys!” effect.

Imagine if Telnaes had ever drawn the Obama girls in less than flattering caricature, let alone as monkeys. Though, leftwing cartoonists are allowed to be racist, as long as the black folk being portrayed have dared to be Republican.

As the Lame Pretender Biden has proclaimed if you don’t embrace the Left you ain’t black, man!.

The advice given to many a budding writer or artist is to write (draw, paint, etc) what you know. Ann’s full page propaganda is little more than projective self-portrait.

UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers!

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