CBS Gives Itself a Black Eye w/ #FakeNews UPDATED

CBS Gives Itself a Black Eye w/ #FakeNews UPDATED

CBS Gives Itself a Black Eye w/ #FakeNews UPDATED

CBS has some ‘splaining to do. They’ve been caught using a clip of video of a crowded hospital ward during a report on the New York’s coronavirus emergency. However, the clip is from Italy.

Sky News had this report on March 22nd.

They rush past wards already rammed with beds all filled with people in terrible distress – gasping for air, clutching at their chests and at tubes pumping oxygen into their oxygen-starved lungs.

I’m in the main hospital in Bergamo, the hardest-hit hospital in Italy in the hardest-hit town in the hardest-hit province, Lombardy – and it’s just plain scary.

The video is startling and the article includes screenshots from the embedded video.

Here’s CBS’s own video. I’ve cued it up just before the Italian clinic clip (1:20 mark) being used to add gravitus to Cuomo’s desk pounding about needing more ventilators.

Look familiar?

Here’s some screenshots to make the comparison clear.

CBS fake news
click on image for larger size

Marco Rubio was excoriated by our firefighter journalists for this tweet —

I’d say CBS has certainly contributed to the truth Rubio dared to express. Certainly our Pravda media has been willing to carry water for the CCP, too.

Any wonder the public trust in journalists is tanking? Heck of a job, CBS!!

Here’s some unsolicited advice to our Brave Sir Robin journalists. Either seek help for the mental issues you have with this President or quit. Any rational media outlet would not just be reporting just the updates on the Wuhan coronavirus but the effects of the lockdown on the economy. Where are the stories covering struggling small businesses and if they are going to survive? The human interest stories of people working from home? Columns of advice on how to save money and how to make money from home during the lockdown?

I haven’t seen any of this. I’d say “shame on you” but …

“The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns… They literally know nothing.” ~~ Ben Rhodes

… so I won’t hold my breath.


Why yes, double checking one’s video clips and their source before using them is just soooooo hard nowadays. And it’s just going to be shoved down a blackhole and forgotten. Move on, peasants.

UPDATE II: Welcome Instapundit readers!

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  • SFC D says:

    Dan Rather approves this message.

  • Scott says:

    “Marco Rubio was excoriated by our firefighter journalists for this tweet —” Darleen, As an ACTUAL firefighter, I take great offense at the name of my noble profession being used in association with such such scum sucking, anti-American lowlifes are the current crop of demonrat shills called journalists! While I agree wholeheartedly with the rest of your post, I ask you to please retract this slur against me and my brothers and sisters!

    • Marcus says:

      The reference to firefighters was not a slur to those of us that are firefighters. It is a reference to how the journalists see themselves and is forever memorialized in the following quote: “Like firefighters who run into a fire, journalists run towards a story.” – MSNBC’s Katy Tur

      • Scott says:

        Marcus, I should have included a /sarc tag, my comment was totally tongue in cheek, I know that Darleen would never slur firefighters, and the quote you cite highlights the point i wanted to make, that journo’s are delusional…

        Also, be safe during these crazy times brother!

        • Darleen Click says:

          Scott, I know you were being sarcastic and you gave me a good laugh this morning.

          I have mad respect for all first responders! Thank you, sir.

          • Scott says:

            Glad I could provide some humor, and thank you. I kinda figured that anyone who has seen my previous posts knows I can tend toward sarcasm.. Only those new to the site might be confused.

          • erick says:

            Interesting article on the unrelated footage CBS News included on the U.S-only virus story.
            As for Trump’s current attitude towards the pandemic, why is our president, to date, coming with conflicting and often nonfactual statements, especially in recent instances involving him and the National Institutes of Health’s head researcher in allergies and infectious diseases Dr. Fauci? I am curious,indeed.

  • Rob says:

    Layers and layers of fact checkers.

  • cthulhu says:

    If NY requisitions a ventilator from the Feds and it is never used, it should be charged 5x the cost of the ventilator. If NY requisitions a ventilator from the Feds because it didn’t have enough on hand, despite being warned, it should be charged 2x the cost of the ventilator.

    This whole, “be stupid, blame the Feds” thing is utter garbage — see “Nagin’s Navy” of flooded school buses after Katrina.

  • Ren Amamiya says:

    “It was an honest editing mistake” was the excuse WJLA tried to use in the Linda Duncan case.

    It didn’t fly then, either.

  • Don Burton says:

    The “mistakes” always go the same direction, suggesting they aren’t random.

  • David Longfellow says:

    Where would we be without lying “journalists”

  • Politically Ambidextrous says:

    It would be useful if the news reported the ‘identified currently active cases’ instead of the ‘total cases’. The former addresses “flattening the curve”; the latter is designed to monotonically increase. And then there’s the bit about China not reporting cases that tested positive but which were asymptomatic.

  • Strelnikov says:

    Sure it was a mistake.

    And those “mistakes” always ever only run one way.

  • erick says:

    Great blog page

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