Mental Health Issues Are Not “Bullsh*t”

Mental Health Issues Are Not “Bullsh*t”

Mental Health Issues Are Not “Bullsh*t”

The mental health issues of the Uvalde shooter are and should be addressed. However, according to Senator Chris Murphy, discussing any of that is “bullshit.”

Not even an hour after the tragedy at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, Senator Chris Murphy went running to the Senate podium.

Notice something missing from the speech? Anything about addressing the very real issues that led the gunman in Uvalde or the gunman at Sandy Hook to make the horrific choices they did. 

As we now know, even as some sadly refuse to acknowledge it, the Sandy Hook gunman was an incredibly disturbed individual. So disturbed that he murdered his mother to steal her legally purchased weapons and destroy lives at Sandy Hook elementary. 

But, according to Senator Murphy, raising the issue of the shooter’s mental health problems is outright bullshit. 

“Spare me the bullshit about mental illness. We don’t have any more mental illness than any other country in the world. You cannot explain this through a prism of mental illness, because we don’t — we’re not an outlier on mental illness. We’re an outlier when it comes to access to firearms and the ability of criminals and very sick people to get their hands on firearms. That’s what makes America different,” he said.

We are an outlier Chris. You know why? Because as soon as a horrific tragedy like this happens, you run to a microphone and blather about how the GUN is the problem. Beto O’Rourke interrupts grieving families to grandstand about the big bad evil gun as if that will get the sick SOB more votes. What BOTH of you refuse to acknowledge is the mental health issues these shooters from Columbine to today have had. Every single shooter since then has been identified with one or more mental health issues. Yet every damned time the Democrats and the left do nothing but focus on the gun. 

According to their brilliance, getting rid of guns will solve everything! And so, they sweep the glaring evidence of mental health issues under the rug. 

And yes, the Uvalde shooter had some major problems. Problems that were significant red flags that either no one picked up on, or didn’t want to deal with, or both. 

The shooter had a stutter and/or a speech impediment and was bullied quite regularly over the years, and a rough home life.

Ramos’ neighbor Ruben Flores, 41, said he tried to be a kind of father figure to the troubled teen, who had “a pretty rough life with his mom.”

He told the paper he saw police at the Hood Street home, where he witnessed blowups between the two.

Flores and several other people familiar with the family said Ramos’ mother used drugs, which contributed to the trouble at home, according to the Washington Post, which said it could not reach her for comment.

If a neighbor was the only father figure, where the hell was the shooter’s father?? Keep in mind, the Parkland and Sandy Hook shooters had a lack of a father in their lives as well. Then you add in a mother supposedly on drugs, elderly grandparents, a shooter who enjoyed firing a BB gun at people while driving around town, getting into fights, and it’s either a recipe for disaster or that person manages to persevere. Except it was evident that the shooter wasn’t going to thrive. 

As for the home life, suddenly the mother is singing a different tune to the media. 

Those are BIG HUGE RED FLAGS. Similar mental health red flags were completely ignored concerning the Parkland shooter as well. 

Yesterday it horrifically ended up being a recipe for disaster with over twenty innocent children and teachers losing their lives. 

The shooter made a choice. The wrong choice. Yet Democrats have spent the last twenty four hours screaming about how it’s the GUN that is at fault. According to David Frum, that’s exactly what is to blame. 

We will learn more about the 18-year-old killer of elementary-school children: his personality, his ideology, whatever confection of hate and cruelty drove him to his horrible crime. But we already know the answer to one question: Who put the weapon of mass murder into his hand? The answer to that question is that the public policy of this country armed him.

Once again, a political operative on the left is wilfully ignoring the underlying issues and instead is focusing on the gun.

I would venture to say that this shooter, who was ALREADY having problems, had those problems exacerbated by the last two years of the Covid pandemic. Do we lay blame there? No, but I’d venture to say the issue didn’t help. 

