#MarchForLife: Because Life Wins [VIDEO]

#MarchForLife: Because Life Wins [VIDEO]

#MarchForLife: Because Life Wins [VIDEO]

While the political arm of the abortion movement gets louder and more shrill each year, the pro-life movement continues its steady work. Today, across the country (and actually over the weekend and into Monday), groups will be marching and standing in support of the most precious thing on earth: life.


The march in Washington DC, as always, is well attended and drawing zero interest from the national media.

The national media will be out tomorrow in force to cover every single thing about the so-called “Women’s March.”

Remember, the “Women’s March” has specifically told pro-life women that they are not welcome there. So much for inclusiveness.

The Women’s March and the national media want to be the moral arbiters of who “deserves” life. They don’t want to hear stories where love – and life – wins.

And they don’t want to hear the words of the President, or the Vice-President (writing an op-ed today in National Review):

In short, life is winning in America again. It’s winning because of the policies of our administration, and because of the commitment and compassion of those who gather today in our nation’s capital, and in marches, meetings, and homes all across the country.

Life is winning through the steady advance of science that illuminates when life begins.

Life is winning through the generosity of millions of adoptive families, who open their hearts and homes to children in need.

Life is winning through the compassion of caregivers and volunteers at crisis-pregnancy centers and faith-based organizations who bring comfort and care to women, in cities and towns across this country.

And life is winning through the quiet counsel between mothers and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters, between friends across kitchen tables, and over coffee on college campuses, where the truth is being told, and hope is defeating despair.

We must continue to be a movement that embraces all and cares for all out of respect for the dignity and worth of every person. We must recommit ourselves to be a movement of compassion, not confrontation, of generosity, not judgment, and above all else, we must continue to be a movement of love.

This I know we’ll do – because I have faith.

I have faith in the goodness of the American people. I have faith in the president they elected. And I have that other kind of faith – the faith that moves mountains, and that, even now, stirs all across America.

Every life matters.

And life cannot be stopped.

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