Paladin: “We Must Break Them”

Paladin: “We Must Break Them”

Paladin:  “We Must Break Them”

We must break the Blue City States where our Rulers live. What that means is, break our Rulers’ will to fight. Break them through an act so terrifying, it halts their totalitarian efforts for a generation. And we can do it without firing a shot. At least on our side.

What do they have? They have the megaphones of the lickspittle media, they have the goose-step of academia, and the Prog Borg of unessential government drones. They have Hollywood & Vine.

What do we have? We have the food. We have the guns. We have the trucks.



The Spirit of ’76 by Archibald Willard, circa 1875.


At some point we’re going to have to use the trucks, just to keep the guns. As in Iran where truckers are refusing to deliver over a ten-day strike.  We’ve seen something similar in France, but in most things French the effort is spectacular but short on actual resolution.

The terribly human tragedy here is that this struggle between us and them – has in fact become US vs. THEM. The Left grasps this struggle. It’s a death match for them.  For it boils down to Gun confiscation, i.e. predatory regulation. Then Nationalized medicine. Then open borders to unrestricted invasion. If you want to know how gun confiscation works out ask anyone in Nazi Germany. If you want to know how socialized medicine works, ask anyone in Venezuela. If you want to know how unrestricted immigration plays out, just ask the Sioux Nation.

We, in the Land of the Free –just want to be left alone.  Not an option for the Left. Either the National Socialist Left prevails – through government controlled medicine, disarming the populace, and altering national demographics – or they lose permanently.

Their God is Power. You Must Worship at the Altar of Gay Marriage—or have your business sued into submission. You must check your white/Asian/Jewish and (very soon) black privilege. You must worship the self-anointed purveyors of virtue. You must plead guilty to thought crime before it’s expressed.  And bow down to an infallible Ministry of Love.

Sorry, not for this guy.

Let us embrace a national trucker’s strike of 14 days. United States food distribution is a patchwork of overlapping shippers and warehouses, rail and truck connections. There cannot be a complete shutdown of anything, just like the government, but many luxury goods, and foodstuffs, the stuff that makes life fun and palatable will slow to a dribble. Yes, Amazon will keep delivering, by drone if necessary.  But the point is to let the shelves thin out and then let human nature take its course.

Our three goals –

  • Abandon gun control via confiscation/predatory regulation.
  • Abandon socialized medicine.
  • Repel the South/Central American/Islamic Invasion

In the first five days the grocery stores will look mighty bare.  As the populace begin to feed on themselves, the wealthy with summer homes in rural districts will flee to their country estates, shown to be the cowards they truly are. After ten to fourteen days our Rulers in their Blue City fortresses will be terrified into submission.

The truly unforgivable thing here will be the suffering of the dwindling middle class as so nobly represented by urban men and women in blue, fire fighters, first responders and hospitals—the yeomanry on the front lines of chaos. All those trying to help people in distress, combat crime, or running into harm’s way.

They will do their duty, and suffer, but only up to a point. None of them consider their local rulers their friends or allies.

And they may well see – We in the Land of the Free – are not trying to starve cities but to scare our Rulers so badly they never think tyranny again.  Our Rulers are already terrified of their own voters, they’re just not terrified of us yet.

Yes, this conflict and awful outcome of a general strike can be avoided. As of today, only one man stands against this tide of events, and there’s no guarantee he can hold out.

But human tides are flowing. Support the government partial shutdown NOW. This is the single moment where much can be reckoned.  If an extended shutdown, one month, two, three months, ’til April 15th! can show how irrelevant the government is—it will go a long way to peacefully curtailing the power of our Ruling Elite. The President must prevail at any cost.




Feature Image Credit: Wikipedia, here

Paladin is an Entertainment/IP Warfare Rōnin and self-identifies as a Y-chromosome Victory Girl.


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