Lipstick Tubes To Benefit Abortion Clinics

Lipstick Tubes To Benefit Abortion Clinics

Lipstick Tubes To Benefit Abortion Clinics

How do the pro-aborts advocate for abortion-as-a-form-of-birth-control? Well, they tried ice cream. Something they haven’t yet tried (until now)? Lipstick. Yep, we’re serious.

Lipslut is the name of the company and, quote, they “raise a sh*t-ton” of money. The company is the brainchild of a good, little Cal Poly liberal, Katie Sones:

I was sitting on the floor of my dorm room watching Trump’s inauguration, and I knew I had to do something about it. I’ve always been really interested in makeup and beauty, but there weren’t many brands out there that I knew about willing to take a firm stance on social issues or that I felt were genuine, so that was the first thing that came to mind: create a brand that lets you give back to an organization you care about. This was a chance to combine the two to make activism more accessible to everyone.”-Katie Sones

Boo-hoo. In her rage against the 2016 election results, she decided definitively that she wanted to create a lipstick called “F*ck Trump”. Other names followed…F*ck Kavannaugh, Leftylibglobalistsantifacommiesocialisthollyweirdopigs, Notorious R.B.G-you get the drift. All lipsticks are cruelty-free (except for their names), Vegan and go for about $19.95 a pop, according to the website.

A firm stance. I can see it now:

“Your lipshade is so pretty. What’s wearing today?”


“What’s it called?”

“F*ck Trump.”

“Do they have any other shades?”


Noted. You can either walk away to avoid the potentially social awkward conversation that follows, assume the girl has Tourettes or you can take her to school after hearing the rationale for her lips of social justice.

If you want to know why Lipslut is in the lipstick game? Here goes:

Let’s just say we aren’t too pleased with our current sociopolitical landscape, and the standards of the cosmetics industry in general. Chances are you aren’t either. Rather than lip service, we’re putting our money where our mouth is.” –

We’re not. Thanks to you all.

You know what’s funny about this? Most die-hard liberal feminists would view make-up as a social construct-a tool designed by the so-called patriarchy to keep women down. Who do we want be beautiful for? For some of us, a little lipstick, some lashes and some eyeliner make us feel good. Some women, let’s be honest, sometimes do like to look nice for their significant others. I happen to be one of these women and I am not embarrassed to say this. There is something to be said about taking a little pride and looking good for your mate. And there’s nothing wrong with this. The irony of all of this is that some of these girls would drop $20 on a tube of gloss because it’s “F*ck Trump” gloss but will flat-out refuse to shave their legs and armpits because…yeah…the patriarchy!

And as far as makeup goes-isn’t the liberal lip gloss crowd worried about offending someone? I mean, after all-hoop earrings for some are out, they can’t dress as another member of a culture of which they don’t belong to for Halloween…isn’t there some crazy, wacky musing somewhere about how wearing lipstick is cultural appropriation? There’s got to be. And what about calling someone the “s” word? Isn’t the word “slut” not a derogatory term? Oh, right. It’s not if some so-called feminists choose to be slutty. Like, if she acts like one, gets pregnant and decides she doesn’t want to keep the baby, she makes that empowered decision at Planned Parenthood. She can repeat this multiple times because bodily autonomy or something. Now, you and others in her corner, can buy a lipstick to promote this bad behavior and continue to fund it.

Roger that.

Ummm, no. Half of the proceeds go to charity. The rest? Production costs and a little bit of profit, I am sure of it. A big YAY for Capitalism, am I right, Lipslut? See? It’s not so bad. You wouldn’t be able to do this in a Socialist country! What color are you wearing today? Can I interest you in a “Smug, Bitter Millennial Matte”? From ice cream to lipstick sales to benefit the funding of abortions-the liberals keep it classy, once again. I personally prefer a shade of “Stop Effing Our Kids Up Fuschia” But go ahead-put on your shade of F*ck Trump and shout your abortion if it makes you feel good-express yo selves. But know no dollar amount on any tube of lipstick will doctor up the ugly on the inside.

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  • GWB says:

    there weren’t many brands out there that I knew about willing to take a firm stance on social issues
    So, she admits right up front that she doesn’t know what a company is for. (Hint: making money)

    $19.95 a pop
    But what’s that compare to the market price for others?
    (For all the other guys out there, I checked Amazon, and they seem to be a little less than $6 for a tube. Heck, you can get a set of 16 for $25. That means she’s marking up her stuff another 200%! Given there’s profit built into the $6….)

    You know what’s funny about this?
    Those two paragraphs are a perfect mash, demonstrating how totally zany modern feminist thought is.

    Half of the proceeds go to charity.
    Half of the “proceeds” (is that net post-costs, or “profit”? does she even know?), but all of the designated proceeds (which, based on the previous sentence in the article, would be half of all the proceeds). That obviously confused poor Madeline, who probably has not been taught to read carefully and thoroughly.

    You know, pondering the cruelty-free thing…. I’m guessing they have NOT done their own research on chemicals that are safe and effective, but are simply using formulations from other companies. If so, then they’re benefitting from the cruelty already inflicted. Or, they’re simply appropriating someone else’s work. (Heck, I’m betting someone else is making the lipstick, too. Probably in a Vietnamese sweatshop. They’re just marking it up and marketing it.)
    I bet they complain about the high price of modern, advanced pharmaceuticals, too, ignoring the funds someone sank into research and development.

  • Jim says:

    We in Australia have just had a Federal election. The trendy socialist/Labor left had been given a beating in an election they were certain they would win due their superior virtue. Instead the conservative voters – known in the USA as ”deplorable” – have given the Liberal National Party coalition a clear majority. As a result there has been an amazing outpouring of abuse at conservative voters [matching Trump Derangement Syndrome] from the screaming harpies of the Left, especially the leftist news media. [ Essentially conservative voters have rejected extreme global warming policies, trendy sex/gender policies, leftist policies censoring ”hate speech” and increased taxation to enlarge the welfare system. They have also rejected increases in immigration from third world countries, given the violence certain tribal-orientated groups have brought to Australia. Of great surprise to the Labor Party they have lost large numbers of hard-working and aspiring blue collar workers and their support now lies with inner city wealthy folks who are wealthy and ‘woke’.

    In essence the ‘sleeping’ conservative and hard working middle class majority has woken up and said ”No!” to the screaming, abusive and increasingly violent Left.

    We conservatives haven’t been so entertained for years!

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