Fact-Checker Needs Fact-Checking On Twitter

Fact-Checker Needs Fact-Checking On Twitter

Fact-Checker Needs Fact-Checking On Twitter

Well, the twit has hit the fan. The Twitter mob finally got what they have wanted since 2016 when Donald Trump first rode down the elevator in Trump Tower. The Twitter fact-checker, Yoel Roth, flagged two Trump tweets about mail-in ballots. That’s Twitter’s right. The problem is the Twitter fact-checker needs fact checking.

The Democrats and the Legacy Media (one and the same!) have despised the fact that President Trump goes straight to the people through his tweets. He does not allow the media to filter his Presidency. The Twitter mob has been begging Twitter CEO and co-founder, Jack Dorsey, to shut down Trump’s account. The New York Times even wrote in December, 2016 that Twitter had the right to suspend Trump’s account, but shouldn’t. Trump’s account isn’t now suspended, and probably never will be. But, the Twitter Mob won’t ever be satisfied.

Trump’s tweets are monumentally satisfying for many of us. I did write the other day about Trump’s tweet regarding a dead staffer for Joe Scarborough. I stand by what I wrote. Joe Scarborough is a worthy target. The dead staffer should be off limits. I love 99% of Trump’s tweets. I fully support the President.

Enter the Twitter fact-checker, Yoel Roth. According to LinkedIn.com, Mr. Roth is the Head of Site Integrity for Twitter and has been with the social media company since July of 2015. Mr. Roth isn’t exactly pure as the driven snow politically. The New York Post reported on his charged comments:

On Nov. 8, 2016 – the date the presidential election was held — Roth mocked Trump and his supporters in a tweet, writing, “I’m just saying, we fly over those states that voted for a racist tangerine for a reason.”

“How does a personality-free bag of farts like Mitch McConnell actually win elections?” Roth wrote in the tweet.

He also referred to those in the Trump Administration as actual “NAZIS IN THE WHITE HOUSE”, screaming in all caps. Eleven years ago, Mr. Roth referred to late actress, Lucille Ball, as the “real, original hot tranny mess.” Now, mostly I would never use something that old against someone, but Lucille Ball was in no way a mess.

My point is that Jack Dorsey is asking the fox to monitor activities in the chicken coop. Mr. Roth may be great at site integrity, but as a fact-checker he is a failure. The editor of the Times of Sweden took note:

Why Donald Trump? Why those tweets from Trump? Here Ben Shapiro goes beautifully after Twitter and the fact-checker:

Jack Dorsey is opening a can of worms for his Twitter bird. Right now, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all treated as platforms and not traditional publishers. As Pacific Standard Magazine noted, there is Section 230 in the Communications Decency Act:

Section 230 has a simple, sensible goal: to free internet companies from the responsibilities of traditional publishers. Sites like Facebook and Twitter host comments and commentary that they don’t produce, edit, or even screen themselves, and Section 230 of the act ensures that those companies can’t be sued for content they host for which they haven’t assumed responsibility. The law states: “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.”

With the fact-check on Trump’s tweets, Twitter has already crossed the line. And, the fact-checker is skeezy. The twit has hit the fan.

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  • DAVE says:

    Let’s see…Joel (sez Mom), YoYo (sez Pop) = YOEL — an obviously well-refined intellect devoid of partisanship and capable of rational discourse .. Twitiots rejoice! Don’t forget Marshall Mcluhan “the MEDIUM is the MESSAGE” , the 140-character context has been engineered specifically to allow for naught but potshots and invective NOT rational discourse. That’s why Yoel is a sniper at best and is unable and unequipped to actually defend or explain ANY of his comments in a meaningful way — Trump is playing ’em like a fiddle and they are going for it all the way..

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