No Sarah Palin: PTSD & Obama Are NOT To Blame For Track’s Domestic Violence Problems

No Sarah Palin: PTSD & Obama Are NOT To Blame For Track’s Domestic Violence Problems

No Sarah Palin: PTSD & Obama Are NOT To Blame For Track’s Domestic Violence Problems

Yesterday, while Sarah Palin was enjoying the media spotlight and fawning all over her new best friend Donald Trump; someone else was having a very bad day. Palin’s son Track now faces serious criminal and legal charges back home in Wasilla, Alaska.


Its not that he got drunk, belligerent, and nasty with his girlfriend, because he did. Oh no. He went several steps further and made the entire situation worse of his OWN volition, by antagonizing the cops. Not only that, he held a gun, an AR-15 to his head and threatened to shoot himself if his girlfriend didn’t toe the line. This is AFTER he slugged and kicked her. Let me repeat that. Track Palin didn’t just get into a drunken verbal fight with his girlfriend…He. Beat. Her. Up. So what does good ole Mama Grizzly do?

Yes indeed, she went there. She really really did. For every veteran whose fought long and hard to overcome the darkness that is PTSD and won…that doesn’t matter. She threw you and all your hard work under the “Its not my fault bus!” You know what Sarah, that’s CRAP and you know it!

PTSD has enough stigma and is so misunderstood, yet you’ve added fuel to the fire because you don’t want your son to stand up, actually BE a man and accept the consequences for his own horrendous behavior!

You got that right!! Goodwill for our vets and for our serving soldiers is the highest its been in years. Yet she implies that somehow respect is still lacking…because of Obama?  I can’t even wrap my head around this.



Sarah Palin, you have royally ticked me off with your statements. If I for one second thought you were just being a mom with blinders on, I’d give you a pass. But oh no… instead your very words infer that the only reason your son is in trouble is because of that PTSD thing and President Obama. WRONG

By your very statements you have diminished every domestic violence victim and survivor’s battle for recovery. According to your speech in front of a cheering crowd in Tulsa, OK, you are implying that it was A-Ok for Track to slug his girlfriend in the face and kick her. No. It. Was. Not.

Domestic violence is very real. The consequences are so very damaging and can take years to recover from and some never really do. You diminish the survivors and the fighters by your actions and your words. I know women who’ve worked for a very long time to get past the shock, fear, anger, hurt, and betrayal they’ve felt because a man who purported to care for them showed that “caring” with hitting, violence, and abuse. They’ve worked for a very long time to realize that that man’s actions were not their fault. And yet you prance up onto that stage and tell the world it wasn’t your son’s fault that he HIT a woman. Sarah, you are so unbelievably wrong its not even funny!

Likewise, PTSD is something that should never be taken lightly. NOR should it ever be used as an excuse. Sarah Palin, you diminish combat vets and in fact, you diminish one vet in particular by your actions today.

Yes indeed. Replay the video above and think about what you’ve just done. Get a clue Sarah. Track’s problems are very real – but you stepped in it big time by using a campaign rally to lay the blame solely on PTSD and Obama instead of expecting your son to man up and deal with the consequences of his own actions. Get off the campaign bus Sarah. Go home and fix your family.

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  • Jodi says:

    Color me disgusted. I like the Sarah Palin who whooped Joe Biden’s rear in their one and only debate. I don’t recognize this person.

  • Kim Quade says:

    I now realize I’m glad she threw Ted Cruz under the bus.
    An endorsement from Sarah Palin is an endorsement from a loose cannon rolling all over the deck of a ship, crashing into everything in its path. Cruz, I sure, would prefer stable, serious people of substance.
    Trump and Palin. They’re made for each other.

  • Brian Brandt says:

    Listening to the news clips of her speech, I found myself wincing at her screechy voice and inane comments. Why isn’t she over?

  • Penny says:

    I know, Brian, my husband beat me to the mute button.

    Well, so much for the heroine of the Evangelical Conservatives….she done lost me big time by joining El Trumpo’s Conservative in Liberal clothing, but this latest gambit is just against everything.

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