Boston Marathon Bomber Appeals, Says Trial In Boston Was Unfair

Boston Marathon Bomber Appeals, Says Trial In Boston Was Unfair

Boston Marathon Bomber Appeals, Says Trial In Boston Was Unfair

The Boston Marathon bomber is in the news again. It seems that he wants to appeal his death sentence because holding the trial in Boston ensured that he didn’t get a fair trial.

Oh. Well, isn’t that interesting? Let’s see what the lawyers had to say in their 1,000 page appeal shall we?

“This case should not have been tried in Boston. The bombings targeted the Marathon, a 116-year-old tradition and a source of deep civic pride. Bill Richard testified that ‘[e]veryone in this room probably knows someone’ who was ‘running the Marathon that day,’” lawyers wrote in the opening statement.

Bill Richard is the father of Martin Richard, an 8-year-old Dorchester boy killed during the attack on April 15, 2013, when two bombs were detonated in Copley Square where thousands were waiting to watch runners cross the finish line of the country’s oldest marathon.

Oh, that’s just swell. Let’s blame the families who lost children in the attack. Let’s blame the family and friends of the hundreds who were injured in the attack. Boy howdy, blaming the victims is really not a good look here.

Remember, it was this bomber who was responsible for putting the two homemade pressure-cooker bombs into place near the Boston Marathon finish line on April 15, 2013 and then shot a police officer dead three days later. But his attorneys are now trying to sell us on the fact that he was just some innocent kid swayed by his angry older brother and the jury was tainted.

But they argued that wall-to-wall media coverage of the bombings meant that nearly the entire jury pool was exposed to news about the attacks, which included “heart-wrenching stories about the homicide victims, the wounded and their families.”

“The pre-trial publicity was damning: the more a prospective juror had seen, the more likely she was to believe that Tsarnaev was guilty and deserved the death penalty,” Tsarnaev’s lawyers wrote in a 500-page brief.

Oh wow. So after hearing all the news the bomber’s attorneys are arguing that the jurors couldn’t work hard to be objective during the trial? The attorneys are arguing that the reaction of the entire WORLD meant that he wouldn’t get a fair trial in Boston?

TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY people were injured when those bombs went off. Yet the bomber’s attorneys are trying to claim that he just went along for the ride because he feared his older brother? Bullshit.

Because the city, and the world celebrated when the bombers were captured, the attorneys are arguing that the bomber was

 “deprived Tsarnaev of an impartial jury and a reliable verdict, in violation of the Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments,”


The Oklahoma City bomber was tried in Oklahoma. If we could’ve captured the 9/11 attackers, their trials would’ve taken place in New York City and Washington DC.

Of course the attorneys were going to try for an appeal. Why? Grandstanding I presume. But did they have to drag the families of the victims into it while doing so? Lovely bunch aren’t they?

Runners from all over the world train for the Boston Marathon. It is one of the premier running events held every year. For the bomber’s attorneys to argue that holding the trial somewhere else would’ve generated a different verdict… that’s some epic tilting at windmills!

It also doesn’t matter that the bomber’s brother planned it. The bomber currently sitting in prison had a choice to make. He chose to place the bombs and linger to watch what happened. He chose to shoot a police officer and run from the law. Doesn’t matter who planned the attack. He helped put it in motion.

This appeal is a major slap in the face to the survivors and the victims families of the bombing. It’s a slap in the face to every marathon runner and spectator who was there that day.

Justice was served, and it should stay that way. #BostonStrong.

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  • Jim says:

    To be tried by a jury of one’s peers is a right in most Western countries. He was in Boston and that’s where the bomb exploded. He got a jury of peers from Boston. [The legal process also had to be seen by citizens of Boston to be fair to them and their city – it works both ways.] If he believed the jury was ”dodgy”, then where were his lawyers and supporters to challenge those selected for duty at the time of trial?

  • Rob Ripley says:

    If you take this spurious argument to it’s extreme, the only place this fellow would get a fair trial would be somewhere like Khartoum or perhaps the outer Aleutian Islands.

  • Perhaps we should change the punishment. Force him to listen to Vogon poetry.

  • Bill says:

    No need for all that medieval English stuff. He’s already getting his.

  • Bandit says:

    “the innate respect for the law in Boston”

    Wha???? If he were still on this side of the dirt Whitey Bulger might disagree

    Maybe this person would like to reaquaint herself with The Big Dig and some of the characters like Mayor Tom Menino and Vinnie Marino and Modern Continental

    I could go on and on and on and I mean on and on and on

  • Scott says:

    This piece of excrements’ lawyers need to be left alone in a room with the victims and their families… That being said, they’re not wrong, the little jihadi didn’t get what he deserved which was to be tortured until he gave up each and every person that assisted them, any and all contacts they had related to terrorism, and then he should have been executed in a most dishonorable fashion! (definitely NOT a firing squad.. scaphism comes to mind..)

  • Harleycowboy says:

    Should have tried him in Texas then we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

  • If it was unfair it was in that he didn’t get the death penalty… but that’s probably what he wants, being a muslim and all. More money for his family if he’s a martyr.

  • Helga Renfro says:

    The death penalty or a quick built in his rotten brain is what he deserves and not wasting more tax payers money for this rotten piece of shit. I hope the deported the rest of this pigs relatives that have collected 100 reds of thousand of dollar or welfare money. Time to stop allowing Muslims into this country. Also why do these people even qualify for welfare????????

  • Helga Renfro says:

    The only unfair thing is for that piece of shit to still be alive. give him a 50 cent bullet in his rotten brain.

  • Chuck says:

    His lawyers aren’t appealing because they are “grandstanding.” They are appealing because if they don’t, Tsarnaev is dead and his lawyers are ethically bound to try to prevent that. The good news is that since this is a federal case they can only appeal to the First Circuit Court of Appeals, and then to the Supreme Court. If Massachusetts had tried him they would have to exhaust all state appeals before going to federal appeals. Once the First Circuit hears the case and hopefully upholds the verdict and sentence they will only have the Supreme Court. If they refuse to hear the case then Tsarnaev should give serious consideration to what he wants as his last meal. Can’t come soon enough.

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