Mayor Pete Fails Constitutional History

Mayor Pete Fails Constitutional History

Mayor Pete Fails Constitutional History

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is still high in the polls in Iowa, and may very well win that state caucus in February. But to put that in perspective, Ted Cruz won Iowa in 2016.

Winning Iowa means nothing in the grand scheme of things. While Mayor Pete looks and sounds reasonable most of the time, his appeal is not broad enough (barring a major collapse by Warren, Sanders, or Biden) to win the nomination. Plus, Mayor Pete has this habit of being a sanctimonious jerk when it comes to lecturing people of faith on how best to live out their religion. Mostly, he wants all faiths to accept gay marriage and illegal immigrants, because that is the kind of social justice religion that Mayor Pete believes in. That, and slamming Vice-President Pence.

But Mayor Pete has issues, and it’s not that he just got roundly clocked by Senator Amy Klobuchar in the last debate for having never won a statewide election. (Ironically, he might win Iowa before he ever wins a statewide race in his own home state of Indiana.) Aside from his social justice preaching, Mayor Pete is a complete idiot when it comes to American history. A clip from 2014 just surfaced, which shows that Buttigieg is not only massively ignorant for a Rhodes Scholar, but he has no problem making wild assertions to kids about the Founding Fathers.

Say what? Does Buttigieg realize how the Constitution was designed to keep slave states from gaining too much power in the legislature?

Has he studied the words left to us by the Founding Fathers?
John Adams opposed slavery. Thomas Jefferson, who did own slaves, famously referred to the institution of slavery this way:

But as it is, we have the wolf by the ear, and we can neither hold him, nor safely let him go. Justice is in one scale, and self-preservation in the other.”

Washington came to change his views on slavery over time, and Benjamin Franklin, who had owned slaves as well, eventually called for the abolition of slavery by the end of his life. How ignorant does one have to be to not know any of this, and then kindly and patronizingly tell children in a public television forum that “the people who wrote the Constitution didn’t understand that slavery was a bad thing”??? Most of them knew and acknowledged that “slavery was a bad thing” but were forced to make compromises in the cause of American revolution.

But this is an ongoing problem with Mayor Pete. After all, this is the same guy who called Jesus a refugee on Christmas Day, completely ignoring that Mary and Joseph were being forced to participate in a government-ordered census, and so had to return to Joseph’s family home of Bethlehem. Or that Egypt was a part of the Roman Empire during the time of Christ, so the family’s flight to Egypt was as of little consequence in the Roman Empire as it would be for an American to move from Nebraska to Texas.

For all of his supposed smarts, and his record of service, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is pretty brilliantly dumb when it comes to history. And while his presidential campaign might score a win in Iowa, we should be more concerned that he could be a strong vice-presidential consideration for any of the other front-runners.

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  • GWB says:

    Mayor Pete is a complete idiot when it comes to American history almost everything.
    FIFY. After all, you brought up the lack of understanding of his claimed religion. (And, yes, he’s a really a progressive, not a Christian. But he likes to state otherwise.)

    But Mayor Pete has issues
    A big one is that a huge number of the minorities that know him or have been under his jurisdiction think he’s an absolute failure – even as a progressive. His gheyness doesn’t provide enough victim cred to them to give him a pass on being a mayor that sucks. (I mean that entirely in a success/failure sense of the word.)

    Some in the media-democrat-progressive complex are trying desperately to keep him alive so they can Win One For The Kipper!* The competition is on for the next victim class to win the illustrious Most Powerful Person In The World award from the American electorate.

    (* Go here and check the last definition.)

  • Donald L Meaker says:

    Bad history kills, more surely than bad water, and in greater numbers.

  • Zero_Point_Zero says:

    Homo-narcissism plays a big role in what makes Little Petey tick.

  • Cardinal Fang says:

    Pete is your classic red diaper baby. Raised by Communists, he has no idea how anything is actually supposed to work.

  • erobot says:

    Prior to the 3/5th’s compromise, slaves were considered chattel as were women, so I think it was a brilliant temporary solution that allowed our nation to be born alive and not aborted before it had a chance to live like millions of our would-be citizens.

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  • Dusty Pitts says:

    Winning Iowa means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

    Other than Jimmy Carter in 1976, and incumbent seeking re-election before and after, I have trouble remembering an Iowa Caucuses winner who went on to win the following November.

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