Lena Dunham, I Don’t Believe You

Lena Dunham, I Don’t Believe You

Lena Dunham, the supposed rape victim.
Lena Dunham, the supposed rape victim.
On Buzzfeed this week Lena Dunham kept up her nonsense about her “sexual assualt”. Here is my response.

Lena Dunham, I don’t believe you. I don’t believe anything that comes out of your mouth. I don’t believe that you were raped or sexually assaulted. I don’t believe that you are a victim or a survivor.

I believe that you are a psychopath that needs to be the center of attention. I do believe that you are an uncaring, unintelligent, immoral liar. I do believe that you were foolish enough to think that you could write whatever you wanted in your pointless book without any repercussions. I do believe that you didn’t think people would try to find out who your alleged rapist was, and you didn’t think that you would quite probably ruin a man’s life. I believe you didn’t care one bit.

As I type this, I have a throbbing migraine because I had a panic attack today. Do you know why, Lena Dunham? I had a panic attack because in my fitness class, I heard a song that reminded me of my abusive ex-husband. When that happens, I have to stop what I am doing, and I have to get down on the floor, put my head between my knees and force myself to breathe. Meanwhile, I have to focus on not remembering abuse episodes because if I do I will vomit. It’s very embarrassing, and it is horrible for the people who see these episodes of mine.

Do you know that when I first started telling people that I was being abused no one believed me? Why? Because women like you, Lena, who come forward with these unbelievably vague allegations, trying to “protect” your abuser, ruin it for those of us who are trying to escape a horrifying situation. We need help, but no one believes us because liars like you, and many, many more, have some psychotic idea that it would be fun to pretend to be a victim for a little while… mostly just so that you can get the title “survivor” and achieve some momentary fame.

What I find even more egregious is that you use the textbook examples of how abuse victims feel about our abuse. You say you were ashamed. You were afraid of judgment. You were afraid that no man would ever want you – which is ironic because you are supposed to be a far Leftist Feminazi that doesn’t care if men want her or not. You say you didn’t want to tell your story out of fear you would be “re-victimized”. You say you didn’t want to prosecute or open investigations.

I never felt ashamed that I was abused, and I still don’t. I don’t feel guilty. I don’t even feel fearful anymore. I never felt that a man would never want me again. I knew that my family loved me enough to see past my scars, and most people now, after they hear my story of why I am having a panic attack, don’t judge me. I chose to have my ex-husband prosecuted, and at trial I was never once made to feel like it was my fault. I was never re-victimized. I told my story, and the judge, prosecutor, and my ex-husband’s defense attorney were all extremely kind.

You haven’t raised awareness of sexual assault, rape, or abuse. You haven’t made it easier for women to be empowered to tell people when they are raped. You haven’t encouraged a dialogue to take place about these hard topics. All you have done is propagate more stereotypes, and you have made it even harder for the true victims to receive the help and assistance they need. You’ve also potentially ruined an innocent man’s life.

So, Lena Dunham, when I was down on the floor today, wheezing, fighting hard not to fall back into those terrifying memories while I simultaneously try not to puke, I realized that women like you don’t know how truly awful moments like these are for women like me. These are moments when I try hard not to see the faces of the people who didn’t believe me because I know that they are only victims of women like you – women who lie to seek the attention status of “survivor”.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    That Dunham twit should have to suffer through such panic attacks-not you. I hope things get better for you over time. As for Dunham, I wish her nothing but the worst. She’s made her fortune with her book of lies-let her spend it on a lifetime of pills and shrinks-and still find no peace for her BS. Real victims like you have to needlessly suffer like that while turds like her play their fake victim games. Nauseating beyond words.

    • Amy Taylor says:

      False allegations put a huge strain on abuse victims because sometimes we aren’t believed. If the man (in my case) is a “good” guy to the outside world, that is all the world sees until you make them see more.

  • Kate says:

    Yeah, no one believes Lena. In fact, everyone wants her to just go away now.

    Thanks for writing this, Amy.

  • Merle says:

    I’m glad that you have survived it, and that you are making progress. Hang in there!


    • Amy Taylor says:

      Thank you! Things get better all the time. God has blessed me immensely now. I have a wonderful loving husband and three beautiful children. Only remnants of the damage done still remain to rear their ugly heads, but with the love of family and friends I am overcoming.

  • Kim Quade says:

    All I can say is . . . BOOM!
    Well-done, ma’am.

    • Jodi says:

      What Kim said. ^^^

      Thank you, Amy, for your honesty and for holding this liar accountable.

