Nurses Criticize “The View” After Hosts Slam Miss Colorado’s Talent Monologue

Nurses Criticize “The View” After Hosts Slam Miss Colorado’s Talent Monologue

Nurses Criticize “The View” After Hosts Slam Miss Colorado’s Talent Monologue

Last week the Miss America pageant took place in New Jersey, and of course several contestants made newsworthy soundbites. But for many, the best part of the event took place during the talent competition. Rather than singing, playing the piano, or dancing; one contestant, Miss Colorado’s Kelley Johnson took a very different tack.

What a beautiful and powerful way to articulate ALL that a nurse is. Kelley is indeed not JUST a nurse. She was Joe’s nurse. She was Joe’s friend. Joe himself, was not Alzheimers, he was JOE. I have no doubt that it is her monologue that catapulted Kelley to a 2nd Runner Up finish in the pageant.

Unfortunately, there are others who, after viewing Kelley’s monologue saw things differently. The brain trust (and I use that term VERY loosely) at The View is one such group.

Yes ladies and gentleman, Michelle Collins and Joy Behar slammed Kelley and Joe. Not only that, they demonstrated remarkable ignorance about the nursing profession as a whole. Understandably, nurses around the country are providing some necessary education for them.

Hilary Helkenn, voiced her displeasure on her Facebook page:

“It is a NURSE stethoscope too,” she wrote. “I use it to listen to a child’s lungs, so I can quickly get them to the appropriate level of care, reassuring both child and parent. I also use it to listen to our elderly loved ones, who sometimes have aging hearts that go into abnormal rhythms. It is the NURSE that usually sees the patient first, and it is often the NURSE that notifies the doctor of what is going on.”

Helkenn then added that an apology should be given.

“Your comments denigrated our most noble profession. You owe all of the nurses of this world an apology.”

Michelle and Joy? Take a look at what Hilary is wearing.


Nope, sorry. She’s not wearing a costume nor is that a prop around her neck. That stethoscope is a necessary tool that she uses every day to save lives. RN Daphne Neuhaus eloquently writes:

Nursing is a talent. It takes a talented person to put an IV in a dehydrated newborn with veins as fragile as a piece of hair. It takes talent to perform CPR for 2 hours while desperately trying to save someone’s child. It takes talent to safely manage a confused and combative patient. It takes talent to place a body in a body bag and wheel a ghostlike figure covered in a white sheet down the hall to the morgue. It takes talent to walk out of one room where a patient is sitting up laughing, to another room where a patient has just found out he is paralyzed.

I’ve been fortunate in my life to know many nurses. All whom are more than JUST a nurse. Many of them, especially those who spent years by my grandparents’ side are now family. It is the nurses we see first when we go to a doctor’s appointment, to the hospital or the ER. It is the nurses we see first in the morning, many times throughout the day, and who we see last at night caring for their patients. It is the nurses and paramedics that our men and women in uniform see first if they are wounded. And it is the nurses who are the ones there for their patient and the family when it comes time to say goodbye.

Kelley Johnson, I thank you for speaking such powerful words. They have made and will continue to make a lasting impression on many. Most of all, thank you for your chosen life of service as a nurse. Your patients are blessed to have you by their side.

UPDATE: The hosts of The View are feeling the heat. The backlash is continuing even now. Earlier today, this photo was posted by Aren Zadien with his commentary just below:


I would like to thank “The View” for reminding me to confiscate all the doctor stethoscopes since my nurses only use it as fashion accessories. Let’s just hope none of the 200 patients in the ED today need vitals taken, have to be triaged, need to be reevaluated or have unimportant organs like lungs, heart or bowels that need to be evaluated. Let’s just hope the nurses don’t want their nurse costumes back from me.

Nurses around the globe are sharing their reaction to The View’s commentary.

ooohhhh boy – this one’s gonna hurt

Sooo, the brain trust at The View had a few things to say this morning.

