Maxine Waters Wants You To Know That She’s A Bigger Patriot Than You

Maxine Waters Wants You To Know That She’s A Bigger Patriot Than You

Maxine Waters Wants You To Know That She’s A Bigger Patriot Than You

So there.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters took her tirade to the House floor this past Monday night and threw out her greatest hits. If you thought you heard everything when you heard this:

Wait until you hear this!

“Mr. Speaker, my position against this president and his administration is clear. I oppose this president. I do not honor this president. I do not respect this president.”

Okay, so no surprise there. Wait a moment…here comes the rest:

“But guess what? Despite the fact that America has not always been there for us, we’ve always been there for America. We have fought in America’s wars. We have suffered discrimination, we have suffered isolation and undermining. But we stand up for America, oftentimes when others who think they are more patriotic, who say they are more patriotic, do not.

We not only have fought in America’s wars, have stood up for America, have been there, whenever this country was threatened in any way, and we say now this country is threatened with a president who does not belong there, a president who does not understand how this government works, a president who does down to Mar-a-Lago every weekend and plays golf. He’s not huddling with the members of Congress and trying to figure out how to form a consensus, but rather, he thought he could come in here and run roughshod over everybody.

African-Americans know this. The Black Caucus understands this. And for those members of the Black Caucus representing our leadership, who went to meet with him, they have laid out to him all of this, what our care and concerns are all about. But in the final analysis, we really don’t expect anything from him.”-Rep Maxine Waters

Yep. Democrats are MUCH more patriotic than Republicans. See?

Because they stand up for America.


I’m not going to get into the Bill O’Reilly joke about Waters’ hair because quite honestly, there’s much more to Waters’ address here. I am also not going to make this about Mr. Trump because contrary to her belief that patriots who are not on her side of the fence turn a blind eye, not all of us do. By the use of the royal “we” here, we could gather that Waters is speaking specifically to African Americans but I wonder how a speech like this would go over if a representative who is white made the same claims about Barack Obama during his time in the White House? A thought worth chewing on a bit. And, as far as the Mar-a-Lago comment is concerned, well, we all know how many rounds of golf Barack took part in during his eight years!

Here’s the deal and this is of no disrespect to awesome citizens of the African American community: we, collectively as Americans of all races and backgrounds, have fought in wars and if some of us look hard enough, I am sure that we all could come up with situations in our lives where we’ve experienced discrimination, isolation, or undermining, or a combination of the three. We have all experienced injustices in our lives. But to say that people (of all races and backgrounds) who are Democrats are more patriotic than their Republican counterparts is ludicrous. We have groups of people (Maxine Waters is one of them) who are still so bent out of shape that the election did not end up the way they wanted it to that they have resorted to victimhood, vulgarity (in the name of a “resistance”), pink hats, protests, flag burnings, those idiotic safety pins, taking random days off of work to illustrate how valuable we are (right, ladies?), conspiracy theories, and open discussions about impeaching and/or assassinating President Trump. This is one gigantic temper tantrum of epic proportions because some Americans chose NOT to turn a blind eye to the corruption of the Clintons who, by the way, are as WHITE as they come!

Their watered-down version of “patriotism” encompassing all races consists of raising children who are embarrassed to be Americans, who are only proud to be American if America conforms to their ideals. They are embarrassed to be Americans because of who is in the White House. They are taught that America and Americans in general are greedy, ugly people who are poor stewards to our neighbors, our families, and future generations. They are taught in schools from a young age that they are inherently racist and biased and there is no cure because it’s in their DNA even though most children do not choose their friends based on the color of their skin. By the way, in my experience, this narrative only applies to white kiddos but students of other races are free in their bias of white kids because years of “oppression” of their ancestors have earned them that “right”-or something like that. (That is a whole different topic for another time.) Their version of “patriotism” says that it is perfectly fine not to stand for the National Anthem, not say the Pledge or not to respect the office of POTUS because these acts are all protected under the First Amendment (even though they believe the Constitution should be ripped up and is antiquated.) Their concept of “patriotism” is a conditional version that wants to rewrite history to suit their warped narratives. We’ve created a society of wussified, overgrown, whiny brats who wouldn’t know patriotism if it smacked them in their faces!

But of course, they’re more patriotic. This, Ms. Waters, this is not a contest about who’s more patriotic. What are we, in grade school? But if we had to pick a team, I know which one I’m on.

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  • GWB says:

    Every time I hear someone going on about how “they” have been discriminated against, I have two thoughts:
    1) I check to see how old they are.
    1a) If they’re not old enough to have marched in Selma, then I call them on their bullhockey. Because they haven’t see discrimination.
    1b) If they are old enough then I begin hoping they will die soon, so we can finally stop listening to their “when I was young” malarkey.
    2) I think of all the failed societies out there that hold grudges for hundreds of years (“in the 13th century that clan murdered a family member whose name I wouldn’t even know – except for the fact that no one around here can let go”) and wish sincerely these people would go live there instead.

  • Scott says:

    Maxine Waters.. Proof that it doesn’t take very many brain cells at all to support live… also a pretty good indicator of just how stupid demonrat voters are..

  • parker says:

    If we can get enough of Maxine Waters’ fellow travelers to go on a fact finding junket to Guam and it tips over this world will be a better place.

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