#MurphyBrown Threatens ICE Agents And Defends Illegal Immigration [VIDEO]

#MurphyBrown Threatens ICE Agents And Defends Illegal Immigration [VIDEO]

#MurphyBrown Threatens ICE Agents And Defends Illegal Immigration [VIDEO]

The reboot of Murphy Brown is all about politics on multiple levels. Last night’s episode was a definite slam against the current immigration policies and ICE. It was a Happy Thanksgiving episode of virtue shaming from the liberal Hollywood left.

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To summarize, Murphy’s son is home for Thanksgiving. She decides to have everyone over. That ends up including Miguel (bar owner Phyllis’ assistant) and his parents who are taco truck owners. Oh and by the way folks, they’ve been in the U.S. illegally since Miguel was two. You see, they were escaping from the violence in their country and wanted to make a better life for all.

And we have liberal talking points right on cue!

Escape violence!

Better life in U.S.!

The power goes out so the entire cast scurries over to the taco truck to finish cooking the meal. Suddenly!

Good grief! Talk about your major stereotyping! A nosy neighbor called ICE on the taco truck? Uh huh, We all have direct line to ICE anytime we need it. SMDH. And check out those “ICE” agents! Liberal Hollywood found actors who carry off the bumbling idiot schtick quite well.

They threw this liberal talking point into the mix.

Also, one of the ICE agents first assumes that Pat is Carlos and questions where he was born. Pat is Indian-American from Ohio. The implication seemed to be that an ICE agent couldn’t distinguish between an Indian-American, and someone from Central America.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is not the time to give oneself a concussion from multiple #headdesk collisions, but here we are folks. The next morning, Murphy goes off script.

Miguel: What did they do except give up everything so I could grow up in a country that we thought was the most compassionate place in the world?

Murphy: I did everything I could to stop it. I called in every favor. I pulled every string. But it wasn’t enough. People say, “Why can’t these illegals just get in line and apply for citizenship?” Well, there isn’t any line. There’s no path to citizenship if you’ve come into this country the way my friends did — yes, illegally. But because they would have waited years to become citizens — precious years with a young child vulnerable to the gang violence and drug culture that threatened his future. So, if you celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday with your family, I hope you gave real thanks that you were all together. As for me, watching what I did yesterday might have given me a real reason to lose faith in my country. But I refuse to believe that we’ve become so jaded that we feel nothing when we see these human beings experiencing such heartache. There has to be a way to fix this. We can do better. We will do better. I know we can. This has been “Murphy in the Morning.”

Let’s see:

Path to citizenship – CHECK

DACA and Asylum inferences – CHECK

Subtle open borders plea – CHECK

Trump is cruel! inference – CHECK

Did I cover it all? Let me know if I missed anything.

The Murphy Brown fans who only get their news from CNN and sitcoms think this episode is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Hard pass.



Right on cue, another of liberal talking points. The Pilgrims were immigrants y’all!

The Murphy Brown “ICE COLD” episode tried very hard to paint ICE agents as cruel bumbling imbeciles. The episode played to their liberal base.

But Murphy Brown’s “moral” here is that it’s perfectly fine to reward illegals if they are “nice” people, never mind the cost to those who abide by the laws of this land.

We are a nation of laws and we know it’s for the safety of all of us and the security of this country. Evidently the cast and crew of Murphy Brown doesn’t see it that way and would rather defend those who willfully break the law.

Hope their turkey wasn’t as undercooked as their virtue signaling was.

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  • GWB says:

    There’s no path to citizenship if you’ve come into this country the way my friends did — yes, illegally.
    Yes, because progressives are all about breaking the rules they don’t like – purely because those rules inconvenience them. Heaven forfend if anyone else break the rules they like, though!

    But because they would have waited years to become citizens
    *tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet* Flag on the play! Strawman argument, complicated by ignoring of facts! 20 yard penalty, and loss of down.
    They didn’t have to apply for citizenship to escape a horrible situation. They could have applied for asylum. While I don’t agree that asylum should be granted because you’re facing crime and violence in your home country, that is a LEGAL path to entering the USA, and the one that applies to the whine ‘Murphy’ makes.

    We do need to do better.
    Why, yes, you CAN do better. Get up off your ass and go fix that country. No, you have to leave my blood and treasure right here, at home, with me. Go on, go make the world a better place. I dare you.
    (Leaving aside that the people who have so f*ed up said place all espouse the exact same communist/progressive drivel you do. Not sure if you’re bringing adequate intellectual firepower to the fight.)

    Our immigration policies are pure evil.
    Up to a point, I agree – assuming that you mean progressive policies that actually encourage people to come here illegally, rather than the principle of national sovereignty and our laws that actually maintain that (to some extent).

    those of us who sit by and do nothing while our neighbours are deported
    Awww, isn’t that cute! You’re denigrating people for not speaking up when the law is enforced, while encouraging them to “do nothing” while our laws are broken and our generosity exploited. Your perfidy is noted.

    The episode played to their liberal base.
    Well, since nobody else watches that dreck, it’s understandable.

    Hope their turkey wasn’t as undercooked as their virtue signaling was.
    Nor as overcooked as their brains.
    (But, don’t worry. All those progs are rich enough they can order out if their bird is a bit off. The people they keep stomping on, not so much.)

  • TN Volunteer says:

    ….She can kiss Roseanne’s @ss!

  • wGraves says:

    She should stop acting like Mortimer Snerd?

  • M says:

    Three quarters of a Million individuals made the effort to follow the process. They chose to invest in themselves however long ago and complete a process designed to ensure that they *benefit* from the Legal Process. That didn’t happen through wishes but work. Here is how it is done.


  • Phelps says:

    Murphy Brown wouldn’t have gone to a soul food truck run by legal black people.

    • Casey says:

      Brown wouldn’t eat soul food, AKA southern cooking. She’s a hoity-toity Yankee.

      …I realize where I got that from. Resse Witherspoon starred in a movie called Sweet Home Alabama, wherein she was a southern girl trying to ignore her heritage in New York City. Her (NYC) fiancee was played by Patrick Dempsey as a JFK wannabee, and Bergen was cast as his mother (mayor of New York in the movie).

  • DEEBEE says:

    I would totally understand these bleeders if they also show the detestation done by these law breakers to the low wage job market — the job Americans presumably do not want. As a brownie who emigrated 40+ years ago, I have seen the middle class miracle become a nightmare, by killing non college middle class jobs with “free” trade and open borders, by people who are not impacted by these waves. Heck they get a large pool of landscapers, maids, cheaper lettuce and lower construction costs.

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