#Manchester Arena Explosion: What We Know So Far

#Manchester Arena Explosion: What We Know So Far

#Manchester Arena Explosion: What We Know So Far

While President Trump was abroad encouraging Muslim nations to eradicate radical Islam, an explosion occurred at an arena in Manchester, England, following a concert by American musician, Ariana Grande. Last evening, Victory Girl, Nina, brought us the breaking news here. Since then, we’ve learned frustratingly little following the attack. That said, here’s what we do know:

  • Most significantly, authorities believe a lone suicide bomber is responsible; authorities are treating the attack as terrorism.

  • And here is an up-to-date statement from Greater Manchester Police:

  • You can read eyewitness accounts of the attack here:

  • Intentionally or otherwise, this attack occurred on the four-year anniversary of the brutal murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby by two Islamic terrorists.

Indeed they do. The timing is likely not insignificant.

  • Nineteen are dead, at least 50 are injured, some possibly from trampling after concert-goers panicked following the explosion. Young girls were likely the intended target.


  • Reports say that victims are being treated for “nail” and “shrapnel” wounds, indicative of an IED.
  • Frantic parents and friends have taken to social media to locate loved ones who’d attended the concert:

  • Reports say the detonation occurred in the foyer of the concert hall.
Photo Credit: Daily Mail
  • As of this posting, no confirmed names or ages of the victims have been released.
  • Some concert-goers reported smelling smoke and/or gasoline.
  • A dash-cam video appears to have captured audio of the explosion:

  • Police conducted a controlled detonation of a “suspected device:”

  • Though no one has claimed responsibility as of yet, not surprisingly ISIS and its supporters jumped online to praise the attack. This video has not been authenticated by authorities:

  • All campaigning for the upcoming June election has been suspended until further notice.
  • And then there’s this fact:

While the identity of the attacker, or the specific motivation for this atrocity, is not yet know, National Review’s Tom Rogan weighed in on the attack last evening:

Information continues to trickle in. Victory Girls will update with information as it becomes available. Please continue to hold Manchester in your thoughts and prayers. Their plight is unimaginable.

UPDATE [6:30 am PT] Reports indicate ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. Eight-year old, Saffie Roussos, is among those who died, as well as 18-year old Georgina Callander, described as a “super fan” of Ms. Grande. Death toll now stands at 22.

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  • Scott says:

    Just saw on the news that the scum known as isis has claimed responsibility…You can’t reason with subhumans like this, that would target little girls. all you can do is eradicate them, and it’s long overdue! May god be with the families of those who were lost in this cowardly attack

  • Joe Miller says:

    Everybody says we all pray to the same God. I don’t think so.

  • Scott says:

    allah, whom that pedophile terrorist muhammad worshiped is no god!

  • parker says:

    Too many, especially politicians and other opinion shapers, refuse to admit that the core issue is that the tenents of Islam are inherently repressive. Islam promotes attacks like this one and all the thousands of other attacks made in the name of Allah. Until this is recognized and appropriate actions are taken many more innocents will die and be maimed.

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