Louisville: Injury, Mayhem, and Lies

Louisville: Injury, Mayhem, and Lies

Louisville: Injury, Mayhem, and Lies

Louisville, Kentucky is suffering at the hands of “mostly peaceful protesters.” The sort who shoot police officers, pre-plan destruction, and believe the seditious lies of power hungry politicians and media. 

Following the announcement of the Grand Jury investigation into the charges against the police officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor, the city of Louisville, Kentucky was prepared for mayhem. Days prior to the anticipated announcement Mayor Greg Fischer had ordered the fortification of city buildings, saying

Our goal with these steps is ensuring space and opportunity for potential protesters to gather and express their First Amendment rights, At the same time, we are preparing for any eventuality to keep everyone safe.”

To be clear, the mayor boarded up city buildings in anticipation of “protesters.” Since when do “protesters” require a city to fortify itself? Ah, when the “mostly peaceful protesters”(MPP’s) are in fact rioting, looting, and ransacking a city.

The mayor was right to be concerned in light of LA, Portland, Seattle, New York City, and any number of cities where the MPP’s are hellbent on destruction not protest. He was wrong, and exceptionally misleading, to call them anything but rioters.

The Attorney General’s announcement of the Grand Jury investigation was concise, legalistic, and heartfelt. Essentially, the scope of the law is clear and not violated in the shooting of Breonna Taylor.

Police officers shot during mostly peaceful protest

Unfortunately two Louisville Metro Police officers were shot during the riots “peaceful protests.” Thankfully, reports are that neither has sustained life threatening injuries. One officer is alert and moving about, while the other is in surgery for a bullet wound to the abdomen. The suspect is in custody.




LEO’s have become the target of violence and murder, as rhetoric is intensified. Recently two LA County Sheriff’s Deputies were targeted in an attempted murder. Both deputies are recovering from life threatening injuries, despite a significant reward the assailant is still at large.

The tone is not being helped by self aggrandizing celebrities like Colin Kaepernick who three hours prior to the Louisville shooting tweets this gem,

The white supremacist institution of policing that stole Breonna Taylor’s life from us must be abolished for the safety and well being of our people.”

While I think Kap is a hypocrite who never seemed to mind SFPD protecting his kneeling back-end, he’s considered a leader by the type of people who riot and shoot cops. He’s dehumanizing LEO’s by aligning them with white supremacists and then saying the institution they belong to must be abolished. Separating the individual from the institution requires analytical thought not often exhibited by Kap and his acolytes. I’m not saying Kap is responsible for the shooter’s actions – but he is amongst those responsible for elevating tensions against the police.

Tearing down what they can’t rebuild, at the direction of those who don’t want to rebuild

1990’s metal band “Rage Against the Machine” crafted a catchy little protest song, “Killing in the name” (apology if you’re humming it now). Originally conceived as a protest song against “institutional racism” (Bleh, the philosophy of social science), it now ironically applies to the rioters. The banging riffs and repetitive lyrics,

And now you do what they told ya/But now you do what they told ya/Well now you do what they told ya”,

express exactly what rioters are doing – what they’re told. These people have been told that their anger should manifest itself in the destruction of institutions that have “held them in bondage”…. They are too short sighted to see that they are hurting themselves and their communities at the direction of other groups who “hold them in bondage.”

Namely BLM and ANTIFA, who are a Janus face on the same destructive coin.

After months of chaos across the county, we yet again find a “peaceful protest” in Louisville looking a lot like riotous attacks on city buildings.



Unlike her sister cities in chaos, Louisville has a strong local and state police presence. Despite astro-turf UHAUL trucks full of protest posters, and random stacks of bricks distributed throughout the area, the damage was limited to a few square blocks. The mayor had days earlier declared a “state of emergency”, and preparations were in place for crowd control and containment.

Louisville’s officials must have been paying attention to the utter failures in Portland, Seattle, New York City, DC…. The successful restriction of vehicular traffic prevented the usual onslaught of “peaceful protesters” with their cars full of projectiles. Hauling bricks in a backpack requires more physical work than most of the rioters is willing to expend. Throwing bricks and frozen bottles is easy. Hauling them in by foot is not.

