obama’s health checkup

obama’s health checkup

so The One has the very best healthcare possible in the world at his fingertips – no obamacare for him! in his first health checkup since taking office obama, who’s 48, is in excellent health. he still hasn’t kicked that smoking habit of his, he takes anti-inflammatory medication to relieve chronic tendinitis in his left knee, and needs to eat better to lower his cholesterol. one other interesting side note to this report is that obama’s team of doctors also recommend “moderation of alcohol intake.”

now why say that?

considering barack obama is 6’1 and 179 lbs, he could easily drink 3 or 4 beers a day without there being an actual negative effect to concern a doctor.

so how much is obama drinking? is this unseemly to talk about him this way? well, it’s just a curiosity that’s all.

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  • PenniePan says:

    It is really quite classless for you to “go there”. Moderation is what doctors say about everything. At anytime there is an opening for ugliness, you take it Kate.

  • Pennie – it was reported that way. Kate isn’t digging for it. It is a puzzling thing to report. I don’t ever recall a presidential fitness report including that statement. So it’s fair to wonder what it might mean.

  • CCCorbin says:

    Leave Obama alone. This is innoculous! Not to mention ridiculous!! Bush was a lying drunk and Papa Bush and his ilk tried to hide it. Remember Shrub’s DUI? If you google “Bush Drunk” you’ll see pictures. You Republicans are so hypocritical.

  • BikerDan says:

    Ok, I’m just gonna say it: if I were married to Michelle, I would drink too much too.

  • Marsha says:

    Sure, Obama’s doctor’s notation *could* just mean that since Obama drinks alcohol only in moderation that he should continue to do so in moderation but why say it at all? I have never, ever heard it mentioned on any other President’s report. And believe me, the way “some” beat up on President Bush, we would all know if it had been in his record! Sounds like an admonition-with-teeth to me.

  • lisab says:

    now now … i am sure given a certain light … the first wookie looks great

  • lisab says:

    actually, who is more masculine? obama or michelle?

  • POTUS_Watch says:

    Maybe this little phrase is a clue to explaining why Obama is running the country into the ground.

  • Ken says:

    Well, at least he’s off cocaine……isn’t he?

    “It is really quite classless for you to “go there”. Moderation is what doctors say about everything.”

    Once again the pot is calling the kettle black. People like you trashed Bush every hour of every day for 8 years and now anything you perceive as an insult to Obama and you go off the deep end. Truly stunning.

    “You Republicans are so hypocritical.”

    Apparently you haven’t heard of the Democratic Party, CCCorbin. You should look them up and do some research and you will truly find a species that lives and breathes hypocrisy…..or you could just look in the mirror. Might save time.

  • gene says:

    anything to bash the President…any little morsel you’ll jump on like hungry dogs.

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