Obama: George Floyd More Important Than Uvalde Children

Obama: George Floyd More Important Than Uvalde Children

Obama: George Floyd More Important Than Uvalde Children

Yes, you read that correctly. Obama elected to issue a vile tweet yesterday afternoon that propped up criminal George Floyd and stomped all over the bodies of 19 innocent children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas.

There have been multiple vile takes since the tragedy happened. Beto O’Rourke’s grandstanding was one of those. Eric Swalwell dove into the sewer with this tweet. 

That’s just one of many of the gutter comments that have been offered up by our elected officials. Then, Obama and Michelle offered up this commentary on May 24th. 

“Across the country, parents are putting their children to bed, reading stories, singing lullabies— and in the back of their minds, they’re worried about what might happen tomorrow after they drop their kids off at school, or take them to a grocery store or any other public space,” Obama tweeted.

“Michelle and I grieve with the families in Uvalde, who are experiencing pain no one should have to bear. We’re also angry for them.”

“Nearly ten years after Sandy Hook — and ten days after Buffalo — our country is paralyzed, not by fear, but by a gun lobby and a political party that have shown no willingness to act in any way that might help prevent these tragedies,” he wrote in a follow-up tweet.

“It’s long past time for action, any kind of action. And it’s another tragedy—a quieter but no less tragic one—for families to wait another day.”

They should’ve stopped there. But NOOOO. Former President selfie had to issue this series of abhorrent tweets. 

I was so utterly horrified and repulsed last evening when I saw that! What he tweeted is beyond the pale on every single level! 

George Floyd was a career criminal who was higher than a kite that day. He’d already threatened people with a knife and was running from the police. His death sparked the riots that destroyed billions of dollars in business, led to the demonization of law enforcement all across the country, and led to injuries and deaths that could’ve been adverted if the Democrats hadn’t cheered (and advocated for get out of jail free bail money – Kamala) on the destructive yet fiery mostly peaceful riots that went on for months.

Then again, that is Obama’s MO as we saw when Ferguson went up in flames. Obama WANTS destruction. He WANTS divisiveness, and he will use innocent children to further that agenda. 

THIS is how Obama should’ve responded.  

The focus should be on the grieving families and the innocent lives lost. Instead Divider-in-Chief Obama sows more vile divisiveness, with an assist from current Ficus-in-Chief Biden. 

George Floyd should never ever be memorialized nor championed in any manner. He was a drug-addled career criminal. For Obama to use his death to trample all over the deaths of 19 innocent young children and their two teachers is utterly VILE. 

“Not a single grieving parent today gives a rip about what happened to Floyd or anyone right now,” Redstate editor Kira Davis reacted. “For crying out loud. This is not the time to be advertising for your favorite activist group. How utterly vile.”

For a minute I thought, ‘I hope the families in Uvalde don’t see this.’ And then I realized they SHOULD see Obama’s gutter tweet. Why?

The mask is ripped off. Democrats do not care about the lives lost. They do not care to address the underlying issues, such as mental health, of what leads to tragedies like this. All they care about is their agenda, dead bodies be damned. Obama just showed the world his ugly and it is hideous. 

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  • Cameron says:

    Just wait until Biden visits those families. He’ll have to remind us about his dead son.

    • Lewis says:

      Let’s hope the families refuse to talk with hIm. He and his ilk have done nothing but promote this kind of behavior. For a few minutes, in the face of this tragedy, they should just shut up.

  • NTSOG says:

    Speaking of political opportunists then there is Meghan Markle also visiting Uvalde to lay roses at the memorial at the school. I suspect she wasn’t on her way to her local Walmart and spontaneously stopped to pay her respects – where waiting photographers took multiple pictures of her ‘piety’

  • […] ladies and gentlemen, you read that right. From Victory Girls:The focus should be on the grieving families and the innocent lives lost. Instead Divider-in-Chief […]

  • Finn Harp says:

    Both Floyd and Uvalde offer compelling cases AGAINST the State monopoly on use violence.

    Safest course is to arm and trust regular American citizens. As the WWII era Japanese General said. To paraphrase: “Do not wake America. We would face a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

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