The Problem with Plame

The Problem with Plame

The Problem with Plame

I wrote a few days ago about the left’s golden girl Valerie Plame’s anti-Semitic rants on Twitter and her pathetic attempts to excuse her words, which ranged from encouraging her frothing followers to REALLY read the “thought-provoking” anti-Jew essay she posted, to backpedaling furiously, and apologizing for not reading closely enough to realize that the site she has previously promoted and lauded was a hive of Jew-hating vomit, and the writer she has agreed with several times before, was an anti-Semitic troll. (She has since deleted the initial tweet and her replies in which she urges her followers to “just read the article.” I guess she didn’t want people to know that her anti-Semitic rants weren’t REALLY a mistake.)

Don’t worry Val. The Internet is forever. No matter how much you try to delete your venom, there will always be a record. Promise.

Shortly after the shitstorm forced Plame to issue her disingenuous apology, David Duke crawled out from under his rock to support the former CIA officer.

Ya know… when a former KKK Grand Wizard and avowed anti-Semitic ass goblin gives you a virtual hug and tweets his support for your Jew-bashing, it may be time to pack it up.

But oh, no! Not Valerie Plame. This tone deaf shrew quadrupled down on the stupid by blaming her impending “move” and hectic life for her anti-Semitic tweet.

“On a personal note, one should not tweet while moving, 8 workmen are in a small space, the dog is going nuts, and kids are texting one asking for things they forgot for school. Social media very unforgiving.

I feel badly and will gladly shake the hand of anyone who has never made a mistake.”

Yeah, she feels “badly,” because she got called out hard. Because she didn’t realize that in this day and age, and especially post #Charlottesville, no one is going to buy her brand of garbage like they previously did when she publicly affirmed her agreement with the EEEEVIL JOOOOO theories peddled by the same website and the same author.

Meanwhile, on social media, someone actually had the temerity to ask me why having David Duke publicly support you is problematic.

Ummmmmm. What?

My reply: If you have to ask for an explanation, you likely won’t understand it.

Him: Humour me.

Me: Sigh. OK. Do you know who David Duke is?

Him: Wasn’t he the former KKK member who ran for Congress in the 80s?

Me: He’s a former KKK Grand Wizard, holocaust denier, and anti-Jew conspiracy theorist. He’s come out in defense of Plame and her unwavering blame of the EEEEEVIL JOOOS for being responsible for everything from America’s wars, to droughts, to chlamydia. (A bit of hyperbole there, but still.) I certainly wouldn’t want that slime in my corner. YMMV

What is the problem with David Duke’s defense of Valerie Plame? What is the problem with her promoting a website that previously published an essay claiming it was time to pay heed to David Duke and his virulent anti-Jew conspiracy theories?

It’s a problem for the leftards, who just loved to point to Plame as the martyr in BUSHCHIMPYHITLER’s Halliburton war against the long-suffering Muslims, and also OMGWMDBUSHLIED!

It’s no news that the left despises Israel, choosing to condemn the tiny country surrounded by armed aggressors that have consistently attacked it since it was created. It’s no news that to the left, Israels forceful and unapologetic armed defense of its people, is a crime against the poor, oppressed Muslims and an egregious moral wrong, because the left despises armed self defense in all its forms. (see: Democrats and gun control)

But at the same time, the last thing the left wants is to alienate its very loyal Jewish base, which has demonstrated its commitment again and again with money and support for Democrat causes. (I won’t get into the weeds about the possible reasons here, but for instance, this article discusses misguided Jewish support for gun control.)

This becomes somewhat of an ethical dilemma for the left, which has to maintain the delicate balance of maintaining the Jews’ status as scapegoat for all those alleged terrible acts of unprovoked violence against those innocent, peaceful Muslims, and ensuring that the Jews keep on blindly supporting their political agenda.

What’s a good leftist to do?

The problem with Plame’s tweets is also that they promote the perception of Jews as:

  1. Rich and unethical;
  2. Owning and controlling some kind of (imaginary) Jewish media cabal;
  3. Eager for war and violence;

Plame, who is a former intelligence officer, should understand that American foreign policy and the Jewish views on and involvement in it is much more nuanced and complex than the vast Jewish conspiracy she is peddling. If she doesn’t understand it, she was a terrible intelligence officer, if she does understand it, then she is an opprobrious bigot who shouldn’t have any kind of credibility whatsoever.

She’s trying desperately to cloak her bigotry in patriotism and wrap herself in the American flag even as she exercises the most UNAmerican type of behavior of targeting a group of individuals. Didn’t we resolve that problem back in the 40s?

And when contemptible vermin like David Duke slither out to publicly support her nauseating bigotry, she may want to reexamine her views.

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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • Mike Bergsma says:

    I had an argument with a co-worker years ago. He said all war is caused by religion. I agreed that some wars were but most were tribal. I suggested WW2 was Tribal and he said, no the Jews caused WW2. What? Now I see where he was coming from.

  • MIK says:

    Being on the correct side forgives many things, but oncea KKK Grand Wizard supports you, your immunity is ended.

    • SDN says:

      That’s an argument I refuse to make, because David Duke knows full well that he can damage anyone via endorsement whether they asked for it or not.

      He also knows that even if they disavow him the damage is done.

      • Marta Hernandez says:

        Except this is exactly the kind of anti-Semitic garbage Duke would endorse, and she didn’t bother disavowing him. Sorry, but no.

      • GWB says:

        he can damage anyone via endorsement

        Now, the problem here is that he’s actually endorsing her views, based on her endorsing exactly his sorts of view.

        But not simply because Duke says he agrees with someone.

    • Nate Whilk says:

      Only for Republicans.

  • Richard Aubrey says:

    I suppose that the slime involved in having Duke’s support is an equal-opportunity slime-slinging mechanism.
    So, when Duke’s support put Trump beyond the furthest reach of humanity… did the same with Plame.
    Or not.
    Hard to keep up.

  • Alex Bensky says:

    Her apology, such as it was, might have held water if the linked article had been the usual anti-Israel screed but there had been a paragraph of anti-Semitic bilge that somehow she’d just missed. But the headline and the entire article were filled with this stuff, so it’s not as if her claim of “skimming” meant she’d missed something.

    • GWB says:

      Also, the fact that she linked articles from this website all the time – and they were all of a certain sort of article.

      • Marta Hernandez says:

        Yep. She’s either the WORST. INTELLIGENCE. OFFICER. EVAH. or a really bad liar.

        Although I’m embracing the power of “and.”

        • GWB says:

          Well, we know the first is objectively true based on the fact she talked about herself as a CIA “agent” long before Armitage “outed” her.
          And this one proves the second.

          So, definitely “and”.

        • Joel says:

          She also acts as if she had no idea that the The Unz Review was a sewage plant even after linking to several articles from that noxious site. The confluence of the Trotskyite Left and the Dukian Right meet at the nexus of Jew hatred. If Giraldi had replaced the term “Jews” or “Jewish” with the usual “neocons”, that screed could have found itself on the pages of the New York Times as an op-ed.

  • Pettifogger says:

    Leftism these days is anti-Semitic. Leftists who don’t recognize that are naive or in denial.

  • Dave Dudley says:

    …Oh No ! Snakes on the Plame !

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