Oklahoma Governor Signs Law Protecting Unborn Life

Oklahoma Governor Signs Law Protecting Unborn Life

Oklahoma Governor Signs Law Protecting Unborn Life

Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt signed a law on Wednesday that would protect unborn life from conception. Or, as HuffPost put it, “the most extreme abortion ban in the country.”

To which we say, Cry more!

Last Thursday the Oklahoma legislature overwhelmingly passed the bill, HB 4327, by 73 to 16. Since then people in the state were waiting to see if the governor would sign it. To no one’s surprise, he did just that.

Here’s how a local news station reported the passage of the bill, and interviewed a father who wondered if he should move out of the state. Because he has daughters, he said. And the Sooner State is no longer “safe” for them.

Well, Pops, time to pack your bags and call that moving van. Gov. Kevin Stitt has just signed the bill into law, because he’s a governor who stands up for the unborn:

“From the moment life begins at conception is when we have a responsibility as human beings to do everything we can to protect that baby’s life and the life of the mother. If other states want to pass different laws, that is their right, but in Oklahoma we will always stand up for life.”

But the law isn’t as despotic as panicked pro-abortion types would have you believe.


What the Oklahoma Law Really Says

The law is rather like the recent Texas abortion law, meaning that there will be no criminal prosecution for abortions. Instead, it has civil enforcement, which means that civil lawsuits are to be brought by private citizens, not by the state. Plus, a lawsuit can only be brought against an abortion provider or someone who “aids or abets the performance or inducement of an abortion, including paying for or reimbursing the costs of an abortion through insurance or otherwise.”

However, lawsuits cannot be filed against the woman.  Nor can anyone file a lawsuit against a man who caused the pregnancy through acts of rape or incest.

On top of that, the Oklahoma law provides for exceptions, such as to save the life of the mother, or if the pregnancy has resulted from rape or incest. (However, that means reported rape or incest.)  In addition, the law does not cover Plan B or any “morning after” pills, either. Nor does the law apply to contraception in general.

The one difference between Texas and Oklahoma, however, is that the Texas law applies after cardiac activity is detected. Oklahoma’s bill applies its law at conception.

What Gov. Stitt signed is hardly the draconian decree that progressives say it is.


What the Pro-Aborts Are Saying About Oklahoma

If you ask them, they’ll tell you that Oklahoma is the harbinger of a Handmaid’s Tale world.

Emily Wales, for example, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Great Plains, squawks in protest:

“Oklahoma’s politicians, from the governor on down, are determined to strip rights from anyone who could become pregnant. Today, for the first time in nearly 50 years, abortion is illegal — at every stage of pregnancy — in an American state.

Plus, Elizabeth Nash of the Guttmacher Institute, which calls itself a “pro-choice research institute” (you know what that really means), predicted doom-and-gloom on Twitter:


Nash went on:

“The impact will be disastrous for Oklahomans. It will also have severe ripple effects, especially for Texas patients who had been traveling to OK in large numbers after the TX 6-week abortion ban went into effect in September.”

She also worried about Oklahoma having few abortionists who would service women of childbearing age in the state (including some who don’t identify as women, she hastens to add):

“Some basic stats. In Oklahoma there are: * 5 abortion providers (as of yesterday, they can no longer provide abortion care) * 890,000 women aged 15-49 (plus people who can become pregnant who don’t identify as women) * 4,780 abortions obtained in 2017.”

Are you shedding tears over the new law yet? Neither am I.

But we can cry derisive tears of laughter at the sads of people who want to move to Canada. Don’t they always want to move to Canada when they don’t get their way? They shriek “Fascism,” too.

Oklahoma/abortion law

Screenshot: notthebee.com.


But Gov. Stitt Wasn’t Done

Not only did Gov. Kevin Stitt sign into law pro-life legislation that has progressives’ hair on fire, he also signed another bill into law on Wednesday. The media called it “controversial.”

Why? Because this bill requires school students to use the bathroom that corresponds with the sex listed on their birth certificate.

Now SB 615 does require schools to make accommodations for students who don’t want to follow the law. So once again, Oklahoma has provided some easing of the law for its citizens.

But that didn’t stop the ACLU of Oklahoma from pitching a fit. Executive Director Tamya Cox-Toure fumed:

“Transgender students already live and go to school in our state. They go to the restroom just like everyone else, and their presence harms no one. SB 615 has and will continue to cause severe harms to transgender students who are just trying to live their lives and go to school alongside their peers.”

That’s not all Gov. Stitt has done, either. Earlier this year he signed Senate Bill 2, the “Save Women’s Sports Act,” which keeps biological men from competing on women’s sports teams. Plus, he also signed a bill that keeps the genders on birth certificates limited to “male” or “female.”

Oklahoma, under Gov. Kevin Stitt, is leading the nation in a return to normalcy, as well as protection of unborn human life.


Featured image: Gov. Kevin Stitt. Trump White House Archives/flickr/cropped/public domain.







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  • Hate_me says:

    A good law, given the current federal restraints. Still, gonna be a tough battle.

    I foresee a lot of consensual sex in Oklahoma becoming rape-after-the-fact. The lack of civil suits will be small consolation to those poor hayseeds facing a criminal witch-hunt.

  • Cameron says:

    “What’s the best way to become a Canadian citizen?”
    You need a job for starters. And no; “welfare recipient” is not a job.

    • Scott says:

      “. Don’t they always want to move to Canada when they don’t get their way?”… Nope, not at all… it’s what they CLAIM, but i have yet to see any of these America hating scum actually leaving, because they know how good they have it here, an that their shit won’t be tolerated for the most part anywhere else..

      If only Colorado had a Governor like that, instead of our side-saddle one, and his militant “husband”

  • Howard Hirsch says:

    Hey, this guy Stitt is giving our FL gov Ron DeSantis a run for his money. Thank God for both of them.

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