NFL 2021 Season to Dial The Woke to 11

NFL 2021 Season to Dial The Woke to 11

NFL 2021 Season to Dial The Woke to 11

Cue the cringe – The NFL genuflected to the Race-Obsessed Left last season and looks to be promoting race-obsessed, woke propaganda to their fan base even more this season.

The National Football League will introduce more social justice messaging on fields and player helmets during the upcoming 2021 season, following up on initial efforts from 2020.

To reinforce its 10-year, $250 million commitment to combat systemic racism, the league will promote social justice via on-field signage, decals on player helmets, and in-stadium PSAs.

The decals thing is especially precious when one remembers how, in 2016, the NFL denied the Cowboys from honoring the five assassinated Dallas police officers. Sports writers at the time pointed out that the NFL had been very strict with teams and team members when it came to things like supporting mental health issues or breast cancer …

If the league won’t change because of the Cowboys or because of Williams’ mom (despite already having an entire month dedicated to breast cancer support), don’t expect it to flinch on anything moving forward.


The NFL also plans to make “Lift Every Voice and Sing” — often referred to as the Black national anthem — a prominent part of all big league events, said sources. They will likely highlight victims of racial injustice with a “Say Their Stories” project, as well.

Oh dear lord, what insulting, pandering, woke nonsense. The BLM organization certainly doesn’t give a flying fig about the so-called black national anthem. They are anti-American right down to anything or anyone that celebrates this nation. And, in reality, Lift Every Voice and Sing is a song created to honor Abraham Lincoln — someone that BLM has demanded be removed from the public square.

But the fact remains, we are one nation with one flag and one national anthem.

There was a time when we could all enjoy sports as just plain-old Americans.

Go out and enjoy a game, cheer for *your* team, razz the other team, eat junk food and let all the other troubles of the day fade away for a few hours. Sports did that for us. The stranger sitting next to you wearing the same team colors as you? He was your BFF for the day regardless of voter registration or melanin level.

Let me know when the NFL is fully committed to the New Woke Order in making their teams conform to looking like America. Cuz:

60% white, 6% Asian, 18% Hispanic and 13% black — and — 51% female. You know, because meritocracy is white supremacy and the sexes are fungible.

Until then – or until the NFL stops carrying water for the racist Left – don’t watch the NFL, cancel your season tickets. Refuse to submit to their CCP-like social programming. No more dollars to unAmerican activities.

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  • Hmm. Throwing big money at professional athletes who exemplify every traditional negative stereotype about high school varsity jocks (drunken, bullying, whoremongering braggarts) never seemed like a good idea. Now worse than ever.

  • rumrum says:

    a fantasy football player since 1981. took my league back home when i graduated dental school (Howard University) in 1983. we have had the same league, with mostly the same players, since. my brothers dropped out a couple of years ago due to this PC crap. I stayed on because my son and another players son were then put in as , dare I call them, owners. but it is officially over for me and I must say it pains me. who do they think they are appealing to? who do they think their fan base is?

  • Sam L. says:

    Wellll, it’s good to see that the NFL is starting it’s own auto-da-fe, and killing itself off. A good start!

  • NTSOG says:

    “To reinforce its 10-year, $250 million commitment to combat systemic racism, the league will promote social justice via on-field signage, decals on player helmets, and in-stadium PSAs.”

    Well what about the ‘systematic racism’ seen in the disproportionate numbers of black players versus Caucasian? Surveys indicate that 70% of players are black, so I recommend, in the interest of racial equality, that more Caucasian and those of other races be recruited to play. That would be fair.

    As for the NFL I will never watch another game or show about past games or players.

  • […] NFL is a private organization, which means that they can set their own rules and social justice decisions, so long as the players’ union has agreed to them. Individual players, therefore, have a […]

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