New York Times Officially Becomes College Newspaper

New York Times Officially Becomes College Newspaper

New York Times Officially Becomes College Newspaper

One opinion editorial by Senator Tom Cotton was all it took to break the New York Times.

The senator from Arkansas wrote a piece, published last Wednesday, talked about using the military to restore order in American cities if the police were unable to do so. The sheer pants-wetting freakout by the STAFF of the New York Times, who exploded all over Twitter to whine and moan about Senator Cotton’s op-ed, led to first blame on the editor for “rushing” the piece, then “fact-checking” notes by the NYT added to the page (which contained neither facts nor checks, just an acknowledgement that an almighty temper tantrum was taking place behind the scenes), and now, the editor of the editorial page, James Bennet, has resigned. Whether Bennet resigned on his own, or told to resign, I leave up to you.

Well done, everyone. That surely made everything better, because goodness knows that multiple opinions about different topics are BAD THINGS. There is only ONE narrative, and people like 1619 writer Nikole Hannah-Jones are running the asylum now.

Senator Cotton, for his part, was not impressed by the debacle.

What has really happened? All those j-school college kids have moved into the real world. Fed on stories of Woodward and Bernstein and seeing journalism as a platform for “activism,” they have gone on from their college campus newspapers to real world newspapers. And instead of being shown the door when they had a complete hissy fit over words they didn’t like (after hearing and preaching that “speech is violence” all those years in college), publisher A.G. Sulzberger merely announces that James Bennet is out, and he is no more and no less than the academic advisor to the college newspaper formerly known as the New York Times. He has power because he writes the checks, and nothing more. There will be no bad grades. There will only be the pursuit of the woke, and those who are able to fall in line.

It’s also proof, once and for all, that a revolt on the part of the NEWS STAFF was able to change over the leadership of the EDITORIAL department – which means that there really is no dividing line between the two at all.

James Bennet, who is the brother of Colorado Senator (and former presidential candidate, not that anyone remembers) Michael Bennet, represents yet again that cozy, familial relationship between the press and politics (see the brothers Cuomo and the brothers Rhodes), and that still wasn’t enough to save him from being eaten alive by the new generation of “journalists” at the New York Times who see themselves as “activists” instead of reporters – and have killed their chosen profession.

How quickly they forget that the rules they enforce on others can so rapidly be used against them. Just wait for it. The next generation and iteration of “journalists” will someday come walking through the front door of the New York Times – which, by sheer legacy status and advertising dollars, will likely be the last of the print dinosaurs to actually die – and the group that is today celebrating James Bennet’s resignation will find that they are not “woke” enough for the group that comes after them. And Sulzberger will merely wave them away with their own resignations, unless his bottom line is affected. Because Sulzberger no longer runs a real newspaper. He runs a college campus paper, where the kids determine what news is fit to print.

The New York Times had a long run as the “paper of record.” Those days are officially done and over with. The pretense of the wall between news and opinion is finished. Welcome to the New Woke Times, where speech is violence unless it is pre-approved speech.

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  • Kenneth Neil says:

    The Op-Ed bent the New York Times. Had the NYT had a spine it would have broken. The Times will have a tough time catching up with the Huffington Post. Perhaps with timely pieces on how kale is superpower food for your inner Rosa Parks.

  • Mahon says:

    Today’s NYT is to the once-great newspaper of record as the lightning bug is to the lightening, or a Pinch is to a Punch. Pinch is a Sixties Commie Hippie whose moment has now come.

    Sad. Except for the affluent, educated, urban women who are the only people who still read newspapers and are the ones for whom the Times is now written. The point of the editorial pages is to tell these people that they have been right all along, so they can move on the the ads for Armani, Prada, and Mercedes which are the Times real reason for being.

    • drloss says:

      The NYT may have been a “once-great” newspaper at some point, but that point was over 100 years ago, before Duranty lied and hid all evidence of Communist pogroms in Russia and got a Pulitzer for it. All that’s changed is that the Times can’t convince anyone of their gravitas anymore.

  • HT says:

    The next time there is a Democrat wave will be the last free election. Then the Times will report all the news it is told to report. Any dissension will be handled with a 2AM knock at the door.

  • Sam L. says:

    Do not ask for whom the tumbril comes; it comes for THEE.

  • Scott says:

    As Drloss points out, the NYT hasn’t been worth spit for nearly a century. Anyone who reads it for news is a fool, so this action has no real effect on the world.. it will still be just as useful as bird cage liner, and just as useless as a source of information (unless of course you’re talking about “know your enemy”, in which case it could prove quite valuable…

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