NBC Suspends Reporter Over Retracted Paul Pelosi Story

NBC Suspends Reporter Over Retracted Paul Pelosi Story

NBC Suspends Reporter Over Retracted Paul Pelosi Story

In a new twist to the Paul Pelosi story, NBC has suspended veteran reporter Miguel Almaguer. Almaguer hasn’t been on the air since that story went live and then was summarily retracted hours later.

An NBC “Today” show correspondent has been suspended as the network conducts an investigation into his now-retracted story about the attack on Paul Pelosi.

Journalist Miguel Almaguer has reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband didn’t let on that he was in danger when cops showed up at his San Francisco home right before he was assaulted with a hammer.

There are, in my opinion, a great many holes in the narrative put forth by the Pelosi’s and others. No matter the spin, or the insistence by those in the Pelosi/media/law enforcement camp, questions should be asked and answers forthcoming. 

When NBC retracted the story, the explanation was that it didn’t meet their standards. Except that the story aired WITH the approval of the producers and management. Yet suddenly, hours later, the story was wrong? Which part? No one seems to want to answer that question. 

Furthermore, as was easily discovered, Pelosi’s attacker was not only here illegally, he is a drug-addled nut job who hung around with nudists. Nudists who just happened to be huge fans of Nancy Pelosi. Therefore, it truly defies explanation that he trekked miles across the city in the middle of the night to specifically go after Nancy Pelosi when even his neighbors admit DePape is quite leftist in his views. 

Here’s some additional questions that seem likely to never get answered. 

Why didn’t the Capitol Police nor San Francisco police receive alarms once the window was broken?

Surely the Pelosis had alarm buttons they can push to alert security and police of an intruder? I’ve seen ZERO mention of anything like that. 

How about body cam audio and video? This was Paul Pelosi, the Speaker of the House’s husband in their own home and to my knowledge and searching the footage isn’t being released. HOWEVER, a local NBC station has seen the footage, or at least some of it. 

Oh, so it’s ok to air THIS story which happens to contradict the DOJ narrative, but Miguel Almaguer’s reporting warrants a retraction and a suspension?

How is it that the responding officers DIDN’T and WEREN’T told the address was Pelosi’s home??  Almaguer was specific that he garnered this information from not one source, but multiple sources. 

‘After a ‘knock and announce,’ the front door was opened by Mr. Pelosi. The 82-year-old did not immediately declare an emergency or tried to leave his home but instead began walking several feet back into the foyer toward the assailant and away from police. It’s unclear if the 82-year-old was already injured or what his mental state was, say sources,’ the Almaguer’s voiceover detailed, together with accompanying graphics. 

Again, where were the Capitol Police? Not only didn’t they have eyes on the cameras, no alerts were sent out of the break-in as a whole? Their response to this is to beg for more money.

“We believe today’s political climate calls for more resources to provide additional layers of physical security for Members of Congress,” Manger said in a lengthy statement that also confirms the department’s plans for a review of the home invasion at Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco residence.“This plan would include an emphasis on adding redundancies to the measures that are already in place for Congressional leadership,” Manger added. He declined to disclose further details about the improvements, citing the risk posed by “bad actors.”

Quite honestly, a redundancy called a silent alarm should’ve already been in place! And if the alarm system was off, WHY was it off and why didn’t the Capitol Police contact Paul Pelosi and get him to turn it on?

Oh, but WE are the right-wing conspiracy theorists! 

Right-wing media figures immediately took the report and its retraction as proof of a politically motivated cover-up—after a week of grasping at various conspiracy theories to dismiss the assault, which left Pelosi with a cracked skull.

“We don’t comment on personnel matters,” NBC News spokesman Stephen Labaton told Confider when quizzed about Almaguer’s suspension. Almaguer did not respond to a request for comment.

How DARE we ask questions about the many many holes in the narrative! Especially when said narrative tried to and in multiple cases is still pinning the blame on conservatives, when it’s glaringly evident Pelosi’s attacker was a complete loon. 

As for Miguel Almaguer? He’s being thrown under the bus for reasons unknown all to protect the Pelosis from ..what we don’t know. 

All of these questions are apropos in this case. Quite honestly, suspending Miguel Almaguer for his reporting only raises MORE questions. Answers? Not so much.

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  • Jimmy M. says:

    SF Police first stated that a third party opened the door, then changed that story And then changed the story a third time. Also conveniently missing from any story is (a) what was the security detail in the Black SUV that is parked 24-7 in front of the Pelosi residence doing at the time and (b how did this individual from Berkeley cross the Bay at 2am, when trains and busses aren’t running, and make it to the top of Pac Heights sight unseen?

    The answer is obvious to most. DePape was driven there and an invited guest.

    With Nancy no longer Speaker, perhaps the truth will come out. /sarc

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