Obama’s #DACA: Five DREAMers Who’ve Harmed Innocents

Obama’s #DACA: Five DREAMers Who’ve Harmed Innocents

Obama’s #DACA: Five DREAMers Who’ve Harmed Innocents

While the dishonest media focuses on those who’ve benefited from Barack Obama’s unconstitutional DACA program—and there are indeed many respectable folks—the truth about some of these “DREAMers” is anything but.

Here are five examples of the harm Obama’s DACA program has done. And brace yourself, they’re brutal.

Salvador Diaz-Garcia, 23:

Diaz-Garcia stands accused of savagely raping a 19-year-old Seattle woman in her apartment complex’s gym. She survived, but was left with severe facial injuries including a broken jaw, a broken nose, a nearly torn-off ear, and missing teeth. The mental trauma she likely endures will last her lifetime.

Dia-Garcia also sexually assaulted a 14-year-old the very same day.

Oliver Funes-Machado, 18:

Oliver Funes-Machado (Photo Credit: ABC 11)

Funes-Machado was in the country illegally and sought by ICE. He is accused of beheading his own mother in North Carolina earlier this year, while several young siblings were in the house. He told police dispatchers he committed the crime “Because he felt like it.” His mental health is obviously in question.

Emmanual Jesus Rangel-Hernandez, 19:

Mirjana Puhar, “Top Model” contestant, murdered by one of Obama’s DREAMers, Rangel-Hernandez (Photo Credit: LimitsToGrowth.org)

Rangel-Hernandez—also in North Carolina—was known to authorities as a gang member who should have been deported. He was charged in 2015 with the murder of four people, including a former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant and three others in a drug-fueled murder spree. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services now admits they wrongly approved him for protection under DACA.

Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, 18:

Garcia-Cisneros (Photo Credit: KGW)

Garcia-Cisneros was in the country illegally in 2014, and protected by DACA, when she ran over and killed two young Oregon sisters playing in a pile of leaves outside their home. DACA allowed Garcia-Cisneros to obtain a driver’s license, and also protected her from deportation even after she was convicted of two counts of felony hit and run. She was sentenced to three years probation. Her conviction was later overturned on appeal.

Hermilo Vildo Moralez, 19:

Moralez brutally murdered his classmate, Pearland, Texas teen Josh Wilkerson. Here’s Josh’s story, in his mother’s own words. And it’s heartbreaking:

Josh Wilkerson, murdered by Hermilo Vildo Moralez (Photo Credit: VDARE.com)

Are these stories the norm for “DREAMers?” No. But neither are the stories of “DREAMers” attending Harvard as the media would have us believe.

Had these “children” been deported as they should have been under existing law, the maimed might still be whole, and the dead would likely still be living. But rather than enforce the law he didn’t like, Obama, with the acquiescence of a cowardly Congress, illegally altered it, in clear violation of our constitution and the separation of powers, leading to the harm of innocents. This is his true legacy.

Today, President Trump, hand-in-hand with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has returned us to the rule of law, and kept a campaign promise vowing to keep us all safe: he’s rescinded DACA. And he’s placed the problem of “DREAMers” right where it belongs: in the lap of Congress.

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  • Scott says:

    And congress should use the roles of these “dreamers” to find them and their illegal immigrant parents, and deport the lot of them ASAP. Just like these “pro-immigration” rallies, and other similar event where illegals gather.. surround them with ICE agents, round em up, and ship em out!

    • Jodi says:

      Agreed. If your first introduction to America is to violate our laws and our sovereignty, then have the audacity to demand special treatment, then you don’t deserve to stay here. Go home. Come back legally.

      Obama and Congress are to blame for this. Not Trump. He’s simply cleaning up the mess they made.

  • GWB says:

    Today, President Trump, hand-in-hand with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has returned us to the rule of law, and kept a campaign promise vowing to keep us all safe: he’s rescinded DACA.

    Not so fast. First, he has delayed his order so they can still remain for 6 months. Second, he sure is making it sound like he does NOT want to deport all these illegal aliens. I’m not so convinced he really is fulfilling his campaign promise. But, we’ll see.

    Again, I don’t want a gov’t of feelz, I want a gov’t of laws. Because laws I can understand and make plans for. Feels? Not so much.
    A dictatorship of the kidneys* is NOT where I want to live.

    (* The ancient world thought emotions came from the kidneys, not the heart. Not sure when the change occurred, but I like the old way for this usage.)

  • GWB says:

    BTW, Sarah Hoyt posted a link to this and the Microagression post on Instapundit. Hope you get an Instalanche!

  • Scott says:

    Ooh, and as for the five above, the only thing they should get from the govt is a bullet to the head! But not free, charge their families for it before sending them back across the border

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