Opinion: Vikings and Why the Left Hates Us

Opinion: Vikings and Why the Left Hates Us

Opinion: Vikings and Why the Left Hates Us

My husband is a Scotsman to his bones.  He also has a deep reverence for The Vikings, who have an intertwined history and culture with the Scots.  They are warriors.  Men of dominance, family, and faith.  He invited me to see The Northman Monday night; I watched with fascination and curiosity at the sheer brutality of the film.  As we left the film, I looked at him and said, “I find it fascinating that Hollywood, The Progressive Elites, want us to buy into the farce of “gentle wokeness” and yet continues to put out films like this.  I think it’s why they hate us.”

The modern version of The Left believes in the progressive arc of humankind that can be transformed into a peaceful entity.  They have, at whatever core religion they might have, the perverse idea that they can bend their will onto us and bring about the Utopian lie that their professors and Bernie Sanders and AOC have sold them.  It’s why Hillary Clinton called us deplorables and Obama spoke with such derision, those of us who hold tight to our freedom and our God:

The Vikings didn’t fight for sport.  They fought to feed their families.  Vikings conquered lands and peoples not out of bloodthirst, but to survive as a people.  Yes, they were barbaric and shocking to the soft-handed, enlightened generations of today.  But I find myself understanding them more as I ponder whether we will fall into Civil War in the coming days.

Again, I am amused and perplexed at those of on the political left who screech for ever-increasing gun control and yet root for the Ukrainians and beg Congress to send them more weapons and money to defend themselves:

Yet, if push came to shove and America was ever invaded by an outside force (or an inside one, is my guess) the majority of Democrats would tuck their tail and flee according to a recent Quinnipiac University survey.  As Matthew Hennesey points out in his piece in the Wall Street Journal:

“The pollster asked: What would you do if you were in the same position as Ukrainians are now, stay and fight or leave the country? Shockingly, more than half of Democrats (52%) said they would cut and run if the U.S. homeland were invaded. We aren’t talking about women and children, or even some cadre of pacifists and conscientious objectors. This is most Democrats saying they’d rather leave America than defend it. Only a pathetic 40% said they would stick around.”

And they hate us for their weakness.  They hate the farmers for knowing how to kill food and grow it.  They despise the truckers and the mechanics for knowing how to ride the modern bull and fix it when it is broken.  The Progressives can’t understand and want to destroy our God because Government should be the Godhead, not Christ.  So, they are banging their drums outside the Supreme Court right now as some traitor to our Democracy leaked the draft ruling from the Court which suggests they might finally overturn Roe v. Wade.  

Oh, what would these tiny men and women do if they ever had to face up to The Vikings among us?  Hold their placards and talk about how killing future children is women’s wellness?  Or that mutilating our children in the name of gender-affirming care is a net good for society?  No.  They would abandon the battle before it ever began.  They would curl up in the fetal position and beg for mercy.  So, they hate us.

The Conservatives among us have started to wake up and abandon our modern cloak of gentility knowing full well that They are coming for us at last.  We spent decades trying to placate them, giving Them an inch as They sought a mile.  The Trumps and the DeSantis’s are joining forces with the Musks and Surburban parents to say “Enough.”  

Human nature is intractable.  We are innately warriors.  Man can pretend he (or she) can change into some eunuch-like passive priest, but at heart we are Vikings.  And The Left hates us for it. 

Featured Image: “Viking Warrior” by neonbubble is marked with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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  • Bruce says:

    To “borrow’ a Ray Bradbury title:

    “Something “Interesting” This Way Comes”.

    A nicely cryptic T-shirt idea?

  • Bruce says:


    Who, domestically and especially “off-shore”, would benefit from such a massive “disruption”?it might just be important to ponder that question.

  • American Human says:

    Well, Vikings loved their own families at least, others not so much. They would simply find a place, land, pillage, kill, destroy, burn and carry off plunder and slaves. They didn’t love those families so much.

    Anyway, they are 0 – 4 in Super Bowls and they stole Bret Favre from the Packers, now that is unforgivable. I still haven’t forgiven Bret Favre either because he went willingly.

  • Ted says:

    Whoever leaked the SCOTUS draft is either insanely activist/attention-seeking, or hoping to score a high-paying media job. In any case, all are suspect; and who would hire from a suspect group? Since Bush v. Gore, the left has hoped to neuter the court as a potential election arbiter. They may have succeeded

  • Citizen Tom says:

    What made the Vikings dangerous?
    1. They grew up in a culture where they learn to fear being thought a coward than they did dying. I
    2. They invented iron weapons before they neighbors got around to it.
    3. They were large in stature.
    4. Their longboats were well made and crewed by free men.

    Unfortunately, the ethics of the Vikings left much to be desired. Fortunately, the descendants of the Vikings became Christians.

  • Mary says:

    Those of us who are Catholics know that priests are far from passive eunuchs. A good priest is a noble father and a man of strength and courage.

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