Leftist Media Jackass Lizz Winstead’s Un-Apology

Leftist Media Jackass Lizz Winstead’s Un-Apology

On this heartbreaking day, with the sun shining on unbelievable destruction and unimaginable sorrow, we are yet again confronted with the most vile behavior from those who want all conservatives and Christians  completely marginalized – at best.  And wish conservative homes destroyed, possessions gone – and killed…at worst.   Just ask them.  Seriously…ask them.  Ask a big, mouthy, progressive liberal what THEY think is the “solution” to conservatives.   Given what I’ve read over that last 24 hours, it’s chilling.

This woman is a smug, snarky, elitist ultra-leftist media-prog which translates into “an idiot”.  I have long watched and read about this kind of heinous behavior….  I’m used to it and expect it.  Most of the time, it is necessary to ignore it.  Not now.  Her apology was fake, forced and ONLY given when the backlash was too intense and her hate and disdain was too exposed….but mostly it was given because she realized even her supposed joke couldn’t transcend two grade schools destroyed.  I guarantee she and others are not sorry or have the slightest bit of remorse.  Well, remorse for having to apologize, but that’s it.  I have read the comments from her “supporters”….they are as bad, if not worse, then her first tweet and her “apology”.  God have mercy on their souls….if they have them.

moore oklahoma

What sort of person thinks tornadoes “clearly targets conservatives”…even as a “joke”?  A person who has forfeited all sense of compassionate and human dignity in the pursuit of political power.  What sort of political party and idealogy thinks wishing harm and mayhem on people that aren’t as cool and progressive as they are is okie dokie because these people are conservative and “deserve it“?  A political party that has deeper moral problems than a liberal mouthpiece getting busted on Twitter writing a horrendous death wish for conservatives in icky flyover country.

And here we have another gem…..sympathy for “foreclosure” homeless.  Yes, let’s not forget to blame capitalism and the heartless bastards who gave loans to those who could not pay them back.  Let’s make sure they are included in phoney empathy for families who lost everything including their children.  NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE.  Use anything…anything at all to continue to blame and hate conservatives.

And speaking of a crisis….the broken homes barely had enough time to settle back down to earth before conservatives were blamed for…yes, of course….climate change.  And tornadoes. Never mind that there is no correlation…at all.   Don’t wait until the bodies are counted….blame conservatives as fast as you can.  Act self-righteous and indignant and hope to hell it sticks somewhere in the welfare and entitlement muddled mind of some low-information voter.

Greg Carbin of Norman, OK, the former lead forecaster for NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center, says tornadoes “are not related to climate change brought on by global warming.

“Warming trends do create more of the fuel that tornadoes require, such as moisture, but they also deprive tornadoes of another essential ingredient: wind shear. There really is no scientific consensus or connection between global warming and tornadic activity.”

So…you can see what liberals are REALLY about.   Oklahoman’s happen to live in a predominately conservative state.  Thus….they must suffer.

If this had happened, say….in San Francisco….I bet we’d see a different Tweet from Lizz.

Now back to Lizz Winstead.  Given her beliefs on abortion, why would she have any compassion for families who have lost their little ones?  Hey, they are just late trimester conservative mistakes.

I doubt the grieving families in Oklahoma have given any thought to the ugliness that is Lizz Winstead.  Instead of placing blame on liberals or conservatives….or even God…they are trying to cope with the most horrible event they will ever experience. Because I believe in a loving, forgiving God, I will try to muster a prayer for the liberals that wish death and destruction on conservatives.  I don’t know if I’ll succeed, but there is goodness in even trying.  I want to be good and never lose my compassion for ANY person who experiences such loss and sorrow.

Last night, on the news, there was a phone interview with a man who lost his home and all possessions, but his wife and three children were safe, waiting for him in his street.  He was in shock, but grateful.  He paused and said he “knew” that God would grace him with the strength to carry on.  He thanked those who had offered help and asked for God’s mercy for those who had lost much more than him.  You will never hear that from a hard-core liberal.  Never.  They will always politicalize tragedy to suit their agendas.  Always.

