Liberals: Victimhood, Whining And Sulking Is Thy Game

Liberals: Victimhood, Whining And Sulking Is Thy Game

Liberals: Victimhood, Whining And Sulking Is Thy Game

The events over the past few months may be enough to say that the liberals’ chickens have come home to roost.

Between Elon Musk taking over Twitter, a triggered Taylor Lorenz and the various uproar about the lifting of the mask mandates, we have had quite the dose of liberals and their outrage.

I mean, so much fear. So much self-loathing. Even Musk, who is by nature far from Conservative, called liberals on their outrage.

The far left hates everyone, themselves included!”-Elon Musk


Musk’s recent Twitter commentary is certainly a sight to behold. His takedown of AOC was particularly rich:

Mic drop. This Tweet, however, I am sure triggered liberals nationwide. Why? How dare Elon come at sweet, little Sandy Cortez! A woman who has worked so hard to earn her space at the table and to wear those Manolo Blahniks! A woman who has been sexually assaulted! The horror! Poor, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! Taken down by the patriarchy once again.

But it is not just the political figures who call themselves liberals who are having a whine fest. It’s Twitter employees:

It’s even members of our media renowned newspapers. And, members of our institutions of higher learning.

If only, those at our institutions of higher learning got so outraged over their own view on science, the god they seem to worship above all. The god they stand behind to mock others who believe in the God with the capital “G” as intellectually inferior.

Musk’s impending Twitter takeover was indeed about evening the playing field and cultural change. The fact of the matter is that liberals do not want to ever even this playing field. Why? Because they want to be the superior beings who claim to be morally better than their conservative counterparts. They are THAT insecure. They’ve enjoyed these past two years and having the government and our very-liberal media outlets telling us as Americans what is right and wrong with our society. They enjoyed being subjects. They, the insecure victims that they are, enjoyed their social networking platforms where they could passively and aggressively run off at the mouth about why they, as liberals, are better Americans. All while wishing they were not American! The “playing field” of social media, of advertising, of journalism, of free thought has not been “even” in a very long time. Information has been controlled by bots and algorithms giving the most liberal of liberal the followers and numbers they need to get their views out into cyberspace. “Fact checkers” have sat in their mom’s basements throwing out any information that liberals would find triggering or contrary to their narratives and flagging it on people’s posts as “false”. We saw this, especially in times of pandemic.

But they are the victims. They are being bullied. They dox and then make excuses for their doxxing. It’s not his, her or their fault.

Imagine being a teacher getting up in the morning and being triggered by someone referring to a whiteboard as a whiteboard. Imagine being an IT professional and not saying “blackhat” or “whitehat” because this language is “problematic“. Imagine being so worried about a virus that you continue to don a filthy cloth mask and shame those who choose not to or even blame THEM for getting you sick. Imagine thrusting your offspring into a doctor’s office for a consult on self-mutilation and puberty blockers because you want to be that “cool” parent to proudly boast of having that LGBTQ, non-gender-conforming child. Imagine that parent who continually calls out other people based on their race in front of children and cries “inequity” at the drop of a hat. Imagine being that trans person in the workplace who shows up late, is mediocre at best at the job but whines to HR because their annual reviews are sub-par and knows they are only protected because of their gender status and because they wave a huge lawsuit with the corporation over their heads. Imagine being that dreadful human being who goes on a bender after finding out you are pregnant and shouts (multiple) abortions. Imagine being that person who shouts empty platitudes like “I am so diverse” or “Hate has no home here” only to have a Facebook full of upper-middle-class white friends who bash on Christians and Capitalism and gun ownership, encouraging riots from your armchair and thinking that you are actually a better person for spewing your hateful, and sometimes vulgar, rhetoric.

So, go ahead, journos, fact-checkers, “scientists”, politicians, professors and all who support you. Whine, sulk, complain. Play that victim card. Sulk. We’ll even offer you some cheese with your whine.

Liberals have an exhausting existence. I have to admit that reading some of their rants on social media befuddles me. How individuals on this earth can be so angry and at each other’s throats is beyond me. How individuals need to be so seeking of approval is beyond troubling. How individuals are so afraid of going against the grain should be alarming. But that anger and that victimhood and that sulking, and the sheer fear of not following the script, I fear, is shaping a generation of weak, hyper-offended individuals with the inability to cope with what life throws at them. Is this winning thy game? Resist? How do you resist anything when you’ve painted yourself as such a victim? We need to pray for our future generations. I’m sure by saying “pray” that I have triggered someone somewhere. Am I apologetic for this? No, not really.

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