To all the hosts at The View, let me tell you something. We were definitely paying attention to the entire conversation you had. We, and especially nurses around the country, are very VERY smart people. Do NOT try to kid us into believing that A. the Joyster was so distracted that she didn’t know what the whole Miss America clip was about. Bullhockey. B. Raven – sorry dear, but we were paying attention and we know exactly what was being conveyed. C. Whoopi, we WERE listening and we totally understood that what we saw and heard WASN’T a joke. Furthermore, Michelle sweetie, you knew exactly what you started and doubled down with your tweets yesterday.


One last note. If anyone thinks for ONE second that the commentary about the Miss America pageant and Kelley Johnson in particular was a total off-the-cuff moment for the show and hosts, Think. Again. Its a TV show that is scripted and timed. Everything is done and planned down to the very second. Everyone at The View knew exactly what they were doing for that sequence. Their entire goal was to make fun of the Miss America pageant and specific contestants in particular. And…their so-called “joke” bombed in a big way. Hate to tell you ladies, but your #sorrynotsorry apology has missed the mark.

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  • Andrea Wheaton RN says:

    For your information @ THE VIEW:
    Registered Nurses are highly educated, highly skilled specialists in many areas of the Nursing Discipline. Whether she/he is an Oncology nurse, Cardiac ICU nurse, Neuro Science nurse, Maternity, Surgical, Paediatric, Burn Unit, Orthopaedic, Palliative Care, or Geriatric Nurse…we are all specialists in our field of practise.

    We wear uniforms not ‘costumes’ , we bring lives into the world, take care of those who are sick, recovering or dying. We are compassionate, caring, intelligent and dedicated people.

    Every nurse has a stethoscope, which is used to listen to hearts, lungs, abdomens for bowel sounds. We use a stethoscope to pronounce a patient’s death, we listen to make sure there is no heart beat and we use a stethoscope to take blood pressures daily.

    We are not defined by our uniforms or stethoscopes. We are the eyes and ears for the doctors. We must have excellent assessment skills to determine whether a patient has taken a bad turn, WE are the persons responsible to care for these sick and dying patients. The doctors write their orders based on what WE see and report to them. There are many areas of nursing, I work in Family Medicine and Palliative Care.

    Shame on you for making fun of Ms. Colorado’s monologue only makes you look ignorant and rude. An apology is in order for every Registered Nurse in the USA and Canada and in fact, around the world. You will need a nurse one day..guaranteed!

  • Kim Quade says:

    And then this gaggle of soul-dead harpies wonder why their ratings have tanked.

  • Shallow people tend to make shallow comments. I hope Miss Colorado and all nurses realize this and put no stock into what a few people said trying to make themselves seem better and more important than they are. A condescending attitude only comes from those who have lifted themselves up in their own minds.

  • Belinda says:

    The most dangerous factor in society is ignorance!
    The unrefined, ignorant, crude ladies of “The View” owes this HERO an apology!!!
    I’m sure there’ll be PLENTY of apologies when you’re wheeled into the ER, on a stretcher, and the only people you see working frantically around you, to help save YOUR life, are NURSES!!!!

    One PROUD RN and Nurse Practitioner Graduate Student

  • L Smith says:

    I knew there was a reason I don’t watch you. You are all stupid. Your heads are so far up your asses.

  • Wfjag says:

    Reality and The View are seldom on speaking terms. A more accurate name for the show would be The Blind.

  • DJ-Medic says:

    I actually took joy at Joy’s comment. Please, my fellow compatriots in medicine, do not look at this from an angry perspective…I find it absolutely hilarious at how ignorant she sounded…as I say, people like her don’t need others to take them down, they do it just fine themselves…Joy probably hasn’t met a nurse before as she probably has a Dr that makes house calls, must be nice to be “elite” and have done nothing but run your mouth to get there

  • George says:

    When my wife spent three weeks in ICU with MRSA and in a drug induced coma while being taken into surgery every other day, I was DAMN glad it was a nurse by her side and not Whoopie, and her no talent entertainment team. Nurses are Gods, The View is mindless CRAP.

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