Obama: A ‘Personal Insult’ That Hillary’s Loss Destroyed HIS Legacy

Obama: A ‘Personal Insult’ That Hillary’s Loss Destroyed HIS Legacy

Obama: A ‘Personal Insult’ That Hillary’s Loss Destroyed HIS Legacy

It’s been obvious from the start that the Obamas are no fans of Trump. Michelle made that very clear in her book. But how did Obama himself feel about Trump, about Russia, and about Hillary losing? It was all about him. In grand Michael Corleone ‘Godfather’ style, Obama claims Hillary’s loss destroyed HIS legacy.

Yes indeed, there goes President I, me, my again! It’s all about him and the world is suddenly a much sadder place now that Hillary dunked on his legacy and handed the White House to a ‘joke.’

“Barack Obama admitted ‘this stings’ after the 2016 election result and spent the night watching the movie Dr Strange to try and distract himself, a new book claims.

The former president went from being confident that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump to seeing it as a ‘personal insult’ that she lost.

Obama could not believe the American people had ‘turned on him’ for a man he had written off as a ‘cartoon’.”

This is a guy who looks in a mirror, loves what he sees and thinks everyone else does too. This is a guy whose arrogance knows no bounds. This is a guy who gave a speech in Berlin last month and referred to himself 392 times. Yes, you read that correctly. 392.

“Here’s the breakdown of his personal pronoun use (based on a rush transcript of the event):

“I” — 274

“Me” — 25

“My” — 31

“I’d” — 9

“I’m” — 41

“Myself” — 7

“Obama” — 5″

In one 90 minute speech, he took credit all by himself for everything he organized.

So, is it a surprise that we now find out former President Selfie was ticked off that his image suffered more than a few cracks? No, not really.

What is laughable is that he, as is expected, blames everyone else for ‘What Happened.’

“Hillary’s ‘scripted, soulless campaign,’ was the problem.

‘She was the one who could not translate his strong record and healthy economy into a winning message.

‘Never mind that Trump essentially ran the same playbook against Clinton that Obama did eight years earlier, portraying her as a corrupt exemplar of the status quo.

‘She brought many of her troubles on herself. No one forced her to underestimate the danger in the Midwest states of Wisconsin and Michigan.

‘No one forced her to set up a private email server that would come back to haunt her.

‘No one forced her to take hundreds of thousands of dollars from Goldman Sachs and other pillars of Wall Street for speeches.

‘No one forced her to run a scripted, soulless campaign that tested eighty-five slogans before coming up with ‘Stronger Together’.”

Oh. My. Hopefully Hillary’s staff hid all the breakables before she read that. And I doubt that the Obamas will be subscribing to the Bill Clinton podcasts anytime soon.

CNN’s poll showing the majority of Americans want answers regarding the Obama DOJ and FBI spying on the Trump team is illuminating when you read what Obama had to say about Russia collusion.

“Obama was led by his ‘cautious don’t-do-stupid-s**t instincts’ and feared that a forceful response would make Russia ‘escalate’ its operation.

Then there was the question of how Trump would react and Obama admitted that ‘if I speak out more, he’ll just say it’s rigged’.”

Well, it was rigged. And in many ways it was rigged by a man desperate to stay in front of the mirror and cameras. A man who will never ever believe that his legacy of ‘Hope and Change’ damaged this Republic in ways that we may never come back from.

Obama tries to tell us that he is the one who told Putin that Russia backed the wrong horse. Well guess what Obama? You helped build this, so own it if you dare.

Feature Photo Credit: Barack Obama reenacts “Things Everybody Does But Doesn’t Talk About” for BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed Video Facebook, cropped and modified

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  • Scott says:

    Obama took it as a persona insult??? GOOD!! Message received! Maybe he’s starting to get the tiniest of clues… Nah, it was just a momentary blip, he’s still freakin clueless!

  • zenman says:

    Please popularize the rumor that Trump is going to make his 2020 campaign slogan “Make America Stronger, Together!”

    Should send progressives further down their road to insanity.

  • GWB says:

    the American people had ‘turned on him’
    If only. If they had truly ‘turned on him’, he would be making his speeches from an 8×10 concrete room – at best.

    his strong record and healthy economy
    *picks up rug and looks under it* *looks under the sofa*
    I don’t see it.

    feared that a forceful response would make Russia ‘escalate’ its operation.
    IOW, he was a P*SSY at foreign policy! Yeah, we all knew this.

    Well, it was rigged.
    And they’re doing their damnedest to rig it even further in 2020. I wonder if the Senate could refuse to seat California’s (and other states’) electors in 2020? (Hoo boy, wouldn’t THAT drive the anti-electoral-college folks further round the bend? Ha!)

    • GWB says:

      In case I was too subtle, California (and other states have or are about to) passed a law placing an un-constitutional additional qualification on presidential ballot candidates to release their tax returns (in violation of certain tax laws, and the 4th and 5th amendments). If it were still in effect when the 2020 vote happens, IMO the simplest method for dealing with the un-constitutionality would be to simply disallow the electors from those states.

  • His-Highness says:

    Please, someone figure out the most insulting thing possible to say to Mr. Obama, so we can all insult him dreadfully. He spent years insulting us; he deserves a lot of insults.

  • AW1Ed says:

    Obama’s “legacy” is in tatters; eight years, and besides being arm-twisted to green lighting the bin Laden raid, there is nothing left. They can’t even get his Chicago library built. So he blames Clinton for losing and the American people for turning on him? No, we put adults in charge and despite two years of constant attacks from the Dems, look how far we’ve come. And how far we have yet to go.

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