Bold Liberty: I-594 “I Will Not Comply” Rally This Weekend

Bold Liberty: I-594 “I Will Not Comply” Rally This Weekend

Under Washington State law, it is now effectively a felony simply to hand a firearm to another person and have them hand it back.  Three days from now, over 6,000 armed Americans will descend on the State Capitol building in Olympia to commit the largest group “felony” in American history by choosing to buy, sell and trade firearms on the capitol grounds in defiance of the State.  Their mission is one of peace, but it is also one of resolution and willingness to defend—at all costs—our right to bear arms in liberty.

I will be standing proudly among them.

Local gun groups have said this isn’t what we need right now, that we should be engaging in the same old tired game of expecting the legislation to ‘fix’ the problem.  They completely ignore the simple fact that I-594 can and should be violated under the Constitution.  Liberal gun grabbers are freaking out, calling us everything they can think of.  The rally’s Facebook page is teeming with activity 24-7, both from supporters and haters alike.  Through it all, the numbers continue to climb.

Our countrymen are coming from all corners of our nation to stand with us…come what may.

You see, even if you’ve never heard of I-594, the voter initiative that passed in November, it affects you.  It was funded by Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates and their anti-gun cronies, who brought their money in and pushed the campaign through.  They admitted the day after it passed that they had no intention of stopping—not in WA, and not in other states.  Bloomberg’s group are “gathering signatures for a similar initiative in Nevada, and future campaigns are being planned for Arizona and Maine.”  They are bringing even more gun restrictions and infringements to WA next year.

Liberty is fading.  We can no longer afford to sit around and wait for our legislators to do their job.  Very few of them will.  We can no longer think that simply writing letters and making phone calls will make a difference.  It hasn’t.  We can no longer donate our hard-earned cash to groups that promise results.  They will continue to compromise and “consider legal action” and all sorts of other things that ultimately have not accomplished a whole lot.

It is time to stand.

We must rise with principle and a resolute heart.  It is not just our liberty we must secure, but our children’s.  If we do not stand now, we destine them to securing their liberty with their own blood.  And what would we say to them on that day, when they realize that they must fight or be slaves?  How would we even begin to explain that they must give themselves, because we did not have the fortitude to do for them what was done for us?

The brightly colored piece of cloth that flies on our flagpoles and hangs at our sporting events is not just a pretty color scheme for paper plates at July 4th barbecues.  It signifies blood that was spilled for you.  It signifies the ultimate gift–a life, ended so yours can continue free.  It stands for courage and honor, two traits that seem to be so lost in our society, and yet are so desperately needed today.   There is not a day that goes by that you should not be absolutely cognizant, in the core of your being, that you owe a debt and a duty.  Your freedom was purchased with the blood of others. The only way you can repay that debt is by holding fast to your duty to protect and defend its priceless gift of liberty.

We cannot stand against tyranny if we are compromising.  We cannot rise if we are cowering.  We cannot fight if the means to do so has been taken from us.

In three days, you have the opportunity to do what has not been done in this country in over two hundred years.  You can come stand with us, and sign the Declaration of Affirmation.  It reads as follows:

We The People hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, each endowed by their Creator with natural, irrevocable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, Property and the defense thereof. As such, we re-affirm these birthrights for us and our posterity, refusing any and all attempts from those who would infringe upon them.

We declare that the right of self-defense is natural. As the framers affirmed and sealed with blood, so we affirm that our right to keep and bear arms is granted by the Supreme Ruler of the Universe and may not be restricted in any fashion. We the masters of a government by the consent of the governed, armed and ready, declare to our legislators and fellow citizens that no act of government, nor vote of the public carries any authority to remove, dilute or hinder any of the people’s rights. Not today. Not ever. We will no longer allow our rights to be altered, touched or approached. We stand and we call upon all creation to stand with us. We call on all officers and representatives to uphold their oath and refuse unlawful actions. We call for peace and principle, but we will not back down and we will no longer tolerate those who trample our absolute and indisputable rights. We pledge our blood. We will not comply.

In three days, thousands of Americans are rising for liberty.  Among us are Mike Vanderboegh, Sheriff Richard Mack, Cope Reynolds, Ammon Bundy, State Rep. Elizabeth Scott, Gavin Seim, and several thousand of your fellow Americans, who are willing to put themselves in the breach to protect freedom for your children.

Come stand with us.

For liberty.


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  • Appalled By The World says:

    Bloomburg-the same RINO king who had THREE terms as mayor of NYC even though he was limited to just 2 by law? Lovely-he can break whatever rules he likes while pushing for anti-Constitutional laws for us peons who aren’t billionaires. And now that he’s no longer mayor he can now spend time wreaking havoc on a national level with his insane BS.

    I swear-sometimes the RINO’s are actually worse than card carrying Lefties. At least with the latter they tend to be honest about their politics.

    • George Abnego says:

      @ABTW :

      If you say “Nancy Pelosi” – “Harry Reid” – or – “Barack Obama” , the LAST thing that comes to my mind is ‘honest’.

      The RiNOs aren’t worse, it just feels that way because we keep expecting Republicans to uphold the Constitution.

  • OC says:

    Good on you, Kit. Good on you.

  • GWB says:

    BOOM!!! You go, girl! I am much too far away, or I would be there with you. This is how you do it!

    May I point out something here? This is the same group of ladies who had a fit over the chuckleheads open-carrying long arms into fast food joints. No, they aren’t hypocrites. There is a huge difference betwixt the two: while this is in defiance of the law (and the open-carry actually isn’t), it isn’t in defiance of smart and safe weapons-handling, nor is it something intended to simply get in people’s faces. This is NOT happening in a Starbucks or a Chipotle, but on the grounds of the very government trying to circumscribe their rights. This is civil disobedience at its best.

    But, be careful, Kit. I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but attending this publicly (with posts here and on FB and such) marks you publicly as an enemy of the would-be fascists. And they will come after you, given the chance. Gird your loins, sister.

    And, remember, when I start my cult, you and all the ladies here will be welcome! Bring your guns! (Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can bring your husbands, too……..)

  • GWB says:

    Follow-up? Heard incidentally that it was a success, but would love to hear your first-hand account!

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