Listen to Jada Pinkett Smith, Boycott the Oscars

Listen to Jada Pinkett Smith, Boycott the Oscars

Listen to Jada Pinkett Smith, Boycott the Oscars

On Monday, Victory Girls blogger Amy Taylor wrote about Jada Pinkett Smith and her boycott of the Oscars. I highly encourage you to read it here, if you have not yet.

Jada Pinkett Smith, an actress, happens to be married to Will Smith, an actor. Both of them are successful and working. In case you missed it, Miss Pinkett Smith posted this video on Martin Luther King’s birthday.

Can you say Passive Aggressive? Sure, you can.

She talks about dignity and power while sitting in a beautifully appointed room, with a pre-ban(?) ivory elephant tusk behind her. She is carefully lit to emphasize her stunning beauty. Ahh! And, there is the rub.

I am freaking sick to death of any member of The Lucky Sperm Club whining or complaining. The Lucky Sperm Club does include people like Donald Trump and his offspring, think also Chelsea Clinton or any member of the Kennedy Family.

However, membership in The Lucky Sperm Club also is granted to anyone who is born blessed with natural talent and beauty. And, come on, Miss Jada Pinkett Smith is one beautiful woman.

I consider myself a member of The Lucky Sperm Club. I was born in this amazing country, at this time in history and blessed with a strong body and fine mind. I am no raving beauty and have many flaws, but I was handed a Golden Ticket at birth, just by virtue of being born in the United States of America in the latter part of the Twentieth Century. With luck and hard work, I have been able to accomplish much. If I were to complain, it would be unseemly.

Unseemly is the perfect word to describe the behavior of Miss Jada Pinkett Smith. If she had not been born beautiful, at this time and in this country, would anyone have ever heard of her. She is blessed with so much. I am sure she has put hours of work into learning her craft. To sit at the very pinnacle of the world of entertainment and complain that “your people” are not recognized is not just unseemly, but ungrateful.

Actors seem as a crowd to be unseemly and ungrateful. Sean Penn comes to mind and his asking journalists for their license is an example. Just watch and be stunned:

Jennifer Lawrence complaining about gender pay inequity:

Bless her heart. She is growing up. Ahh.

I am gonna give all y’all a clue. Whether you are selling soda pop or yourself as an actor, all anyone cares about is the product being sold and the fannies in the seats. If you are being asked to appear in movies and getting paid, ding, ding, ding….you are a winner. You are a member of The Lucky Sperm Club.

But, I am going to help Miss Pinkett Smith, Mr. Penn, Miss Lawrence and all the other self-righteous, self-important, ungrateful, whiny actors out with this. I am boycotting the Oscars and I encourage everyone else to boycott them also.

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