JROTC Hero Peter Wang Deserves A Military Burial

JROTC Hero Peter Wang Deserves A Military Burial

JROTC Hero Peter Wang Deserves A Military Burial

The only way to cope with the evil of something like the Parkland school shooting is to find the heroic moments. Despite the attempt by the left to smear the JROTC for the shooting, the story of Peter Wang stands above such ugly insinuations.

Wang is the 15 year old freshman who died saving other students.

And now a petition has begun to give this young man a burial with full military honors.

Wang was one of 14 beloved students killed in the Feb. 14 shooting rampage. The 15-year-old student was a JROTC cadet, last seen in uniform holding a door open so others could escape the attack. Wang’s noble actions during those harrowing moments have been shared far and wide on social media, and many people have signed a White House petition is calling for a full honors military burial for the fallen cadet.

“His selfless and heroic actions have led to the survival of dozens in the area,” the petition reads. “Wang died a hero, and deserves to be treated as such, and deserves a full honors military burial.”

Peter Wang died wearing his JROTC shirt, and will be receiving JROTC honors at his funeral.

Multiple witnesses describe Wang wearing his gray JROTC shirt and helping hold open the door for his fellow classmates, allowing them to escape before him, when he was shot and killed.

“He is so brave,” Wang’s cousin Lin Chen told the Sun Sentinel, noting that she was not surprised to hear of his heroism. “He is the person who is genuinely kind to everyone. He doesn’t care about popularity. He always liked to cheer people up. He is like the big brother everyone wished they had.”

Members of r/military, the forum on the Reddit website dedicated to discussion of military issues, started brainstorming ideas to honor Wang yesterday.

As a cadet in the JROTC, Wang was not yet an official member of the United States military, and so would not be entitled to the military funeral honors offered to service members and veterans, but his school’s JROTC have a protocol to conduct the funeral service and provide an honor guard.

And so the petition was created in hopes of giving the young man the honors that he certainly earned.

Wang’s funeral will be next Tuesday, and veterans have made plans to show up in uniform to the service, or send patches or coins to his family.

Even if a funeral with full military honors isn’t given to Peter Wang, it will certainly be a testament to his bravery and a comfort to his family to know that so many veterans consider his actions to be worthy of honor.

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  • Stacy gieser says:

    It is truly an honor to hear of all the hero’s that gave their life to save others. I wish they did not have to die like this as it sounds like they would have given this world something amazing. My heart felt thoughts and prayers go out to your family. I wish I had the right words to take away your pain but I don’t. But I will keep you in my prayers.

    • GWB says:

      it sounds like they would have given this world something amazing
      Honestly, though, Stacy, they already have. And I don’t just mean their moment of heroism, though that would be enough. These are people who made an impact in the lives of those around them. And that lives on.

  • Tammy harman says:

    Yes he does deserve a military burial

  • Timmy says:

    Is JROTC military? If not. Sorry.

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