Media Fail When Ohio State Attack Turns Out To Not Be A Shooting [VIDEO]

Media Fail When Ohio State Attack Turns Out To Not Be A Shooting [VIDEO]

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who were injured in today’s attack at Ohio State University today. Details are still emerging about the attacker, but when the alarm was first signaled, the call was “active shooter.”

Police in aftermath of Ohio State attack, November 28, 2016 (photo: NBC/WCMH)
Police in aftermath of Ohio State attack, November 28, 2016 (photo: NBC/WCMH)

Everyone knows that there is very little good information in the first few hours when something like this is breaking news. But when did that ever stop gun-grabbing ghoul Shannon Watts?

She tweeted that a little over an hour after the news broke. This woman is DERANGED.

But this is how she makes her living. And you’d think there’d be a little shame once the news came out that the attack was via car and knife? Not so much with Shannon!

And then she brags about blocking Dana Loesch.

That’s not much to brag about – Shannon Watts blocks ANYONE who dares disagree with her. Such courage of her convictions she has!

Of course, all of the media had to pull back after the initial “active shooter” alarm. Granted, that was the initial call by the police to trigger the “shelter in place” order, so one can’t fault the media for taking what they were given and running with it. But we CAN mock the gun grabbers when they insist that a Nice-style attack just PROVES that gun control is necessary.

Iowahawk, as usual, nailed it on the head.

Once the attack was confirmed to have been carried out by car and knife, by a Somali refugee, you could just hear the air coming out of the media’s tires. They wanted this story to fit their narrative just so much. Too bad facts got in the way.

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  • GWB says:

    The “active shooter” label is problematic, because it’s used for any attack in a public place/mass attack. You have to have some trigger for activating the emergency notification system. (You could use “Active Shooter/Stabber” – and it would be an A.S.S. warning….) I never base assessment of a situation on the fact an “active shooter” warning was issued.

    The main problem with the “first hours” bit is the perceived need to get a story out right now. It’s seldom a good result.

    Funny how NONE of the anti-gunners take into account that the bad guy was stopped by a good guy with a gun. The victims were very fortunate the officer was close by.

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