New York’s Vaccine Dosage Problem

New York’s Vaccine Dosage Problem

New York’s Vaccine Dosage Problem

There is a vaccine dosage problem in the state of New York and it has nothing to do with reactions to the vaccine. Instead, the problem lies with the fact that people aren’t getting the vaccine even though they are eligible.

“New York has administered less than a third of the coronavirus vaccine doses it has on hand so far — even as Mayor de Blasio boldly claimed Thursday he’d have a million city residents inoculated within a month.

Around 630,000 vaccine doses have been sent to the Empire State, but just 203,000 doses had actually made their way into New Yorkers’ arms as of Wednesday, state data shows.”

Did you catch that? Only 203,000 vaccines have been administered since just before New Years Eve. Now, one would think that many more vaccines have been administered since then, but that hasn’t happened. WHY? Because many offices closed down for the holidays.

That’s right. We are being told that it is absolutely URGENT that everyone gets vaccinated! That’s the only way our country will emerge from lockdowns! Yet the places that are administering the vaccines close for the weekends and the holidays. Hmmmm…are you sensing a lack of urgency here? I sure am. 

Granted, New York isn’t the only state lagging in getting the vaccines administered. but New York is constantly being held up by the media and politicians as the showcase of how wonderfully effective the state has been in dealing with this lung flu rot. Uh huh…so incredibly effective that A. Cuomo sent Covid patients into nursing homes instead of sending them to the USS Comfort hospital ship, B. had weird laugh fests and swab playacting with his brother, the one who broke quarantine twice, and C. Got an un-deserved Emmy award for his…Covid press conferences. 

So when Cuomo and de Blasio said they had the grandest of plans to get the vaccines to everyone who needed it, I knew it was going to be a train wreck, and the current vaccine dosage rollout certainly is. 

New York City alone has over 500,000 health care professionals. One would think that Cuomo and de Blasio would have a plan in place to roll a significant portion of the 630,000 vaccines into the city and zap as many of the healthcare workers as possible. Right? Yeah, that’s not happening at all. 

Instead the state and NYC are sitting on vaccines. Meanwhile, one urgent care company that has a significant number of Orthodox Jews as patients, ParCare, obtained vaccines and started administering them. 

You know what? I applaud ParCare. They knew there was a need, and I speculate that they realized that no matter the what Cuomo and de Blasio bloviated about regarding a distribution plan, the State of New York would stumble badly. And they have. 

“As thousands of vaccine doses have arrived in New York, the state has placed strict limits on who can receive them — starting with at-risk healthcare workers, nursing home staff and residents. Those restrictions have not stopped some people who fall outside of the priority categories from obtaining doses, inflaming tensions at some area hospitals.”

Tensions among the area hospitals and in regards to those who are on the eligibility list? You don’t say. Do you think tensions are higher or lower now that people are realizing that Cuomo’s distribution plan of vaccine dosages is already an epic failure. 

What ALL states should be doing is ensuring that everyone who is eligible – starting with our seniors, those specifically in nursing homes, and those in the healthcare industry receive their vaccine dosage NOW. And those administering the vaccines do NOT get weekends and holidays off! 

Less than half of the vaccines have been administered in the state let alone in New York City. But de Blasio is SURE that one million people in the city will be vaccinated by the end of January. 

“Mayor Bill de Blasio said Thursday the city will use schools, pop-up clinics and “whatever it takes” to reach 1 million people within the month.

“We know New York City can vaccinate 1 million people in the month of January and really put this thing into high gear,” de Blasio told CNN. “Every single time we vaccinate someone, we are one step closer to making the coronavirus a thing of the past in terms of the horrible grip it has on society.”

It’s an ambitious goal considering the city has received just 390,425 vaccine doses and has been able to administer only about 78,000 shots, according to city data.”

How about them apples? Within one month, de Blasio’s people have only managed to administer 78,000 shots? Yet Cuomo is bitching about healthcare corporations such as ParCare and threatening million dollar fines? Wow. Between the two of them, it’s a miracle they get anything done! 

New York has a vaccine dosage problem. That problem has two names. 

Andrew Cuomo

Bill de Blasio

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  • Politically Ambidextrous says:

    I really would like to understand where the operational bottleneck is between the manufacturers and the arms. Is it?

    1. number of willing arms (people have priority, but refuse vaccine)
    2. number of prioritized arms (people are willing, they just don’t have priority)
    3. number of syringes or other medical equipment
    4. number of people available to administer the injection (scheduling or treatment priority conflicts)
    5. number of people qualified to administer the injection (pharmacists, nurses, doctors, etc.)
    6. number of doses available in the location
    7. something else?

    I’ve seen no reporting about the “why” behind the slower-than-wished-for rate of inoculation.

    And wouldn’t it be nice if “The News” reported the number of people inoculated alongside the doom-and-gloom statistics of the number of cases & deaths? I’m guessing that will start only after January 20.

  • Ann in L.A. says:

    The worst state right now is Kansas, and nationwide, about 30% of the doses delivered have been administered. New York is pretty much in the middle, but NYC is below the average.

    On the other hand, be glad we’re not France! As of yesterday, France had administered 2000 shots. Not 2 million, 2 thousand–nationwide

    Data collated by Bloomberg:

    US State % shots used
    U.S. totals 30.5
    South Dakota 67.4
    New Hampshire 56
    North Dakota 54.8
    Connecticut 54.7
    Maine 54.3
    Vermont 52
    Tennessee 51.5
    Iowa 50
    Ohio 48.8
    West Virginia 48.3
    District of Columbia 47.9
    Rhode Island 47.1
    Montana 44.9
    Nebraska 43.7
    Colorado 43.1
    South Carolina 42.3
    Puerto Rico 40.6
    New Mexico 39.8
    Kentucky 38.2
    Indiana 36.1
    Utah 35.4
    New Jersey 35.3
    Massachusetts 34.8
    Missouri 34.5
    New York 33.5
    (NYC) 27.5
    Texas 32.9
    Illinois 32.8
    Wisconsin 32.1
    Minnesota 31.8
    Hawaii 30.3
    Maryland 30
    Michigan 29.3
    Wyoming 29.1
    Oklahoma 28.9
    Delaware 28.8
    Arizona 28.5
    Idaho 28
    Arkansas 26.9
    Pennsylvania 26.3
    Virginia 26.2
    Mississippi 26
    Florida 25.5
    Alaska 25
    Alabama 24.9
    North Carolina 24.8
    Louisiana 24.5
    Washington 24.5
    Oregon 24.4
    Nevada 24.2
    California 22.5
    Georgia 22.4
    Kansas 15.3

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