Lena Dunham Sells Tear-Stained Dress She Wore for Election Night [VIDEO]

Lena Dunham Sells Tear-Stained Dress She Wore for Election Night [VIDEO]

Lena Dunham Sells Tear-Stained Dress She Wore for Election Night [VIDEO]

We recently learned how Lena Dunham dumped her poor rescue dog at a shelter. Now we learn that she sold the godawful dress she wore on Election Night, 2016, when her dreams of a Hillary Clinton presidency crashed and burned.

Now would you want that dress? Maybe it’s still rancid after Dunham cried and sweated out election night. Ewww!

Yet, Dunham sold it on a luxury consignment website called TheRealReal, although at the $125 price tag it’s not exactly “luxury.” In fact, it appears that H&M carried the dress.

I know you’re dying to see Dunham’s listing of the dress. Here you go:

Click to enlarge.

Now I don’t have a picture of Lena Dunham looking all stunning in this number. However, here’s how it looked on a model:

Credit: sincerely-sarcastic.com

That eyesore looks like the nightmare a Trekkie would have while on a really bad LSD trip.

Moreover, Dunham is selling about 150 pieces of clothing at TheRealReal because she’s “symbolically cleaning house.” She’s still mourning the election results, of course. For example, here’s her soul-crushing reaction to Hillary’s loss, just for your entertainment:

So Dunham’s boyfriend had trouble breathing and she broke out in hives. Friends, you can’t make this stuff up!

Here, let me play a tune for Lena:

However, the worst part about Dunham’s “luxury” rummage sale is that the proceeds are going to Planned Parenthood. Then again, PP won’t need government handouts if rich celebrities like Lena throw Benjamins their way, right?

Kira Davis at Red State mused that maybe Donald Trump should’ve bought that dress:

 “Please, oh please oh gods of the internet…please tell me Donald Trump bought that dress. Few things would be more delicious at this point than seeing Melania Trump show up somewhere in Lena Dunham’s dress o’ tears.”

Although the irony is delicious, just — no. I don’t know how what size Melania Trump wears. However, I doubt she has the 40″ hips listed as the measurements for Dunham’s dress. Moreover, do you think that the gorgeous First Lady who dressed like this on Election Night. . .

. . .would be caught dead wearing cast off clothing from this fashion disaster?

Not. A. Chance. There’s class and then there’s, well, Lena Dunham.

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  • Scott says:

    Well, first off, Melania Trump is beautiful, unlike that sister molesting skank dunham…
    second of, I snortd when I read “trekkie on a really bad LSD trip”.. I couldn’t have said it better.. also, her boyfriend has got to have one of the lowest levels of testosterone ever measured in a human male ( with the possible exception of my sisters “husband”)..so it’s not surprising that he couldn’t breathe, after getting hid panties in a twist over the election… if we as a nation would just get out of the way, and let nature as Darwin described it take it’s course, scum like this would die before they could become a problem for the rest of us…

  • Chris in N.Va says:


    Over here!


    Look at and listen to me! I’m still relevant! I’m important!

    I am woman, hear me bore!


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