Kamala keeps on pushing a disproven narrative, and punts the downed officers

Kamala Harris sent out yet another misleading tweet, pushing the narrative that the police failed to “knock” before entering the apartment of Breonna Taylor. She posted this tweet just hours after the two Louisville MPD officers were shot,

Tonight, I’m thinking of Breonna Taylor’s family who is still grieving the loss of a daughter and sister. We must never stop speaking Breonna’s name as we work to reform our justice system, including overhauling no-knock warrants.” 

9:12 PM · Sep 23, 2020

Witnesses state the police both knocked and identified themselves before the shooting started. Yet the candidate for Vice President persists in perpetuating the false narrative about a “no-knock warrant.” She convolutes “justice reform” with what is by the investigation, determined to be an unfortunate outcome to a process that followed the law. A bad law doesn’t mean the entire system is in need of dismantling. If she wanted real reform she could walk across the aisle and co-sponsor Rand Paul’s bill to abolish “no-knock” warrants. But why try bipartisan legislation when divisive rhetoric works so well.

As for her concern for the injured Louisville MPD officers… it took several hours to cross her fingers,

@JoeBiden and I are keeping the police officers who were shot in Louisville in our hearts, wishing them a swift and speedy recovery. Violence is not the answer and we must find a way to express our grief, anger, and demands in ways that reflect the world we wish to see.”
10:34 PM · Sep 23, 2020
Way to step-up there VP nominee. Your sincere concern for their well being is felt… by no one. This disingenuous concern reeks of perfunctory politics.

Critical hypocrites lack critical thinking

Aubrey Williams, defense attorney and former head of the NAACP in Louisville, says this on the Laura Ingram show (14:51),

number one… the no-knock warrant and the action of the officers were not illegal… they were consistent with the law… we have to understand I said to the public that the officers were acting under the fourth amendment, …”

He’s not wrong, and the fine people of “protest and rioting” would do well to understand the limitations placed on government under the rule of law. The outcry to prosecute the officers, despite no laws broken, is exactly the reason they are claiming to protest… Persecution by the justice system. The only difference is that instead of black it’s blue. And for some reason these people think it’s okay to ignore the law when it works to accomplish something they want. Clearly, critical thinking isn’t their strong suit.

In fact, it’s in remarkably short supply across the board.

Thanks Sarah Hoyt and welcome to our Instapundit readers!

Featured Image: Flickr/Kentucky National Guard License: CC BY-NC-ND-2.0 Image Cropped and scaled: 400×400

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  • Amplefort says:

    Although the county in which I live is still mostly rural, we are a part of the Louisville Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). I grew up in Louisville. I went to high school in downtown Louisville. In the aftermath of the rioters firing on and wounding two policemen, someone shot video of the rioters running through the alley where I used to park my car when I wanted to cut school, which was frequent.

    I have a good sense of what goes on in the city because many of my friends work in and serve the people of the Louisville Metro.

    Here’s my guess on Louisville’s strong response: Democrat internal polling has awakened them to the need to do something about the violence. Governor Beshear — the Gilligan of Governors — provided a strong presence from the Kentucky State Police and the Kentucky National Guard to back up LMPD. I don’t think the response was to protect as much as it was to try to get their corpse of a candidate votes and maybe they have hope that Amy McGrath — she flew jets, you know — can actually beat Senator McConnell.

    They might also be stinging from Papa Johns deciding to leave Louisville for Atlanta (sucks when a local owner of a major corporation gets canceled and loses his business to liberals, who then move it out of state).

    People voted against Matt Bevin because he was a big meany. Now, we have riots and a giant sucking sound of talent, revenue, and tax base. Sucks to suck.

    Also, property values in my county are skyrocketing. Houses sell quickly. They can’t build apartment complexes fast enough. Where are the people coming from? Louisville. I was just a quarter century ahead of the curve.

  • Linda Hagen-Mooney says:

    Did anyone or can anyone check to see how many no knock raids took place under that crone Harris?

  • Scott says:

    Actually, had they done a no-knock as claimed, it’s likely that she would still be alive. As it is, the police knocking and announcing who they were gave time for her criminal boyfriend (and they seem to fail to mention that St. Breanna had not only lost her ability to practice as an EMT due to criminal activity, but that she was named in the warrant, as she was deeply involved in criminal activity, including covering up, if not actually assisting in murder… making her a perfect poster child for this communist movement). Rand Paul being attacked by the mob after sponsoring his misguided bill is a perfect example that these thugs cannot be appeased..

    And it goes without saying, but “Kap” is a racist idiot that desperately needs his ass kicked!

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