      I’m glad you’re finding peace.

  • Hotspur says:

    And this is why this site is bookmarked in my daily feed.

  • Dana says:

    Mrs Taylor, please! Don’t you realize that Miss Dunham is one of your betters, and it is wrong for you to challenge her like this?

  • Jennifer says:

    From a fellow trauma survivor who was afraid to come forward (mine occurred when I was a child and was non-family related) I say “YES!! Let the TRUE SURVIVORS TRIUMPH!” And let hags like Lena be rejected by the public. Those people make it harder for TRUE SURVIVORS to triumph like Amy and I have. GO GIRL!

  • Catherine says:

    Thank you for such a great post, Amy. I too was a “victim” (God, how I hate that word) of a horrific rape, and Miss Dunham makes me sick…as does that “Jackie” character from UofV….both of them are vile people. Feminists aren’t the slightest bit interested in you or me, or the thousands of other women who have been actually abused or raped. You know how I know? They aren’t interested in helping any of them by encouraging firearm training or self-defense. They respond with retarded advice on how to “teach men not to rape” or get your “anti-rape face” on! Lordy, they are transparent! What they ARE interested in is perpetuating the idea that all men are bad…to advance their lunatic agenda of feminist power. So, I consider your essay a wonderful way to infuriate them and expose their evil. Because it IS evil.

    • Amy Taylor says:

      My “anti-rape face” is the face I make when I aim my gun, and as Reba once sang, “Little Sister don’t miss when she aims her gun!”

    • Laureen says:

      Catherine–I love you and your honesty. Lena Dunham is an attention whore, narcissist and opportunist. You are the real deal, as is Amy Taylor. The real deal for the truth.

  • Blue says:

    I basically agree.

    In fact, I think she quite intentionally named the real “Barry” as her fake assailant as a little joke to herself and a dig at Republicans. She was too dim to realize that people would track down the guy, though.

  • Miriam says:





  • EndOfPatience says:


    And +10 for Catherine.

    This article explains why I hate Democrats and other Leftists.

  • writeby says:

    Women who fake rape aid and abet actual rapists.

    And ought be ostracized when they speak or write about it…and prosecuted when they report it.

    As for rapists, castrate them for their first offense; do a Lorena Bobbitt for their second. BUT be damned sure the guy’s guilty.

  • Fen says:

    I’m in the process of trying to convince an organization that one of their VIPs should be removed from positions of authority because he attempted to molest an 11 yr old girl. But thanks to your fake story and Rolling Stone’s, people are refusing to listen. Which means he’ll likely get away with it and go on to molest more children. You stupid selfish bitch.

  • moron says:

    Hopefully she will become the center of attention in a federal detention facility for a long time.

  • Mister John Galt says:

    I’ve worked with many abused women, seen the pictures of the bruises, heard their late-night, desperate cries. While some of them have refused to go to the police, it was because they feared of losing their homes, children or means of support.

    Lena is simply a liar. She has led a pampered life with the expectation of getting everything she wants. She would attack and try to punish anyone who offered her the slightest offense. The idea that she would blame herself for being attacked and show mercy towards her rapist is ridiculous — especially since he was a conservative Republican.

    Thank you for sharing your story, Ann Taylor!

  • ThewlynOh says:

    look at this stupid sow’s upbringing…rich, spoiled, indulged at every turn, actions without consequences? is it any wonder she’s turned out the way she has? is it any wonder she never considers the repercussions of her thoughts & actions?

    to label this twit “the voice of a new generation” like some leftist hollywood idjits have is an insult…no man would ever want her NOT because she was “raped”, but because she is a miserably ugly human being…

  • Jared says:

    Thank you for such a clear-headed and reasonable post. You grazed against something that hasn’t rung true for me in this recent skirmish in that “war against women against men,” if that is what this is.

    I was a police dispatcher in the mid-1970s and barely of legal age myself. It is how I worked through college. But I was a pretty good dispatcher. I saw the way the police straightened up when it came to sexual assault cases. Old detectives were taken out of the picture. We were carefully trained and watched how we handled sexual assault cases from women. So were the emergency rooms. Women were told they could come forward and not press charges, but the police were there to give the woman the option, to consider for herself. The crisis center women were strong and caring and a real bridge to real victims. The non-police functions were not funded well enough but even that was getting better, especially with charity. I had the feeling that all of this was some of the best fruit of feminism — back then, in the dark age of the 1970s.

