Melania Honors Vets at Invictus Games, Internet Haters Snipe About Her Shirt [VIDEO]

Melania Honors Vets at Invictus Games, Internet Haters Snipe About Her Shirt [VIDEO]

Melania Honors Vets at Invictus Games, Internet Haters Snipe About Her Shirt [VIDEO]

What girl wouldn’t love this gig?

First Lady Melania Trump went to Toronto this weekend — her first solo foreign trip — to attend the 2017 Invictus Games. Not only that, she got to meet Prince Harry, who founded the games in 2014 so disabled veterans could compete in athletic events.

The Prince meets with an Invictus Games athlete. Credit: Naples Herald.

And what girl wouldn’t love to meet a handsome prince, right? The First Lady did just that. And she invited him to the White House, too.

When Melania meets Harry. Credit: People.

Mrs. Trump also gave a short speech to the Invictus athletes from the United States. Moreover, she honored these disabled heroes — real heroes, not like the phony-baloney “brave” professional athletes who think taking a knee in a stadium constitutes courage.

She also concluded her little address with “God bless the United States of America.”

The First Lady is a real asset as a representative of the US, isn’t she? She’s beautiful and sophisticated, with impeccable manners and style.

So what did the internet and social media focus on? Were they proud of how Melania handled herself on the world’s stage?

Snort. Hardly. Actually, they were more focused on sniping about a shirt she wore on Friday. Yes, a shirt.

Before she left for Toronto, Melania spent time harvesting the White House garden with kids from the Boys and Girls Club. Now that seems like a nice First Lady sort of thing to do, right? After all, who would have a problem with FLOTUS doing a little gardening with disadvantaged kids. However, Melania wore a designer shirt that retails for $1380, and you would’ve thought she was practically Marie Antoinette.

Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images.

Here’s what a CNN reporter had to say:

Click to enlarge.

After that, People picked up on what they thought was a scandal . . .

“Melania Trump Wore a $1,380 Shirt to Harvest Vegetables from the White House Garden — and Twitter Had Feelings.”

The story continued with whines and bleats from the butthurt:

“That’s obscene,” wrote one Twitter user.

While another commented, “that’s more than I make on SocSec for a whole month. She probably won’t wear it again. These people are out of touch with real Americans.”

“I question the morals and wisdom of someone who spends $1K+ on a gardening shirt that looks like something you can buy in Target for < $20,” another user added.

Buzzfeed, naturallywas particularly snarky with their headline, “Melania Trump Wore a $1380 Shirt While Gardening And, Idk, People Seemed to Care.” They added a picture of FLOTUS in the shirt, holding a basket, with the caption, “Above, the first lady carries a large basket and walks near dirt.”

What are these people — middle schoolers?

Glamour, to their credit, was a bit more diplomatic in their conclusion:

So, yes: First Ladies traditionally wear expensive things, and taxpayers don’t contribute to their wardrobe—so maybe it’s best to let them wear what they want? Overdressing for the garden isn’t and shouldn’t be a partisan issue, though she’s unlikely to score relatability points.

So why would Melania Trump wear a designer shirt in a garden? Simply, because she can. Furthermore, why should anyone care? Did Mrs. Trump steal that shirt? Did she use the government to illegally procure that shirt? So where should First Ladies buy their clothing? Wal-Mart?

Maybe the bitter harpies and gender-fluid males who pen this gossip should just mind their own damned business and take the advice of She Whom They Adore:

Plus, the Melania haters are on the “wrong side of history,” as liberals like to preach. You see, according to a CNN poll (yes, from CNN!), Melania Trump is the most popular member of the first family. Moreover, her favorability will just keep going up as she continues to honor heroes and speak well of her adopted country.

Besides, she’s quite the contrast from a former FLOTUS who once said this about America:

As for Melania Trump, to be perfectly honest, I was a bit wary at first of her being the First Lady. However, she’s really made a good impression on me. I’m proud that she represents our nation so well. And as for her shirts and clothing? I say, You go girl! You’re fabulous! 

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  • Kera says:

    This is ridiculous! Trump is donating his salary to various charitable causes and they buy their own clothes with their own money.

    Plus, unlike the Obamas, they vacation at Camp David or Mar a Lago, not overseas countries and swanky places with their entourage on our dime.

  • GWB says:

    “I question the morals and wisdom of someone who spends $1K+ on a gardening shirt that looks like something you can buy in Target for < $20,”

    While I question the intelligence of someone who thinks this has anything to do with morals, I do agree that spending that sort of money on a garment that you can buy for <$50 is silly. But, I'm betting everything in her wardrobe is more than I pay on my mortgage.

    As to “being out of touch”? Well, you might want to take a look around. No, no, really look. She seems to be more in touch with “real Americans” than anyone on the prog side – like St Louis rioters, antifa, Pelosi, Waters, McCain, McConnel, Berkeley and Mizzou administrators…….

  • David R Byler says:

    her shirt looks fine to me, what’s the problem?

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