Media: The One-Way Love Affair With Whistleblowers

Media: The One-Way Love Affair With Whistleblowers

Media: The One-Way Love Affair With Whistleblowers

As we head into our weekend, we reflect upon a very eventful week in the media for the corrupt Biden family.

Or, at least it should have been. Remember back in the days of Trump when CNN, MSNBC and a slew of other media outlets (and their national affiliates), loved the whistleblowers? They shouted from the rafters new and damning evidence as to why Donald Trump should be impeached. Conveniently, this past week, the likes of CNN and MSNBC were MIA when the IRS whistleblowers dropped a bomb on the investigation into Hunter Biden’s shady dealings.

In fact, CNN and MSNBC skipped the live coverage altogether. They have gone above-and-beyond to even cover for Big Guy-Daddy/President Poopy Pants himself by stating Joe Biden “emphatically denied” he was sitting next to his son whilst texting a Chinese business partner. Some covered the investigation.

You could understand why the roadblocks were in place and why the media outlets are trying to do their best to minimize the damage. Instead, the focus was more on Marjorie Taylor Greene’s d*ck pics of Hunter Biden (GASP! President Biden’s son!) which drew “rebuke” from the Democrats.

The media takeaway? MTG portrayed poor, “starving-artist”, tormented, Hunter Biden, the president’s son, in a negative light. These idiot journalists neglect to acknowledge that Hunter Biden, scumbag that he is, did all of this on his own accord. He’s a grown boy and he is (or should be) responsible for his actions-his drug addiction, his love affair with prostitutes and yes, his business dealings.

But Democrats are calling this “nothing but a shakedown”, even though this Burma chief came forward about that $10 million dollar bribe he was “forced” to pay Joe and, “stupid son”, Hunter. Yeah, CNN ignored that, too.

Remember how Alexander Vindman was hailed a hero by the media for being a whistleblower? Boy, did The Atlantic love that guy! He was a hero!

If we scan CNN’s pages today, here is what we see for the lead story:

Why America Stopped Building Public Pools-A Legacy of Segregation, Privatization and Starved Public Recreation Budgets Have Made Neighborhoods Pools Harder To Find.

Climate change. Racism. Gotta hop on that subway train in a New York City heatwave.

The Washington Post is still talking about January 6th, MSNBC calls Jason Aldean a “good ol’ boy who almost got away with it” and, let’s not ignore the “yuge” picture of Trump with the headline: A federal judge confirmed one of Trump’s worst labels — and the GOP didn’t even blink on their website. Bonus: Jen Psaki writes up why readers should “stop calling January 6th “an investigation”. What does she call it? Well, one of “the darkest moments in history”, of course.

If you ask me, we’re living in pretty dark times now and January 6th is just a small blip in this newsreel. Let’s circle back (ahem) to the Jason Aldean “good ol’ boy” media coverage by MSNBC for one moment:

Perhaps Aldean could have gotten away with this subtext. But the imagery of the music video, when coupled with its lyrics, sends an unmistakable message. We see a mix of news and stock footage of protests (although, it turns out, not necessarily U.S. protests) juxtaposed with more random robberies and carjackings. Someone sets a flag on fire. We watch police in riot gear charge protesters again and again, while cars burn.”-Nadine Hobbs WaPo

The good ol’ boy facade, so she says. Protests? Police in riot gear coming at “protestors”? No, Nadine, they were rioters. And the burning cars? Some of them were police vehicles and personal videos lit on fire by Antifa rioters.

The irony in pointing out Aldean’s “good ol’ boy” anthem, as the media has referenced it, this past week is that the liberal media, as a whole, largely buries and ignores stories from good ol’ boys, Joe and Hunter Biden. The millions the Biden family made on questionable business is not newsworthy speculation at all. The fiery and angry speech Joe Biden made in the city of Philadelphia (brotherly love) was hailed as a “rallying cry” by the left. The progressive agendas spewed by this administration are seen as “compassionate, loving and caring” even though they have proved to be damaging, mentally and physically, to our children. The utter moral corruption of the First Family is largely ignored. The incompetence of Joe Biden is laughed at with an “Oh, that Joe!” and any accountability for his or his own son’s unethical behavior is dismissed as a “vast right-wing conspiracy”.

It seems as if just like that, when Joe Robinette Biden was installed as our 46th president of The United States, the media and their love affair with whistleblowers has waned.

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