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Liberal Hypocrisy on Display as Trump Threatened

Liberal Hypocrisy on Display as Trump Threatened

Liberal Hypocrisy on Display as Trump Threatened

Liberal hypocrisy is on full display, as threats start rolling in against President Trump after the United States successfully targeted and took out the world’s most dangerous terrorist – Qassem Soleimani, the now thankfully disassembled former commander of Iran’s IRGC-QF.

At Soleimani’s highly contrived funeral, a eulogist issued a suggestion that Iran place an $80 million bounty on Trump’s head – $1 for each individual in Iran’s 80-million population. Although, the bounty was a bitter suggestion and not official Iran policy, according to PolitiFact, it had an immediate social media impact.

We asked Farhad Souzanchi — a Farsi speaker who founded the Rouhani Meter fact-checking website, which covers Iranian politics — to review the video clip from the funeral. Souzanchi said that Arouzi’s summary of the speaker’s words was accurate.

Souzanchi said the eulogist prefaced his remarks by saying that “this is a voluntary suggestion from the people of Mashhad on behalf of all Iranians.”

While the suggestion was apparently ignored by most people with two brain cells to rub together, our intrepid, terrorist taint-licking prognazi celebrity-types decided to put liberal hypocrisy on full display by cheering the potential murder of the President.

Wikimedia commons; CC 2.0
Wikimedia commons; public domain

Supposed “comedian” George Lopez, who lately is beginning to look like the greasy offspring of an unfortunate, drunken union between Saddam Hussein and a tarantula after a night of Taco Bell and cheap beer, decided to answer the Iranian call to action by claiming “we’ll do it for half.”

Make no mistake, boys and girls. When Lopez says “we,” he means some unhinged assnugget who will, no doubt, take this call seriously and sacrifice him or herself at the altar of liberal hypocrisy by attempting to assassinate the President of the United States. Lopez certainly doesn’t mean that HE will leave his gated community and the safety of his multi-million dollar home to put his money where his mouth is.

And guess what! This is exactly what some assnugget did yesterday, and not for the first time.

A man arrested by Palm Beach Police this morning had $22,000, a machete and a pick ax, in addition to knives in his possession, according to an officer with the department.

The man, identified by his passport as Masoud Yareioeill Zoleh, an Iranian national, also had a car parked at Palm Beach International Airport, Public Information Officer Michael Ogrodnick said.


Friday’s arrest marked the third time this week that a person has caught the attention of authorities guarding President Donald Trump or the island where he has made his residence.

Liberals’ reaction? Meh.

Hell, Congressional terrorist fellator Ilhan Omar actually encouraged Iran to target Trump’s properties, without so much as a peep from the Democrats, highlighting liberal hypocrisy in full swing.

Now This – a “news” site created by a Huffington Post co-founder and its CEO to indoctrinate America’s youth into the glories of socialist thought and turn them into good little Marxists – gleefully posted video of Iranians threatening the President after he rightfully and legally took out Soleimani,

But to show liberal hypocrisy in its full, repulsive glory, I draw your attention to the left’s reaction after the shooting of Gabby Giffords in 2011. At the time Sarah Palin released a graphic of a map that included Giffords’ congressional district as one of several to “target” during the election, and the liberals were apoplectic that somehow this graphic caused a deranged gunman to “target” Giffords.

Leftist magazine The Nation immediately drew a connection between the Palin graphic and Giffords’ shooting.

As flags were lowered to half staff Monday and plans were made for a national moment of silence, another targeted Arizona representative, Congressman Raul Grijalva, bluntly declared that: “Ms. Palin needs to look at her own behavior.”

And the sheriff of the county where the shooting took place says: “It’s time to do a little soul searching about the rhetoric we hear…”

Even the left-leaning PolitiFact had to acknowledge that Palin’s “target” graphic had nothing to do with the Giffords’ shooting.

But liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds.

The New York Times had to issue a correction to its editorial blaming Palin for the shooting.

Insane liberals (but I repeat myself) on social media went full potato, blaming Palin’s PAC for the shooting, and Grijalva, who resembles a deflated basketball dipped in diarrhea, went as far as to blame the TEA Party writ large for the incident.

Asked if the Tea Party right was to blame, he added: “[When] you stoke these flames, and you go to public meetings and you scream at the elected officials, you threaten them–you make us expendable you make us part of the cannon fodder. For a while, you’ve been feeding this hatred, this division…you feed it, you encourage it….Something’s going to happen. People are feeding this monster….Some of the extreme right wing has made demonization of elected officials their priority.”

But Trump threats? Those are perfectly OK. Because ORANGEMANBAD, and liberal hypocrisy is de rigeur with this President.

Facebook death threats against the President that resulted in the arrest of a Florida man aren’t even a blip on anyone’s radar.

Making bomb threats against Trump? Yeah, that’s cool.

Encouraging Iran to “drag” Trump? That’s fine too!

Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds, as long as it supports their agenda and excoriates their enemies.

Featured image: Monado on Flickr; cropped; CC 2.0

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