    What the hell happened? Are we to believe that the police and courts regressed, even though women officers are far more common? And what about our sensitively educated generations of young people that followed mine through college? They are now all (excuse me, 1 in 5) rapist men and utterly helpless and clueless women? And no one wants to be in real life victim services? Giving real help to real victims?

    I just don’t believe it. An absurd “rape wave” is sweeping through the …ether? It is almost like what a witch hunt must have been like centuries ago. And this quirky Hollywood starlet (I guess at this, because I have never seen her perform) is a modern witch finder.

    I am absolutely sure there is rape and sexual abuse and I know there are real victims. But think that the generations of workers in the victim services after me did and now do better work than we did forty years ago. And I read that both the true rate of victimization and of reported sexual assaults has gone down. Actually, aren’t we all pretty sure that is actually what did happen and this is where we are today?

  • JohnnyL says:

    From what I have read of Lena’s account the sex was consensual and that she later determined it fit the new definition of rape and assault as set out by the affirmative consent every step of the way nonsense that is en vogue. Seems it was more forceful than she thought it would be and that wasn’t negotiated in advance and he removed the agreed upon condom part of the way through. Since she didn’t affirmatively consent to these she now says she was raped and assaulted during consensual sex. Of course she is not a victim but she desires it because as George Will stated “Victimhood is now a coveted status”. It gives you perks and street cred.

    • Amy Taylor says:

      Isn’t it ironic that the title these type women seem to want is the label I hate most? I dont want people to call me a victim. I hate that title. I hate that I was treated that way and abused. I am proud that I took control back and stood up to my abuser. I’m proud of my strength.

      • EndOfPatience says:

        Sure. But you’re an adult woman. The problem is spoiled, self entitled girl-women playing middle shool status games.

    • GWB says:

      I believe there were also attitude-altering substances involved (alcohol in this case, alcohol and drugs in the UVa case – supposedly). Again, if you choose to imbibe until your judgment is washed completely away, you’ve already consented to stupidity.

  • Kitsapbass says:

    I’m sorry you went through what you did, and what you go through still to this day. May you live the rest of your days in the peace you deserve.

  • MJN1957 says:

    If the false-accusers cared what their lies caused for TRUE victims, they’d shut up. But they don’t, they – and their enablers – just want the story. Truthfulness has nothing to do with it.

    As a LEO, it is astonishingly saddening to speak to jurors after an acquittal in an egregious sexual assault prosecution and have them offer that their ‘reasonable doubt’ derived from some nonsense like Dunham has done with her story. Argue all you want that the jurors shouldn’t consider Dunham’s nonsense, but they are human and they do.

    Of course, that’s why Dunham and her ilk don’t want their lies challenged and they cry ‘Always believe the accuser’ (unless, of course, the accused is a democrat politician) so loudly.

    She is a disgusting excuse for a human, and the damage she has done to real people, not the frauds in the various studios where she lives he fantasy life, has already begun and will have more than enough momentum to carry until the next similar Big Lie is told. I know she and her ilk do not care that women will die – if not literally, at minimum emotionally – because of her willful lie in her damned stupid book.

  • Micha Elyi says:

    Anita Hill, I don’t believe you either.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    Too many of the wonderful people at this site have been the victims of scum from what I’m seeing here. REAL victims-and I hope they will all overcome their horrible experiences. Meanwhile we have scum of a different kind, like this Dunham turd, who goes around claiming to be some sort of victim in order to make a few bucks and become a hero for all other attention whores of the Left. This makes me angry beyond any civil words because it just shows what a screwed up society we have allowed the Left to foist upon us. And that needs to stop before it is too late.

  • Beerdad says:

    Whenever I read stories like this (The Dunham Horror, UVA Rolling Stone, Mike Brown, Travyon, etc.), I never believe them. The details never add up to the point of even making them sound even the slightest bit true. The details in all of these are wrapped and dripping in obvious leftist narrative.

    Even the slightest bit of digging into any of these stories peels back the smelly lestist onion to reveal facts that did not align with the original versions of these stories.

    • Appalled By The World says:

      Same here. As a radio show host in these parts likes to say- “B as in B, S as in S”.

      If someone compiled all the Leftist stories like these and others from just the last 25 years it would make everyone forget all about Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Nobody has and nobody ever will top the fairy tales of the Left either in quantity or zaniness.

  • Marty J says:

    My heart goes out to you.

    I recall some research about 2 or 3 decades ago that showed that men were more harsh and punitive toward rapists than were women. The idea that “the patriarchy” somehow supports rape and abuse is and always has been ridiculous, but good luck finding anyone in academia these days who will deal with reality rather than theory and “narrative.”

