Obama quietly seeks to create race-based government in Hawaii

Obama quietly seeks to create race-based government in Hawaii

Hang on to your ukulele, but President Waikiki thinks “native” Hawaiians need their own government.

Hawaiians voted in 1959 to join the USA – just a little reminder, for all you haoles, before we surf into more race based nonsense that streams out of the White House on a consistent basis.

“Which Hawaiian state are we in, honey?”

Obama has tried this before and it didn’t work then, but what’s a busy Prez to do when he’s only got a short time (and a pen) left to pander to racists and opportunists?

From the 2010 article:

The Akaka Bill also drew fire from five members of the United States Commission on Civil Rights, who sent a letter to House leadership on Monday urging opposition to the proposal. In their letter, they reasserted objections to the bill they initially raised in August of last year. From the August 2009 letter:

We do not believe Congress has the constitutional authority to “reorganize” racial or ethnic groups into dependent sovereign nations unless those groups have a long and continuous history of separate self-governance. Moreover, quite apart from the issue of constitutional authority, creating such an entity sets a harmful precedent. Ethnic Hawaiians will surely not be the only group to demand such treatment. On what ground will Congress tell these other would-be tribes no?

In classic Obama White House style, this new move was announced Friday before Memorial Day.  

From the Daily Caller article:

The Akaka bill has failed to gain any traction since 2010, prompting advocates to try this new regulatory end-run around Congress, said Heriot.

There is no constitutional basis for conferring such status, and Congress has repeatedly refused to confer this status,” said Carissa Mulder, a spokeswoman for two members of the federal Commission on Civil Rights.

“This seems to be yet another case of the Obama administration ignoring the law to achieve its policy objectives,” she added.

The move is likely intended to protect lucrative financial set-asides for Americans who are also part of the Hawaiian racial group, said Heriot.  These set-aside, which include cheap loans, are being threatened by the Supreme Court’s move to curb racial divisions and imposed racial diversity. In 2000, for example, the court’s Rice vs. Cayetano decision allowed non-Hawaiians to participate in the election of trustees for the state’s wealthy Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

The Cayetano decision shows the court doesn’t want to encourage further moves toward tribal and racial separatism by granting more power to the race-based groups, such as the Office of Hawaiian affairs, she said.

The Akaka bill would also have transferred the Hawaiian land to the new tribe, allowing it to be used to generate wealth via gambling and other businesses for racial Hawaiians, she said.

Ah….I knew we’d get to it.  Financial gain, which is usually the desired goal of any race-based agenda.  Just ask Al Sharpton, the granddaddy of all race based shakedowns.

The U.S. Constitution states clearly that all Americans should be treated equally under the law.  All of them.  Even the big Kahunas.  Obama should not be in the business of granting different ethnic groups special treatment.  But then again, he does a lot of things he shouldn’t be doing.

Say, maybe we can have totally separate laws and constitutions for people of different races! Wouldn’t that be great? We’d have to sort out what mixed race people would have to do, though.  So confusing.

And here we have Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s opinion about race-based rulings.  It was on another matter, but I find her views especially troubling:


Sotomayor also outlined her views on race more generally, which (it will not be surprising) bear little resemblance to those expressed by her colleagues in the majority. She explained why “race matters”:  because of the “long history of racial minorities being denied access to the political process”; because of the “persistent racial inequality” that remains today; and — in a paragraph that appears deeply personal — because “of the slights, the snickers, the silent judgments that reinforce the most crippling of thoughts:  ‘I do not belong here.’”

Right.  Because they both were “denied access to the political process”.

One is President and one is a Supreme Court Justice.

Oh, yeah….and this is interesting.  Seems even the youngsters have moved on from “race”.

I’m totally stoked.


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  • serfer62 says:

    It was the senate of the Hawaiian Kingdom, then only 100% Hawaiian in the 1800s who requested 3 times for the USA to absorb the islands as states.

    So where is this going?

    Is the US senate going to approve it?

  • Britt says:

    First of all, hawaiians did not “vote” to become a part of the u.s a bunch of white people did that for them because it made sugar trade cheaper for themselves (them being white people) mean while the hawaiian race had been nearly wiped out by white peoples nasty ass diseases. By the time the “vote” happened Hawaii was mostly inhabited by whites and many asians that white people imported here due to lack of labors, since you know white people killed most of them. Over a million Native Hawaiians died from disease and the rest were fiercely oppressed of their cultural ways by bible thumping missionary pricks. The queen was imprisoned in her own home and the land was ultimately stolen. Get your facts straight.

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