Obama Speech Falls Flat with Veterans

Obama Speech Falls Flat with Veterans

Well, well, well. How Preezy McCool has fallen.

And it takes the British Mail Online newspaper to report this — none of our sycophantic press would touch this further erosion of Dear Leader’s authority.

President Obama addressed the national convention of the American Legion today in Charlotte, North Carolina. He didn’t go over too well. The Mail Online reported that where applause was expected in the 35-minute speech, the response was tepid at best, and many of the conventioneers refused to clap. In fact, Obama went a full eight minutes into his speech before any applause was heard.

The Legionnaires basically gave the Ice Bucket Challenge to the speech, especially when Obama touted once again his reasons for leaving Iraq high and dry, and his reasons for waffling in a weak-kneed foreign policy. The veterans made sure to douse it with an icy response.

Obama only picked up some steam when he issued an ultimatum to ISIS, and especially after he promised to fix the problems in the Veterans Administration. But it was not enough to save the address from an Epic Fail.

In 2005, I had the privilege of watching President Bush address the graduating midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy. My son-in-law was one of those graduating. President Bush was greeted warmly, with cheers, the midshipmen proudly pointing out their families in attendance in the stadium, the President waving at them.

Remember, this was in the days before the surge in Iraq in 2007. Days were bleak. Yet I saw a large number of Marine uniforms in that graduating group — they had elected to enter a service which was likely to send them into the dangers of Iraq. But that was the confidence they held in their Commander-in-Chief.

What a sad difference nine years has made.

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