NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Faces Prosecution; But Obama Regime Leakers A-OK

NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Faces Prosecution; But Obama Regime Leakers A-OK

In yet another move from The Most Transparent Administration Evah, on Monday White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, secretly and off-the-record (is there any other way with this regime?), met with members of the mainstream media to give its minions their marching orders, er, to offer journalists an explanation for the pile of scandals currently dogging it. Even Dear Leader made a surprise, and reportedly rare, appearance. Perhaps he figured the Bootlicker Bunch could use some State Department-supplied hookers and drug pushers to liven up the shindig…which reminds me, that’s the topic of the latest Scandal Du Jour dripping out of D.C.

Seems the State Department, under former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was engaging in the cover ups of prostitution solicitation and drug trafficking by employees within her agency, including solicitation of sex with underage children. Yes, you read that right; and no, it wasn’t Bill. U.S. Ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, a huge Obama donor, is alleged to have frequented hookers in area parks, including soliciting sex with minors. Meanwhile, other stellar federal employees allegedly operated an “underground drug ring” near our U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. But rather than investigate alleged pedophiles and drug-pushers, our illustrious State Department instead actively halted investigations of the allegations, in addition to actively suppressing a plethora of other indiscretions. Seems the Administration, currently hot on the heels of the NSA leaker, Edward Snowden, prefers selective prosecution of criminal behavior. That is, if Mr. U.S. Citizen hasn’t already met his demise via an armed Obama Drone.

Speaking of drips…The leaks from this administration are more like giant gushing spigots. The EPA is accused of leaking 80,000 names, phone numbers, and addresses of farmers and ranchers to left-wing environmental groups including Earth Justice, the Pew Charitable Trust, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Why? So their fellow Americans could be harassed and forced out of the family business? And we heard during last week’s testimony from John Eastman of the National Organization for Marriage that the IRS leaked his organization’s donor list to his political opposition, the pro-gay-marriage Human Rights Campaign. If proven, the leak constitutes a felony, asserts Eastman, and punishable by imprisonment. And this week, the parents of Michael Strange, killed in Afghanistan when the helicopter he and thirty-seven others were aboard was shot down, filed the first lawsuit against the NSA and Verizon for targeting their phone records, they say because of their unflinching criticism of the Obama Administration and the military. The family has alleged that SEAL Team Six were made targets by the Obama Regime because it would not keep its collective trap shut about killing Bin Laden, thereby making the SEALs targets for the Taliban. The Obama Administration, more interested in self-congratulatory back-patting than keeping the identities of the SEALs confidential, are the biggest leakers of them all.

Which brings me to my point: If (and I’m reserving my opinion on whether Mr. Snowden is a patriot or a traitor) we are going to relentlessly pursue and prosecute leakers–and this administration, in another first, has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all previous administrations combined–then we should demand that all leakers be relentlessly pursued and prosecuted, regardless of who they are, where they work, or whose rears they kiss. Otherwise, King Obama and his Royal Court just look like hypocritical court jesters. Oops, too late.

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