Michelle Obama: So “Vucking” Classy

Michelle Obama: So “Vucking” Classy

Michelle Obama: So “Vucking” Classy

When they go low, you go high, says Michelle Obama. Obama is holding fast to her motto in her latest initiative, for sure.

Obama’s initiative, When We All Vote has since partnered with the BLK dating app. BLK is a dating app for black singles. BLK has since released a video to promote this initiative and links back to Michelle’s non-partisan, non-profit website whose color scheme is as garish as one of her outfits.

Are you ready? Lift every voice and sing…(content NSFW or young children):

BLK app, lookin’ for some action
Swipe the homie Scott, what’s happenin’ (Hey)
Face is a nine, abs is a ten
D is a mmm, to be determined
He got mad jokes, he don’t seem broke
The only read flag, he said he don’t vote
T-T-T-This midterm is for all the single cuties
Wanna hit this booty? Gotta do yo’ civic duty (Ow)

“Let our rejoicing rise high as the listening skies. Let it resound loud as the rolling sea”, says Michelle Obama.

Politics be so nasty, make me wanna flirt you, show you how to be a pole worker
Uh, legs in the air, I don’t care
Anyone can get it, universal health care
If you wanna (Ugh) come before the deadline
Come in this jacuzzi, in this coochie

Mmmm, mmmm. Vucking classy. I think the Obamas should blast this on Election Day through their Martha’s Vineyard compound.

Facing the rising sun of our new day begun. Let us march on till victory is won,”-Michelle Obama implores, especially if the coochie is the goal.

Hehehehe (Hahahaha)
Yeah, that’s right (Yeah)
No votin’, no lovin’ (No votin’)
If the coochie is the goal go hit them poles, period (Hahahaha)

Heee, heee, hee. Ha, ha. Jonathan Kirkland, head of brand and marketing at the BLK Dating App, told AdWeek that the organization wants young voters to get involved in elections.

Our users are inspired by Trina’s confidence and her powerful female-first lyrics, while Saucy Santana’s fervent and self-assured lyrics have broken barriers of inclusivity in the hip-hop community. With these two cultural icons, we hope to empower a new generation of young voters to get involved in this and future elections.”-Jonathan Kirkland

Because doing your civic duty is sexy AF! Because talking about legs in the air and hitting’ that booty is so vucking inspirational. Especially when going to the polls (no, not the stripper poles) to vote for some old, washed-up Democrat who does not give a flying vuck about the black community. Never underestimate Joe’s ability to vuck things up, right, Barack?

In the meantime, Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote is claiming that they “did not participate in the creation, provide funding or support the making of this video.” Yeah. I call vucking BS on that one.

The undertones to this vucking train wreck are even more sinister. The video suggests that black men are motivated by one thing and one thing only: sex. I’m going to say it. “No Voting, No Vucking” is sexist. This is also an insult to black women suggesting that a black woman cannot motivate a man to go to the polls by her intellect alone. In fact, the only motivation she has is her body, her vucking booty.

Sex with 47-year-old whores (Trina) and beard-wearing, fingernail-painted gay men (Saucy Santana) is the Democrat Party’s policy offer to black men.

This is sick. It’s demonic.”Jason Whitlock, The Blaze

According to this, is a black man voted for a Republican, he is destined to a lifetime of vucking celibacy.

Even as Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote tries to distance itself from this vucking disaster of a campaign, we know the writing is on the wall: her initiative was involved in the production of this mindless mess. This is a woman who wore shorts like a teenage fangirl to a Beyoncé concert in Paris. Michelle Obama can distance herself from this thing all she wants but people always show you who they are. You can dress it up with Princeton and Harvard. You can put her on the cover of Vogue and have major designers fighting over who dresses her. You can give her a multi-million dollar book deal and tour. You can give her mansions in Martha’s Vineyard and the platform to travel in all of the elite circles.

But they’re still putting vucking lipstick on a pig.

And this is an insult to the poor pig.

The easiest way to disregard a woman’s voice is to package her as a scold.”-Michelle Obama, Becoming

No voting, no vucking sounds like scolding to me, Michelle. No sex if you don’t vote, boys. Because that’s all women are good for? Because that’s all men think about? Vote as if your (sex) lives depend on it.

Distance yourself all you want, Mrs. Obama. You told us who you were when you said you were not proud to be an American in 2016. Does dumbing down the black community make you proud to be an American once again, Mrs. O, where you can speak from 30,000 feet?

Vuck you, Michelle. And to those of you who think this is sexy? You’re just as vucking vucked. Stay classy, Democrats.

Photo Credit: Featured Image: Tim Pierce/Flickr.com/cropped/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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