Democrats want the gun to be the sole issue while claiming that being concerned about the underlying mental health issues that led to this horrific act is …bullshit. 

No, what is outright BULLSHIT is sweeping mental health issues under the rug again and again and again. 

We cannot afford to sweep these bullshit mental health issues under the rug any longer. 

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  • NTSOG says:

    Of relevance is that the young man in Tasmania, Australia who killed 35 people and wounded more in 1996 when he was aged 29 was (1) mildly intellectually disabled – Full Scale IQ about 68, and (2) presented with typical patterns of behaviour seen in children with Conduct Disorder through childhood and adolescence: lack of empathy, high risk-taking behaviour – he was hospitalised for burns after careless playing with fire-works, torturing and killing animals and an apparently liked bullying and hurting other children He obtained semi-auto firearms apparently legally once old enough – he had his own funds via a bequest left him, but, having an intellectual impairment should not have been allowed to obtain firearms. Apparently he had been seen by a well known psychiatrist during adolescence – schizophrenia was suggested, but was otherwise a free, but very odd, agent in society. He, like this latest adolescent mass killer in the USA fell through the mental health safety net.

    To discount mental health issues and focus on the tools used by killers such as these young men is superficial at best and is another example of a left-wing politician using a catastrophe to push another agenda, i.e. anti firearms.

  • James D says:

    The mental illness is exacerbated by an education system and a culture that actively destroys reasoning
    and thinking skills, in favor of feelings and emotion. This is further amplified by social media and cell phones which limit communication to memes and tweets and 10 second videos perfect to stir up those strong emotions that people have been stripped of the ability to properly manage.

    THIS IS ALL DELIBERATE. The goal has been to produce a populace full of damaged children-in-adult-bodies who are unable to cope with any adversity or difficulty, and who will chase after whatever red flags our leaders wave at them. Except some of these damaged people will be so damaged that they do what this guy in TX did. Which our leaders are perfectly fine with, because that provides an excuse to give themselves more power and take more rights away from the dwindling number of functional, Un damaged adults in the population (the only real threat to their reign). They don’t give a crap that 19 little kids died. They’re just a necessary sacrifice to our ghoulish “leaders.”

  • Humility says:

    People with issues like this used to be sent to asylums to live as much of a life there as they could, but that was also abused. Families and greedy people would have someone committed to get their property. Workers in the asylums would also abuse tenants/patients. In the name of decency, the asylums were basically shuttered and all the people who would have been there were mainstreamed into society to live among us. Picking an extreme in dealing with a problem never works out well and almost always has consequences. The consequences for letting nut cases live among us is that some are going to do things like this.

  • Miller says:

    Moden life in the U.S. consists of parents who are not home during large portions of the workweek, families whose kids who are raised in partnership with hourly employees at childcare centers, families feeling the pressure of paying for homes and lifestyles they can barely afford, families not involved in a religious community, families that eat together infrequently, families that watch entertainment together infrequently, and families that self-isolate in the world of social media,

  • Steve says:

    As the father of 4, I believe the importance of fathers has been ignored. How long will the Left blame others for their purposeful destruction of the American family?

  • bflat879 says:

    As is the case in most issues, there is the opportunity for compromise on this issue. However, just like George Floyd, the left prefers to create division, rather than solutions. I hope Republicans are paying attention because voters just might give them a real mandate. I hope they have the leadership to recognize it, the limitations it has, along with the responsibilities, and the need to actually accomplish something.

  • Ridgeline says:

    The number of Americans murdered per year with any type of weapon is between 20,000 and 25,000. Dysfunctional families, social isolation, and easy access to guns for the mentally ill don’t help. Nor does the disrespect for human life created by 600,000 abortions per year,

  • Linda S Fox says:

    What I want to know – who was the person that left that outside open? That person needs to be identified, and fired. A lot of people (mostly children) died because of their ignoring a basic safety precaution.
    And, yes, if a teacher, needs to lose their license.

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