Lizz Winstead should be deeply and profoundly ashamed.  All liberals (and conservatives) that think and act out in public like this should be ashamed.  I don’t have a lot of hope for that.  The liberal mindset is such that any loss to conservatives is a good thing…regardless if it’s a vote….or a life.

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  • Bargh says:

    I take it Pat Robertson, Limbaugh, Falwell et al were unavailable for comment.

    • Kate says:

      Butthurt much?

    • Catherine Wilkinson says:

      and….that means what exactly? Did those people come out and say something about the tornado I am not aware of? If not, shut up and try to compose yourself whilst you get your next posting orders.

  • Dbie says:

    Shame is something liberal gassbags don’t seem to have.

  • Jim says:

    She and Nate Bell should get a room together.

  • Rio says:

    I’m registered independent. Probably the Libertarian party would be the closest to my political views. I think making jokes about the suffering of people is sick, regardless of politics.

    It is interesting, though, how often far right loons talk about natural disasters being “god’s wrath,” usually because god is supposedly upset about gay marriage or abortion or evolution or whatever.

    But of course these disasters are not acts of god, except in the strictly metaphorical sense. Mother Nature can be cruel, and she doesn’t care whether you check “R” or “D” or “none of the above” on a ballot.

    • Catherine Wilkinson says:

      Nobody at this blog thinks the mysteries and miseries of nature are God’s wrath. At least not this writer. I prefer to think that God’s grace and love are what shine when these atrocities happen. God had nothing to do with the cause of a tornado…and everything to do how we deal with it.

    • Tex Taylor says:

      [I think making jokes about the suffering of people is sick, regardless of politics.]

      No you don’t. You’re transparently phony like those media flits running around Moore, OK, right now. If it had been the right target, you’d have been there with as Lizz Winstead and the rest of the garden variety religious bigots.

      You’re far more like her than you realize, Rio. But if it makes you feel better about Christians, here’s one that understands it rains on the just and unjust.

      But not forever…

  • LD Jackson says:

    Speaking as an Oklahoman, what Lizz Winstead said just plain stinks.

  • I take it Pat Robertson, Limbaugh, Falwell et al were unavailable for comment.

    I don’t recall when Limbaugh ever implied or expressed the idea that a natural disaster had ever befallen a group of people because of their behavior. Perhaps you can refresh the recollection of the rest of the class with some examples?

    As for Robertson, if you are referring to what he said about the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, you should probably re-read the ENTIRE quote. You can find it here:


    What you’ll also find when you read that, is that Robertson was helping to put feet to his faith with REAL aid and CHARITY BEFORE the earthquake, through Operation Blessing. Unlike Welfare or Foreign Aid, this charity was given freely by its donors, and because of this, it is held to a much higher degree of accountablity than a government bureaucrat who says “Help is on the way!” while dolling out (sometimes) token assistance courtesy of the public fisc. It’s always easy to be generous and compassionate with someone else’s money, effort, and time; it’s something different all together when you give that up.

    And not for nothing, it is worth noting that sin has consequences. In the follow up to that piece, it was noted that an awful lot of aid had arrived, but not been distributed, despite the fact months had passed, because local “officials” and thugs demanded tribute and bribes. When corruption is more important than the well-being of your citizens, I’m inclined to believe that what was sewn was being reaped.

    Does that mean that I entertain the same thoughts about Tornado Alley? Absolutely not. First, because it is Tornado Alley, a fact made evident annually, regardless of whether the acolytes of psuedo-science say we’re all going to die because of global cooling, as they asserted in the 1970s, or because of global warming/climate change as they do now.

    Second, because while I certainly believe that God could summon a natural disaster to address great sin and general bad behavior, that same belief makes me look to what is outlined in The Book as deserving of that divine punishment. If I were to expect a righteous smiting, I’d look to Hollywood and Washington D.C. long before settling on Oklahoma.


    I’m not going to talk about Falwell, since I didn’t follow him at all when he was alive.

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