NY Times Opinion Editor Humiliates Self In Debut Column

NY Times Opinion Editor Humiliates Self In Debut Column

NY Times Opinion Editor Humiliates Self In Debut Column

Many, many, many years ago, probably when the late President Ronald Reagan was a boy, being a writer for the New York Times was the apex of an opinion writer’s career. Or at least that’s what most people thought. Now, we have Maureen Dowd, Charles M. Blow, Thomas Friedman, and ugh, Paul Krugman. Today, the NY Times added David French to their America-hating line-up. French began as he means to go on, debasing himself.

Before getting the NY Times gig, David French wrote for National Review and helped found the Never Trump “Dispatch”. The formerly sane Bill Kristol offered up French as an alternative Republican candidate. Our Darleen captured the French persona perfectly:

David is so enamored of the secular Leftwing elite life-style, he calls himself a libertarian as an excuse to allow them to dominate. As long as he has a toe-hold in media, is still friends with inside-the-beltway power brokers, he’ll not only shrug off the increasing demands of submission to the Leftwing orthodoxy but actively shove dissenters down the stairs.

David isn’t so much an observant Christian as he is as as “Hellenized” as were a faction of Jews in 165 BCE when the Maccabees had had enough and revolted against assimilation – what is celebrated today as Hanukkah.ieb

“When Ptolemy took Jerusalem, he did so cruelly, enslaving many. When the Selucid king Antiochus took it from the Ptolemaic Empire, he was crueler still to the holy city. Even so, there were Jews who were seduced by the politics and pleasures of the scions of Macedon. Hellenistic Jews vied for political power against the traditional Jews, and established Grecian institutions and acted out of disdain of Jewish customs. This faction welcomed Antiochus’ rule. This rule demanded submission of Jewish tradition to Hellenism; Grecian culture, philosophy, and religion. In the Jewish Temple an idol of Zeus was established and swine were sacrificed on the altar. Circumcision was banned under penalty of death for both mother and child. Sacred books were burned, their study forbidden. The Hellenistic Jews welcomed this new order, and helped perpetuate it.”

French’s Hellenized Christianity enjoys being accepted by the cultural Left precisely because there is little to no Leftist cultural or political stance that won’t be embraced by one such “Christian” church.”

Two and a half years later, and David French is still on brand. His first column as an opinion editor for the NY Times debuted today, “‘Bad Apples’ or Systemic Issues?”. While writing about the tragic and unthinkable beating death of Tyre Nichols in Memphis, French NEEDED desperately to atone for his past sins and confessed:

Before I go further, let me put my own partisan cards on the table. I’m a conservative independent. I left the Republican Party in 2016, not because I abandoned my conservatism but rather because I applied it. A party helmed by Donald Trump no longer reflected either the character or the ideology of the conservatism I believed in, and when push came to shove, I was more conservative than I was Republican.
But my declaration of independence wasn’t just about Trump. In 2007 I deployed, relatively late in life, to Iraq as a U.S. Army judge advocate general, or JAG. Ever since I returned from my deployment, I’ve been gradually shedding my partisanship.
The savagery of the sectarian infighting I saw in Iraq shocked me. I witnessed where mutual hatred leads, and when I came home I saw that the seeds of political violence were being planted here at home — seeds that started to sprout in the riots of summer 2020 and in the Trump insurrection of 2021.

That smells like a Nadler Fartwell to me. This humiliation will never be enough. He will have to confess his sins to the NY Times’ readers every column. It’s impossible for me to believe that in the ten years after David French redeployed and Trump’s election, he never saw the “savagery of the sectarian infighting” that the Left deals to the Right every day.

Our Twitchy friends aggregated some of the responses to French’s column so we wouldn’t have to:

Good news, y’all! David French shared his first column with The New York Times.

And it’s EVERYTHING you’d expect …


HA ha.


You can read the rest at Twitchy, you get the drift.

Mr. French has debased himself in the NY Times to no avail. They will never consider him one of them and we don’t want him. Too bad.

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  • Taylor says:

    Once William Safire retired there was never any reason for me to pick up the New York Times.

  • Yeah-Me-Neither says:

    “When my tribe is under fire, before I offer a reflexive defense, I should consider an uncomfortable thought: My opponents might be right, my allies might be wrong and justice may require that I change my mind:…”

    We must parse that to understand it. Who, exactly, is David French’s “my tribe”? Certainly, absolutely not, mainstream Republicans. Possibly elite Republicans, but not the people who so foolishly re-elect them, election after election.

    Conservatives? Not when everything or, almost everything, he writes is in support of the Left.

    His tribe is the Far Left. Will he ever, even once, write, “The Far Left is wrong on this”? I seriously doubt it.

  • steve walsh says:

    Yet another insufferable narcissist, this time in “conservative” garb.

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