Obama’s Oval Office Speech: Empty Chair Rhetoric Will Make ISIS’s Day

Obama’s Oval Office Speech: Empty Chair Rhetoric Will Make ISIS’s Day

Obama’s Oval Office Speech: Empty Chair Rhetoric Will Make ISIS’s Day

France was attacked by Islamic terrorists on November 15, 2015. Our President’s response? A lecture. On December 2, our country was attacked by Islamic terrorists. And the response from our Duffer In Chief has been what? For starters, informing us all that ISIS is “contained” at the same time Tashfeen Malik was pledging her allegiance to the terror group. And then there’s this:


By the time he gave that statement, we already knew that this “mass shooting” wasn’t the result of workplace violence. We knew this was a terror attack, as we’re all pretty good at facing reality and connecting the dots. Yet that didn’t stop POTUS from tossing out words like ‘common sense gun control,’ saying there is nothing in place to stop anyone from walking into a store and buying a gun. Ummm dude! California’s ultra restrictive gun laws for $1,000 Alex! Oh and let’s not forget the weird parroting of Hillary’s ‘they should’ve been on the no-fly list!’ schtick. Yeah, that would’ve stopped them.

Tonight the Duffer In Chief will address the nation from the Oval Office for the first time since 2010. It will be only the third time he’s done so, as it seems the Oval Office and speeches don’t gel with him or something.

Gosh, I wonder why? Oh I know! Its because golf, basketball, and $36 sorbets on the taxpayer’s dime are way funner than that President work stuff.

But I digress, so what will he be speaking, chatting, lecturing us about?

ISIS will be destroyed? How? What kind of Gumby-like red line will he draw now? Or maybe…


Which bracket includes halting the green card program? 680,000 in the last FIVE years, were issued to migrants from Muslim countries! Will those minor revisions involve shutting down the ISIS recruiting apparatus before more men and women from the U.S join up? 56 were arrested in 2015 and 7 out of 10 arrested are women. Some are recruiters themselves, some are sympathizers, and some resemble women like this one.

Tashfeen Malik
Tashfeen Malik

Nahhhh, probably not. In fact, its a pretty safe bet that his speech, I’m sorry, his lecture will definitely include a call for some type of gun control. Will he follow Harry Reid’s one-eyed bandit lead and play the blame game? Probably so.

“By blocking efforts to give law enforcement the tools they need to keep guns out of the hands of FBI terror suspects, Republicans are leaving every American community vulnerable to an attack by terrorists armed with assault weapons – just like the attacks we saw in Paris and San Bernardino,” Reid said in a statement Saturday.

“Republicans should be ashamed of themselves and their cowardice,” he added.

Take a look at the White House statement again. POTUS and the entire Administration continue to swim in the land of denial. San Bernardino is called a tragic attack. ISIS is called ISIL and they can’t even call them out as terrorists. Yes indeed, still playing word games instead of facing reality head on. But then again, what else would you expect from President Empty Chair?

Paging Clint Eastwood…


To no one’s surprise, tonight’s speech will be a huge dose of Community Organizing followed by a cod liver oil double shot of Comforter in Chief rather than the Dirty Harry this country needs. Sorry Obama; your empty chair rhetoric will only serve to make ISIS’s day and no one else’s.

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  • Rebecca says:

    I’m concerned that he’s “discovered” his executive authority to curtail the 2nd amendment, and is going to announce a series of actions in this speech.

  • Penny says:

    Oh, you can bet on that….nothing from this New World Order Commie!!

    “Gun control” is the “New Religion” of the Regressive Liberals!!

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