    • Amy Taylor says:

      I experienced that. Most men are disgusted and enraged over abusive men. The MSM, Lefties, and Feminists won’t let you believe that, though. And, as a mother to boys, I find the “teach your sons not to rape, ” crap incredibly insulting. Really? What did you think I was going to teach them?!

  • Molly says:

    Just as disgusting as Dunham are the publisher and the Main Stream Media who have glorified her without any genuine attempt at scrutiny or verifying her account – even though it accused a real man of a crime. They say they made an attempt. How dumb do they think we are? How many times has this sort of thing happened before? I have lost all confidence in the Main Stream Media!

  • texasredbud says:

    Great article. Sometimes the only thing to do is call out the liars using the truth. Some thing the media rarely does.

  • Joe says:

    End post. Mic drop.


  • Malvolio says:

    Here is the big equivocation here. You and I think of ourselves as feminists because we believe in the social and legal equality of women.

    “Feminists” like Denham are indifferent to actual women and their well-being. That’s why they have no interest in naming accusers and sending them to prison. The more rapists running around at large, the better for pseudo-feminists: by generating victims, rapists generate moral authority, political power, and cash — earmarked for the victims but easily appropriated by the pseudo-feminists.

  • anna says:

    I don’t know the details of the situation, but all this “real surviver” “true victim” stuff in the comments is making me feel sick. It just makes it sound like society gets to dictate if what you went through was “real” or not, if your allowed to feel pain, to talk about what you went through. Maybe she wasn’t raped, maybe she was, who knows, I wasn’t in that room.
    What I’m trying to get across is that by deciding who a “real victim” is and isn’t based only on what you know, seems more harmful than helpful when trying to help rape/sexual assult survivers. Pointing fingers and saying liar isn’t really helping anyone feel welcome to share their experiences. It’s really only helping the people trying to keep us quiet.

    • Jared says:

      The reason “society” is being dragged into this is because we have two new avenues by which the “discussion” is going forward: Internet-based framing/shaming of the issue, some of which is based on untrue stories, and the recent growth of a quasi-judicial sex crime resolution system on college campuses whose scope is so great it has fallen on “society” to debate it.

      With this happening, the sexual assault victims that have been choosing to keep their experiences within the victim services area and away from the police are not impacted. But the ability for victims advocates to generalize from that private/closely shared experience and start up a public “discussion” means that other participants (“society”?) will seek to find information (and weigh its value) from where they can.

    • GWB says:

      I think you’re missing an important point: who the heck are the real victims? Are we supposed to let liars like Dunham sap away the energy of our compassion so there is less for those who actually have suffered rape or assault? Why should she get to claim that energy when other people – like Amy – really need it?

      Or are you saying that we should automatically believe any woman who cries “Rape!” just because she is a woman and is crying “Rape!”? Because that would run afoul of every moral system of justice ever in existence. Do you feel the same way when a man accuses someone of stealing from him? Or when someone claims to have been assaulted? At least if you do, you’re being consistent – if terribly naive and awfully unjust.

      What Lena Dunham (and “Jackie” and Erdely) have done is called Bearing False Witness. It’s one of the Big 10 – the 10 Commandments laid out in Scripture – as well as in every moral code of justice in the history of the world. Heck, it’s even a crime (slander/libel, filing a false police report, perjury, to name a few).

      As to “based only on what you know”… Well, fine, how about some more detail? I thought Dunham’s story was pretty darned detailed. She described the guy in detail. She never claimed (until a lawsuit threatened the publisher) that his name was a pseudonym. The alleged facts (as with the UVa case) didn’t hold up under the light of day. If there’s more information that would support her story, I would certainly be willing to listen to it. But I don’t think it exists, except in her dark and narcissistic little mind. If you want to prosecute folks on the basis of something other than actual evidence, then I don’t even want you part of my society.

      As to “feel[ing] welcome to share their experiences”… honey, did you actually read the post? Did you read the author’s reactions to the comments here?

      “It’s really only helping the people trying to keep us quiet.”
      No one is trying to keep real victims quiet – except the actual perpetrators of the crime. NO ONE. Go back and re-read the comments you’re so bothered by. Only this time take off your leftist-feminist goggles. You’ll see folks who are very much in support of real victims of real crimes, who would mostly like nothing more than some personal alone time with a rapist and a baseball bat (some might prefer a knife or something in a large caliber) and immunity from prosecution. The persecution you’re hearing isn’t there.

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