#MediaBias or coverage of two women’s marches

#MediaBias or coverage of two women’s marches

#MediaBias or coverage of two women’s marches

Two marches for women with disparate coverage. The March For Life and related activities was minimized or mocked by our betters in the media while they covered the Women’s March featuring women in Vagina Costumes like they were some kind of heroines.

Today is ProLife Sunday and is two days after the March for Life. Coverage of this annual event is done reluctantly with as much condescension as a journalist can muster. A virtual pat on the head, if you will, at best. And the follow up and prayer chains and other ProLife events? Ignored. There are consistent crowds of a hundred thousand and more pro life marchers. And work year round for the right to life and for a better life for their communities. Except nobody in the media devoted time to this annual march. The media wants to see women acting the fool in large numbers. As Katie Yoder said here.

For a second year, the networks are favoring a march supporting abortion and other lefty causes over a march for life.

During their Saturday news shows the first evening of the Women’s March, ABC, CBS and NBC spent a total of 6 minutes, 43 seconds highlighting the event. In comparison, following Friday’s March for Life, the three broadcast networks spent just 2 minutes, 6 seconds on the pro-life rally.

That was not accidental. Media, your bias is painfully obvious. Instead of highlighting the 44-year-old March for Life, the media highlighted women dressed as genitalia (not accurately depicted genitalia). And I will say it again: this was not accidental since these two marches are both about abortion. Media, your coverage was wee. I am thinking your journalism professors did not teach you to do this, or did they? Videos for both are interesting and sadly show your bias and the differences between the marches themselves pretty clearly.

Note that the marchers for life are families and clergy. A peaceful march that has been done every year since 1974. This is 44 years. With events all over the place that the media is ignoring that support families who choose life. And ecumenical unity no less. The march is Catholic, but marchers are welcomed from all faiths. Bethany Mandel and her family marched last year. She wrote about that here.

And then the Women’s March.

A lot of nice buzzwords including “unity?” Our brothers and sisters on the right? Yet your organizers and focus are pro death. Being that you are all but sponsored by Planned Parenthood, you do not represent a lot of us women.

To make this even more obvious, last year, we found out that pro-life feminists are not allowed to speak up. Women’s voices are silenced if they are not pro death.

So we are not their sisters and brothers. Nice to know, right? Because brotherhood and sisterhood stop about three steps to the left of Hillary! And the media does not question this, but cheers on their progressive brothers and sisters. Nice.

What is tragic is that the Women’s March could have actually addressed women’s issues and reached out to women who may be interested in some of the causes these ladies claim to be about. Instead, they lionize, idolize and affirm the culture of death. Which the media laps up faster than my dogs do cheese. And my dogs are cheese fiends. Then the media corporations wonder why viewership and ABC numbers drop. And female candidates who hitch their wagons to Planned Parenthood surprisingly do not do well.

And one more thing: Hi, Gretchen! Michigan voter here. Female, pro-life and disappointed in the party and movement’s pro-death hill to die on. Please, do show you have something more to offer. Same goes for Winnie. I am one of those funny folks who does not vote a straight ticket, but find the hip-hip-hooray abortion mindset sickening.

For our readers, we Victory Girls put together a few fine offerings. Here is a great post by Victory Girl Marta about this. A couple more great posts by Lisa and Jodi about the not-pussy-hat-wearers here and here. And here is Deanna’s coverage of the March for Life. A mom covered the march in more detail than the highly-paid anchormen and women of the media. Which is sad.

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  • Kate says:

    An excellent contrast between compassionate women, and those who love them, on behalf of our most vulnerable pre-born citizens vs shrill, coarse angry women, and their pussified men, seeking unfettered vengeance from everyone even the most innocent.

    And the media? Fully complicit.

  • CaptDMO says:

    If it helps, try to think of it this way.
    Among the “key demographic” …
    Jeopardy, or Oprah
    Wall Street Journal, or National Enquirer
    Given my druthers, I’m willing to buy my honey bunny’s Chicken Parm and home canned sauce.
    But I’d SELL buckets of McD’s processed, mechanically separated, chicken… (whatever they are), with cheese flavored goo.
    (Variations of ) Abortion abatement? IMHO No duh, I get it, thank you Captain Obvious! Don’t need to “tune in”
    to learn much.
    But the opportunity to watch a WHOLE BUNCH of characters that are CLEARLY stupider, and behave MORE despicably in public than I do, reinforcing my OWN ego……?
    Of COURSE I’m going to watch CSPAN 1&2!

  • Gail Boer says:

    Well CaptDMO. That is hilarious and makes sense in a way. And making the women’s march look foolish makes me kind of happy. It does not help the candidates fir office really…..

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